DIY Suspension Development


Author: Julian Edgar

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781507637340

Category: Transportation

Page: 120

View: 4207

This unique book takes a completely different approach to do-it-yourself suspension development. It starts with theory – the natural frequencies of sprung masses, the relationship between static deflection and natural frequency, and how you can use your smart phone to directly measure bounce, pitch and roll frequencies of your car's suspension. Also covered are real and virtual swing-arms, roll centres, and the relationship between roll centre, centre of gravity and body roll. Damping – its function and the two fundamental types – also gets a look-in. All explanations are made using real (rather than theoretical) examples.And the vehicles also aren't confined to just conventional cars. Ultra-light-weight machines – of the sort powered by human legs or a small electric motor – are among the hardest of all machines on which to set up effective suspension. After the theory, it's time for the practice. Three major case studies are used. The first case study involves designing and building from scratch the air suspension system for an ultra-light-weight 3-wheel vehicle... in fact, a vehicle that in total weighed under 20kg. The design decisions were about having sufficient suspension travel, achieving zero bump steer, and having effective roll stiffness.... all with very low weight.Then covered is a front wheel drive car, with special emphasis on the design selection of new springs that provided the correct front/rear stiffness and ride height change. Next is a traditional rear-wheel drive car. In this case, the decision was made to use one company's complete suspension kit for this model – new springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, and revised rear axle location. Step-by-step pictures show the complete fitting sequence.Finally, one-off suspension changes are covered - adding a front camber kit, fitting a rear anti-roll bar on a front-wheel drive, and – more complexly – altering the front/rear torque split in an electronically-controlled all-wheel drive car.Whether you're just starting an interest in suspension, or would like to better understand the theory, this book is a must-have for every car enthusiast.

Thoughts about Driving, Car Modification and Life... .

15 Years of Testing New Cars and Modifying Older Ones!


Author: Julian Edgar

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781484037829


Page: 96

View: 1537

Author Julian Edgar spent over a decade writing new car tests and, very unusually for a motoring journalist, also modifying his own cars and writing about those modifications. Here are his thoughts on topics as diverse as whether a dyno is a good place to develop car modifications, the joys of left-foot braking, whether people who choose to buy thirsty cars should then complain about the price of fuel, and what it's like when the throttle jams fully open. Over 50 topics are covered - from a scathing criticism of those who choose to waste away their lives, to how it's impossible to have a favourite car maker, from science not being a social panacea, to optimising turbo boost control for power and economy. Every page is provocative, thought-provoking, challenging and interesting!

Custom Air Suspension

How to install air suspension in your road car - on a budget!


Author: Julian Edgar

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

ISBN: 9781787111790

Category: Transportation

Page: 64

View: 1953

Custom Air Suspension is a step-by-step guide to DIY air suspension for your road car. Manufacturers like Mercedes, Tesla, Audi and Cadillac choose air suspension because they can achieve the highest quality in ride and handling, but until now, there hasn’t been a book that shows you how to get the best from aftermarket air suspension for your road car. This book covers both theory and practice - from the technical advantages of air suspension through to detailed coverage of the development, installation and tuning of a custom air suspension system. It looks at wiring and plumbing, covers a brilliant new low-cost electronic air suspension controller, and even shows how to source low-cost components from cars originally sold with air suspension. Want to buy an air suspension kit off the shelf? That’s covered as well, with the six key questions to ask before buying. Whether you’re after the best ride and handling, or simply like being able to raise or lower your car at the turn of a knob, this book will show you how to do it.

Professional Mobile Application Development


Author: Jeff McWherter,Scott Gowell

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118240685

Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 9588

Create applications for all major smartphone platforms Creating applications for the myriad versions and varieties of mobile phone platforms on the market can be daunting to even the most seasoned developer. This authoritative guide is written in such as way that it takes your existing skills and experience and uses that background as a solid foundation for developing applications that cross over between platforms, thereby freeing you from having to learn a new platform from scratch each time. Concise explanations walk you through the tools and patterns for developing for all the mobile platforms while detailed steps walk you through setting up your development environment for each platform. Covers all the major options from native development to web application development Discusses major third party platform development acceleration tools, such as Appcelerator and PhoneGap Zeroes in on topics such as developing applications for Android, IOS, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry Professional Mobile Cross Platform Development shows you how to best exploit the growth in mobile platforms, with a minimum of hassle.


