How the Butterflies Came to be


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781877559983

Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 24

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"This story explains death in a positive way within a wider context of the cycle of life. Seasonal changes and the life cycle of the butterfly are used to explain concepts of birth, growth, transformation, death and new life"--Publisher's website. Suggested level: primary.

How to Climb Mt. Blanc in a Skirt

A Handbook for the Lady Adventurer


Author: Mick Conefrey

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 0230112420

Category: History

Page: 256

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• Which explorer found the lost site of Jesus' first miracle? • Who was first to the top of the highest mountain in Peru? • Who was the first Westerner to visit the Ottoman harem in Constantinople? • Who held the world record as the only person to fly from Britain to Australia for 44 years? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in Mick Conefrey's charming new book (a hint: none of them had beards). In 1870, New York mountaineer Meta Brevoort climbed Mt. Blanc in a hoop skirt. Pausing at the summit only long enough to drink a glass of champagne and dance the quadrille with her alpine guides, she marched back down the mountain and into history as one of the first female mountain explorers. Here, Mick Conefrey weaves together tips, how-tos, anecdotes, and eccentric lists to tell the amazing stories of history's great female explorers—women who were just as fascinating and inspiring as all the Shackletons, Mallorys, and Livingstones. Most were brave, some were reckless, and all were fascinating. From Fanny Bullock Workman, who was photographed on top of a mountain pass in the Karakoram, holding up a banner calling for "Votes for Women" to Mary Hall, the Victorian world traveler, whose motto was, "take every precaution and abandon all fear," How to Climb Mt. Blanc in a Skirt is uproariously funny and occasionally downright strange.

Moths of Australia


Author: I. F. B. Common

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004092273

Category: Nature

Page: 535

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This book is an essential, up-to-date reference on moths by an Australian authority. Emphasis is given to behaviour, defence mechanisms and larval food plants, and to egg, larval, pupal and adult structure. More than 1000 species are figured in 32 colour and 46 halftone plates of photographs, and in numerous line drawings.

Butterfly Song


Author: Terri Janke

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0857978810


Page: 348

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Tarena Shaw has just finished her law degree but isn't sure she wants to be a lawyer after all. What place does a black lawyer have in a white system? Does everyone in Sydney feel like a turtle without a shell? Drawn to Thursday Island, the home of her grandparents, Tarena is persuaded by her family to take on her first case. Part of the evidence is a man with a guitar and a very special song . . . Butterfly Song moves from the pearling days of the Torres Strait to the ebb and flow of big-city life, with a warm and funny modern heroine whose story reaches across cultures.

Eden: The Papua


Author: Peter Watt

Publisher: Pan Australia

ISBN: 9781742626024

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

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A new war, a new generation and an old enemy meet in this thrilling and poignant novel of love, loss and hope written by the bestselling author of Papua. Jack Kelly and Paul Mann have survived one world war-will they survive another? When the Japanese threaten to invade the Pacific the two men know that they must do everything in their power to protect their country, and their loved ones from an ambitious and merciless enemy.Lukas Kelly and Karl Mann are like brothers-just like their fathers-and both are determined to do their part for the Australian cause. While Karl works undercover in espionage, Lukas trains to be a pilot. The two men have also inherited their father's passionate nature, and romantic entanglements raise the stakes even further. Four men, with ties closer than blood fight to hold on to love, and a world that is gradually disappearing. When the war finally explodes terrible tragedies, courageous deeds and enduring friendships will change their lives forever.

Lost Antarctica

Adventures in a Disappearing Land


Author: James McClintock

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1137113731

Category: Science

Page: 256

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The bitter cold and three months a year without sunlight make Antarctica virtually uninhabitable for humans. Yet a world of extraordinary wildlife persists in these harsh conditions, including leopard seals, giant squid, 50-foot algae, sea spiders, coral, multicolored sea stars, and giant predatory worms. Now, as temperatures rise, this fragile ecosystem is under attack. In this closely observed account, one of the world's foremost experts on Antarctica gives us a highly original and distinctive look at a world that we're losing.

Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines


Author: W. Ramsay Smith

Publisher: Ravenio Books


Category: Social Science

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This classic resource is organized as follows: Chapter I: Origins The Customs and Traditions of Aboriginals The Story of the Creation The Coming of Mankind The Peewee’s Story The Eagle-hawk and the Crow The Birth of the Butterflies The Confusion of Tongues The Discovery and the Loss of the Secret of Fire The Moon The Wonderful Lizard The Lazy Goannas and what happened to them How the Selfish Goannas lost their Wives What some Aboriginal Carvings mean Chapter II: Animal Myths The Selfish Owl Why Frogs jump into the Water This is the legend of the frogs. Kinie Ger, the Native Cat The Porcupine and the Mountain Devil The Green Frog How the Tortoise got his Shell The Mischievous Crow and the Good he did Whowie The Flood and its Results How Spencer’s Gulf came into Existence Chapter III: Religion The Belief in a Great Spirit The Land of Perfection The Voice of the Great Spirit Witchcraft Chapter IV: Social Marriage Customs The Spirit of Help among the Aboriginals Ngia Ngiampe Hunting Fishing Sport Chapter V: Personal Myths Kirkin and Wyju The Love-story of the Two Sisters Cheeroonear The Keen Keeng Mr and Mrs Newal and their Dog Thardid Jimbo Palpinkalare Perindi and Harrimiah Bulpallungga Nurunderi's Wives Chirr-bookie, the Blue Crane Buthera and the Bat Yara-ma-yha-who The Origin of the Pleiades

Discover Australia

A Region-by-Region Guide to Landscapes, Wildlife and Plants


Author: Reader's Digest

Publisher: N.A


Category: Science

Page: 400

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Includes over 600 colour photographs of the Australian landscape accompanied by descriptions, diagrams and maps. Forty different regions are presented here, along with an explanation of the forces which shaped the land.



