Doctor Faustus

The A Text (1604)


Author: Christopher Marlowe,John O'Connor

Publisher: Longman

ISBN: 9780582817807

Category: Drama

Page: 200

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This new edition of Dr. Faustus presents the play in its original spelling with extensive commentary and textual apparatus. Based on the edition of 1604, the book includes an introduction that presents a new theory of the text and its transmission, and appendices that outline differenttheories of the text and provide both the alternative passages from the 1616 edition and extracts from The English Faustbook, which was the play's principal source.

Doktor Faustus



Author: Christopher Marlowe

Publisher: N.A



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Doctor Faustus


Author: Christopher Marlowe,John Butcher


ISBN: 9780582254091

Category: Electronic book

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Doctor Faustus exists in two versions, both of which were edited from performances in the time of Marlowe. Both are considered to be authentic, but there are notable differences, both the b text containing additional scenes as well as different wording. Doctor Faustus: A text Written to help students make the transition from GCSE to AS/A level; Contains a detailed introductory section that puts the play in its historical context; Provides in-depth textual notes; Contains exam-style questions; Includes carefully selected extracts from key critical works on the play; Offers additional study skills for AS and A2 learning.

Doctor Faustus

A critical guide


Author: Sara Munson Deats

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441188576

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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Doctor Faustus, is Christopher Marlowe's most popular play and is often seen as one of the overwhelming triumphs of the English Renaissance. It has had a rich and varied critical history often arousing violent critical controversy. This guide offers students an introduction to its critical and performance history, surveying notable stage productions from its initial performance in 1594 to the present and including TV, audio and cinematic versions. It includes a keynote chapter outlining major areas of current research on the play and four new critical essays. Finally, a guide to critical, web-based and production-related resources and an annotated biography provide a basis for further individual research.

Doctor Faustus - Second Edition


Author: Christopher Marlowe

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1460400860

Category: Drama

Page: 320

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Doctor Faustus is a classic; its imaginative boldness and vertiginous ironies have fascinated readers and playgoers alike. But the fact that this play exists in two early versions, printed in 1604 and 1616, has posed formidable problems for critics. How much of either version was written by Marlowe, and which is the more authentic? Is the play orthodox or radically interrogative? Michael Keefer’s early work helped to establish the current consensus that the 1604 text was censored and revised; the Keefer edition, praised for its lucid introduction and scholarship, was the first to restore two displaced scenes to their correct place. Most competing editions presume that the 1604 text was printed from authorial manuscript, and that the 1616 text is of little substantive value. But in 2006 Keefer’s fresh analysis of the evidence showed that the 1604 quarto’s Marlovian scenes were printed from a corrupted manuscript, and that the 1616 quarto (though indeed censored and revised) preserves some readings earlier than those of the 1604 text. This edition has been updated and revised. Keefer’s critical introduction reconstructs the ideological contexts that shaped and deformed the play, and the text is accompanied by textual and explanatory notes and excerpts from sources.

Overturning Dr. Faustus

Rereading Thomas Mann's Novel in Light of Observations of a Non-political Man


Author: Frances Lee

Publisher: Camden House

ISBN: 9781571133564

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 309

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A radically new view of Mann's last major novel.

Doctor Faustus, Christopher Marlowe



Author: Jill Barker,Christopher Marlowe

Publisher: York Notes

ISBN: 9780582414594


Page: 128

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Key Features: Study methods Introduction to the text Summaries with critical notes Themes and techniques Textual analysis of key passages Author biography Historical and literary background Modern and historical critical approaches Chronology Glossary of literary terms

Dr Faustus

The A-text


Author: Christopher Marlowe

Publisher: Uwa Pub


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 159

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"On 30th May 1593 Christopher Marlowe was stabbed to death in a tavern brawl after a dispute about the 'recknynge'. He was 29. His best known play, Doctor Faustus, was probably first performed in 1590 or 1591, but the first extant edition was not to appear until 1604. It was published again in 1616 in an expanded version now thought to have been debased by the extensive commissioned additions of two contemporary hack writers. Almost all subsequent editions have followed the second or 1616 edition, the B-text, or have attempted an inconsistent synthesis of the two. This new edition, however, conforms to the findings of the most recent Marlowe scholarship, and is based upon the shorter 1604 edition, or A-text, which is now generally agreed to be much closer to Marlowe's original draft."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Longman Anthology of British Literature


Author: David Damrosch

Publisher: Addison-Wesley


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 2680

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The Compact Edition of the first new anthology of British Literature in 25 years, The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Compact Edition presents the varieties of British literature within the dynamic cultural landscape of the British Isles. From the Middle Ages to the present, the Compact Edition is available in a single volume for the one-semester course or in two volumes (A and B) for the two-semester course.