Pattern Enterpr Applica Arch


Author: Martin Fowler

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

ISBN: 0133065219

Category: Computers

Page: 557

View: 8043

The practice of enterprise application development has benefited from the emergence of many new enabling technologies. Multi-tiered object-oriented platforms, such as Java and .NET, have become commonplace. These new tools and technologies are capable of building powerful applications, but they are not easily implemented. Common failures in enterprise applications often occur because their developers do not understand the architectural lessons that experienced object developers have learned. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture is written in direct response to the stiff challenges that face enterprise application developers. The author, noted object-oriented designer Martin Fowler, noticed that despite changes in technology--from Smalltalk to CORBA to Java to .NET--the same basic design ideas can be adapted and applied to solve common problems. With the help of an expert group of contributors, Martin distills over forty recurring solutions into patterns. The result is an indispensable handbook of solutions that are applicable to any enterprise application platform. This book is actually two books in one. The first section is a short tutorial on developing enterprise applications, which you can read from start to finish to understand the scope of the book's lessons. The next section, the bulk of the book, is a detailed reference to the patterns themselves. Each pattern provides usage and implementation information, as well as detailed code examples in Java or C#. The entire book is also richly illustrated with UML diagrams to further explain the concepts. Armed with this book, you will have the knowledge necessary to make important architectural decisions about building an enterprise application and the proven patterns for use when building them. The topics covered include · Dividing an enterprise application into layers · The major approaches to organizing business logic · An in-depth treatment of mapping between objects and relational databases · Using Model-View-Controller to organize a Web presentation · Handling concurrency for data that spans multiple transactions · Designing distributed object interfaces

Molecular Biology of the Cell


Author: Bruce Alberts

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 1317563743

Category: Science

Page: 1464

View: 5207

As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise principles and enduring concepts.As with previous editions, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Sixth Edition accomplishes this goal with clear writing and beautiful illustrations. The Sixth Edition has been extensively revised and updated with the latest research in the field of cell biology, and it provides an exceptional framework for teaching and learning. The entire illustration program has been greatly enhanced.Protein structures better illustrate structure–function relationships, icons are simpler and more consistent within and between chapters, and micrographs have been refreshed and updated with newer, clearer, or better images. As a new feature, each chapter now contains intriguing openended questions highlighting “What We Don’t Know,” introducing students to challenging areas of future research. Updated end-of-chapter problems reflect new research discussed in the text, and these problems have been expanded to all chapters by adding questions on developmental biology, tissues and stem cells, pathogens, and the immune system.

Competition Car Suspension

A Practical Handbook, Fourth Edition


Author: Allan Staniforth

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781844253289

Category: Transportation

Page: 240

View: 4952

Much-needed fourth edition of strong backlist book first published in 1988 and continuously in print ever since. Reformatted to latest 'Competition Car' style and size. Now full color throughout. Most pictures new for this edition.

Machines that Walk

The Adaptive Suspension Vehicle


Author: Shin-Min Song,Kenneth J. Waldron

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262192743

Category: Computers

Page: 314

View: 7197

What is 16 feet long, 10 feet high, weighs 6,000 pounds, has six legs, and can sprint at 8 mph and step over a 4 foot wall? The Adaptive Suspension Vehicle (ASV) described in this book. Machines That Walk provides the first in depth treatment of the "statically stable walking machine" theory employed in the design of the ASV, the most sophisticated, self contained, and practical walking machine being developed today. Under construction at Ohio State University, the automatically terrain adaptive ASV has one human operator, can carry a 500 pound payload and is expected to have better fuel economy and mobility than that of conventional wheeled and tracked vehicles in rough terrain. The development of the ASV is a milestone in robotics research, and Machines That Walk provides a wealth of research results in mobility, gait, static stability, leg design, and vertical geometry design. The authors' treatment of statically stable gait theory and actuator coordination is by far the most complete available. Shin Min Song is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kenneth J. Waldron is Nordholt Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State University.

Learning OpenShift


Author: Grant Shipley

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1783980974

Category: Computers

Page: 304

View: 8320

This book is ideal for you if you're a developer experienced with the PHP or Java programming languages and have a basic understanding of using the command line.

The MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite High Performance Manual

Enlarged & updated 4th Edition


Author: Daniel Stapleton

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 178711001X

Category: Transportation

Page: 418

View: 5371

This totally revised, updated and enlarged book is THE complete guide to building a fast MG Midget or Austin-Healey Sprite for road or track. Daniel has been continuously developing his own 'Spridget' for years, and really does know what works and what doesn't when it comes to building a fast Midget or Sprite. Best of all, this book covers every aspect of the car, from the tyre contact patch to the rollover bar, and from radiator back to exhaust tailpipe. This new edition contains updated information for parts and suppliers, many new photos, and features new material covering aerodynamics, including results from testing the effect of modifications at the MIRA wind tunnel. With over 400 mainly colour photos and exclusive tuning advice, this is a MUST for any Sprite or Midget owner.

Competition Car Suspension

Design, Construction, Tuning


Author: Allan Staniforth

Publisher: Haynes Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781859606445

Category: Transportation

Page: 268

View: 1335

The design and development of competition car suspension systems is a vital ingredient for winning performance. In this updated title, an acknowledged expert on the subject explains in layperson's terms the theory and practice of successful suspension engineering. Recent rules changes and technological developments are incorporated into the new text, which is fully illustrated with specially prepared diagrams and close-up views of suspenson components. Appendices include information on spherical joints and supporting math. Also includes a glossary of terms.