Author: Gary Crew

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0734411480

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

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In the second volume of the Sam Silverthorne series, Sam sets sail to China in search of a rare carnivorous butterfly. Before it is released in England and kills again he must track down the enraged Chinese Prince Chi Lin and stop him breeding more of the monstrous creatures. However, Sam discovers the British Empire can cause just as much devastation as the evil prince.

Discover the Butterflies


Author: Alejandro Algarra,Daniel Howarth,Philip O'Carroll

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781921408076

Category: Butterflies

Page: 35

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In our travels to international book fairs (responding to the overseas interest in the Fitzroy Readers), we came across a beautiful set of 4 science readers.The artwork is delightful. We have had the text adapted for use in Australian schools by Australian scientists including Professor Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE and science writer Helen Gardiner.The text has Australian vocabulary and spelling - and includes some local nature facts.The stories are charmingly told, from the insect's point of view - without too much text, and with plenty of vital information.We have proudly added these to our catalogue of reading materials (for older primary) or as true science story-telling for younger children.

Was macht man mit einer Idee?


Author: Kobi Yamada

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783942491969


Page: 40

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Die Idee war einfach da. Was nun? Am besten wachsen lassen. Spannend, was dabei alles passieren kann!

Wenn eins zum andern kommt



Author: Penelope Lively

Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641137853

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Der neue Roman der Booker-Preisträgerin Der Lehrerin Charlotte wird auf der Straße die Tasche gestohlen, es ist nichts Wertvolles darin, aber sie stürzt und bricht sich die Hüfte. Dieser Überfall wird Auswirkung haben auf das Leben von sieben ganz unterschiedlichen Menschen. Charlotte muss für ein paar Wochen zu ihrer Tochter ziehen. Die Tochter wird dadurch aus ihrer Routine gerissen. Eine SMS wird eine Affäre verraten und das Ende einer Ehe einleiten, lukrative Ideen werden sich als Luftblase erweisen, ein Einwanderer wird die englische Sprache lieben lernen und vielleicht die Liebe einer Frau erobern. Wenn eins zum andern kommt zeigt, wie eine winzige Veränderung das Leben vieler durcheinanderwirbeln kann. Penelope Lively ist eine Schriftstellerin von seltener Klugheit und großem Einfühlungsvermögen. Dabei lässt die vollendete Geschichtenerzählerin auch in ihrem neuesten Roman feinsten britischen Humor aufblitzen.


Der lange Weg nach Hause


Author: Saroo Brierley

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 384370970X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Es ist ein Tag wie jeder andere im Leben des fünfjährigen Saroo: Auf dem Bahnhof einer indischen Kleinstadt sucht er nach Münzen und Essensresten. Schließlich schläft er vor Erschöpfung in einem wartenden Zug ein. Der fährt den kleinen Jungen ans andere Ende von Indien, nach Kalkutta. Völlig alleine an einem der gefährlichsten Orte der Welt schlägt er sich wochenlang auf der Straße durch, landet im Waisenhaus und gelangt so zu den Brierleys, die Saroo ein neues Zuhause in Australien schenken. Fünfundzwanzig Jahre später macht sich Saroo mit Hilfe von Google Earth auf die Suche nach seiner leiblichen Familie. Am Bildschirm fährt er Nacht für Nacht das Zugnetz von Indien ab. Das Unglaubliche passiert: Er findet ein Dorf, das dem Bild in seiner Erinnerung entspricht – und macht sich auf den Weg ...


Engel weisen uns den Weg


Author: Lorna Byrne

Publisher: Kailash Verlag

ISBN: 3641064635

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

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»Die Frau, die mit den Engeln spricht!« (Die Welt) Lorna Byrnes Bestseller »Engel in meinem Haar« veränderte das Leben von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt. Zum ersten Mal sprach eine Autorin offen über ihre Freundschaft mit den himmlischen Wesen, die sie seit ihrer Geburt als treue Helfer begleiten. Und ihr Weg ist noch nicht zu Ende: Nach dem Tod ihres Mannes Joe steht die alleinerziehende Mutter vor der Herausforderung, sich ein neues Leben aufzubauen. Wieder sind es die Engel, die sie in dieser Situation unterstützen. Doch mehr noch: Sie erinnern Lorna an ihre Lebensaufgabe und ermutigen sie, diese zu erfüllen, auch wenn alles dagegen spricht. Die schüchterne Lorna überwindet ihre Angst, bricht ihr Schweigen und beginnt, anderen vom machtvollen Wirken der Engel zu erzählen. Erstmals enthüllt sie mystisches Wissen, das nie zuvor geäußert wurde, und Prophezeiungen der Engel für Erde und Menschheit, die vor einem großen Umbruch stehen. »Jeder von uns muss seine eigene Aufgabe erfüllen«, sagt Lorna. Ihr Buch schenkt Hoffnung und den Mut, die Hilfe der Engel zu erbitten und eine positive Zukunft zu gestalten.