The Longman Anthology of British Literature: The Middle Ages


Author: David Damrosch

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780321093882

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 3072

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The goal of this anthology is to present a wealth of poetry, prose, and drama from the full sweep of the literary history of the British Isles, and to do so in ways that will bring out both the works' original cultural contexts and their lasting aesthetic power.-

Der Erwählte



Author: Thomas Mann

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104034044

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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›Der Erwählte‹ ist eine Neuerzählung der Legende von Papst Gregorius: Gregorius ging aus der Liebe eines Geschwisterpaares hervor und wurde in einem Fässchen dem Meer ausgeliefert. Nach seiner Rettung druch Fischer erhält er eine klösterliche Erziehung und macht sich schließlich auf die Suche nach seinen Eltern. Durch einen Kampf erobert er sich das Herz der Königin, die später seine Gattin wird. Erst nach Jahren stellen sie fest, dass Gregorius seine Mutter geheiratet hat. Er flieht auf einen Felsen im Meer, wo er siebzehn Jahre ohne Nahrung und Schutz vor Sonne und Kälte verbringt. Zwei Römer erlösen ihn aus dieser Buße, und ihre Vision wird Realität: In Rom wird Gregorius zum Papst ernannt. Thomas Mann lernte diese Legende als Student in München bereits 1894 in der Fassung Hartmanns von Aue kennen. Während seiner Arbeit an ›Doktor Faustus‹ (1947) stieß er erneut auf den Stoff und formte daraus »dieses in Gott vergnügte Büchlein«. ›Der Erwählte‹ erschien 1951.

Der Mensch ohne Inhalt


Author: Giorgio Agamben

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518768506

Category: Philosophy

Page: 160

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In den späten sechziger Jahren nahm Giorgio Agamben an Martin Heideggers Seminaren im südfranzösischen Le Thor teil. Damals entstand auch sein erstes Buch L’uomo senza contenuto, das 1970 erstmals erschien. Selbstbewußt und radikal stürzt er sich auf klassische Positionen der Ästhetik, er konfrontiert Platon, Kant und Hegel mit Künstlern und Autoren der Klassischen Moderne. In einer Zeit, in der die Kunst nicht länger die Funktion hat, das Wesen der Wirklichkeit zur Erscheinung zu bringen, wird sie zu einer selbstzerstörerischen Kraft, der Künstler, so Agamben, zu einem »Menschen ohne Inhalt«. Agambens erstes Buch liegt nun endlich auch auf Deutsch vor. »Agamben hat die verwaiste Stelle des Meisterdenkers eingenommen.« Die Welt

A Guide to English Literature


Author: F. W. Bateson

Publisher: AldineTransaction

ISBN: 1412844940

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 259

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At first glance A Guide to English Literature may seem to be no more than a short bibliography of English literature with perhaps rather more extensive--and certainly more outspoken--comments on the principal editions, commentaries, biographies, and critical works than bibliographies usually provide. But it is something more: this guide contains long "inter-chapters" that provide reinterpretations of the principal periods of English literature in the light of modern research, as well as two final sections summarizing in unusual detail the literary criticism that exists in English and recent scholarship in the field. The purpose of this book, then, is to provide the reader with convenient access to a disciplined study of the texts themselves. This guide proposes itself as a new kind of literary history. The conventional history of literature has often tended to become a substitute for the reading of the literature it describes: the better the history, the greater the temptation to substitute it. The present combination of reading lists and inter-chapters cannot be a substitute for anything else. Meaningless as literature in themselves, they nevertheless provide the necessary preliminary information to meaningful reading. Since oddities of arrangement derive from these assumptions, the authors are not arranged alphabetically. Instead there are chronological compartments--with the divisions circa 1500, 1650, and 1800--in which authors succeed each other in the order of their births. This pioneering handbook is primarily a bibliographical laborsaving device. It is meant mostly for students and the general reader in that it stops where original research by the reader is expected to begin. However, the last chapter on literary scholarship is devoted specifically to the research specialist and provides indispensable equipment for the reader. There is also a general section on literary criticism which will be of use to all. F.W. Bateson (1901-1978) was University Lecturer in English Literature at Oxford and a Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College. Founder and editor of the periodical Essays in Criticism, he is also editor of the four-volume Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature and the author of a number of critical studies of English poetry and drama.

Deutsche literatur des XVIII. und XIX jahrhunderts

erstausgaben ; sturm und drang ; Goethe..klassiker, romantiker, Heine, Jungdeutschland, moderne ; darunter autographen und widmungsexemplare, handzeichnungen und kupferstiche aus Lavaters besitz, Werther- und Faustliteratur, literarische zeitschriften aus der bibliothek des Herrn Kurt Wolff


Author: Baer, Joseph, & Co., Frankfurt am Main

Publisher: N.A


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