Tuning Programmable Engine Management

How to Select, Install and Tune Programmable Engine Management, Working from a Home Workshop and Tuning on the Road


Author: Julian Edgar

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781503312975


Page: 62

View: 4284

Do you want to be able to fit and tune programmable engine management, working from home? You can! This book covers the selection, wiring and tuning of programmable ECUs, all done without access to a dyno and with a totally hands-on approach. From the step-by-step of tuning idle, throttle enrichment and high- and low-loads, to tuning for best fuel economy. Mapping exhaust gas recirculation for better throttle response, to safely retarding ignition timing with increased intake air temps. PID tuning loops explained in easy to understand language, directly measuring the crank reference indicator position, and how Lambda numbers relate to air/fuel ratios - they're all here. And if you're just starting out in this area, there's also coverage of the fundamentals of engine management systems. There's even a cheap and incredibly effective tool that you can build so that you can hear when the engine is detonating - or even close to detonating. This compact book is must-have for anyone tuning programmable ECUs.


The Populous Design and Development Guide


Author: Geraint John,Rod Sheard,Ben Vickery

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131761447X

Category: Architecture

Page: 352

View: 4030

In this fully updated and redesigned edition of the essential and long-established Stadia, the authors offer their unrivalled expertise to all professionals who commission, plan, design, and manage high-quality sports venues. Ideas about the design and use of stadiums continue to evolve and this fifth edition includes the latest developments in the field. Including updated chapters on sustainability, masterplanning and services, a new chapter on branding activation, and new global case studies, the fifth edition of Stadia is the ultimate guide to all aspects of stadium design, from local club buildings to international showpieces. In addition to a wide array of international case studies, the authors draw on the experience of the design firm Populous who in recent years delivered the 2010 Yankees Stadium in New York; the 2010 Aviva stadium, Dublin; the 2004 Benfica stadium, Lisbon; the 2010 Soccer City FNB Stadium, Johannesburg; the 2012 Marlins Park, Miami; and the 2012 new Olympic Stadium, London.

Engineer in Your Pocket

A Practical Guide to Tuning the Race Car Chassis and Suspension


Author: Carroll Smith

Publisher: Carroll Smith Consulting

ISBN: 9780965160018

Category: Transportation

Page: 32

View: 9289

Store all the answers in your hip pocket! This handy pocket guide written by racing professional Carroll Smith suggests realistic solutions to common race car handling problems. Formatted listing causes and possible effects, and problems and possible causes. Spiralbound, 3 1/2"x 7 3/4", 32 pgs.'

Professional Design Patterns in VB .NET

Building Adaptable Applications


Author: Chaur Wu,Tom Fischer,Peter Stromquist,John Slater

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430207833

Category: Computers

Page: 368

View: 5147

* Explains through case studies how design patterns can improve the design of the individual tiers in an application. * Shows how design patterns can be used in conjunction with .NET Remoting across the tiers in an application. * The emphasis throughout is on how design patterns can be used in real applications to write more robust and flexible code.

Cabin Porn

Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere


Author: Zach Klein,Steven Leckart

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 0316344613

Category: Architecture

Page: 336

View: 2440

Rural escapes for those yearning for a simpler existence, by the creators of the wildly popular tumblr Cabin Porn. Created by a group of friends who preserve 55 acres of hidden forest in Upstate New York-Cabin Porn began as a scrapbook to collect inspiration for their building projects. As the collection grew, the site attracted a following, which is now a huge and obsessive audience. The site features photos of the most remarkable handmade homes in the backcountry of America and all over the world. It has had over 10 million unique visitors, with 350,000 followers on Tumblr. Now Zach Klein, the creator of the site (and a co-founder of Vimeo) goes further into the most alluring images from the site and new getaways, including more interior photography and how-to advice for setting up a quiet place somewhere. With their idyllic settings, unique architecture and cozy interiors, the Cabin Porn photographs, are an invitation to slow down, take a deep breath, and feel the beauty and serenity that nature and simple construction can create.

Insurgent Public Space

Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities


Author: Jeffrey Hou

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136988025

Category: Architecture

Page: 278

View: 4750

Winner of the EDRA book prize for 2012. In cities around the world, individuals and groups are reclaiming and creating urban sites, temporary spaces and informal gathering places. These ‘insurgent public spaces’ challenge conventional views of how urban areas are defined and used, and how they can transform the city environment. No longer confined to traditional public areas like neighbourhood parks and public plazas, these guerrilla spaces express the alternative social and spatial relationships in our changing cities. With nearly twenty illustrated case studies, this volume shows how instances of insurgent public space occur across the world. Examples range from community gardening in Seattle and Los Angeles, street dancing in Beijing, to the transformation of parking spaces into temporary parks in San Francisco. Drawing on the experiences and knowledge of individuals extensively engaged in the actual implementation of these spaces, Insurgent Public Space is a unique cross-disciplinary approach to the study of public space use, and how it is utilized in the contemporary, urban world. Appealing to professionals and students in both urban studies and more social courses, Hou has brought together valuable commentaries on an area of urbanism which has, up until now, been largely ignored.