Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching

Classroom to Community and Back


Author: Steffen Saifer,Keisha Edwards,Debbie Ellis,Lena Ko,Amy Stuczynski

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1412987024

Category: Education

Page: 231

View: 8807

Teaching children from diverse backgrounds begins with simple questions: What is my culture? What are my students' cultures? How does culture affect how I teach and how my students learn? Can I learn to value and honour the unique experiences and cultures of my students? These are essential questions for educators with a sincere desire to help all students succeed. This comprehensive guide provides detailed examples that show why and how to create culturally responsive, standards-based (CRSB) instruction in the classroom, schoolwide, and at the district level. Results of effective programs include: increased academic success for all learners; engaged and motivated students; development of critical thinking skills ncessary for higher learning; and strengthened partnerships between students, families, and communities. This new edition is enhanced with nationwide examples, up-to-date resources, and tools that can be implemented immediately. Principals, administrators, K - 12 teachers, curriculum and staff developers, and college instructors will find this handbook a valuable and powerful tool for promoting student engagment and improving struggling schools.

Teaching with Vision

Culturally Responsive Teaching in Standards-based Classrooms


Author: Christine E. Sleeter,Catherine Cornbleth

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780807751725

Category: Education

Page: 167

View: 4500

In Teaching with Vision, two respected scholars in teaching for social justice have gathered teachers from across the country to describe rich examples of extraordinary practice. This collection showcases the professional experience and wisdom of classroom teachers who have been navigating standards- and test-driven teaching environments in California and New York, without losing their vision of what teaching can be. Representing diverse backgrounds, schools, grade levels, subject areas, and specialties, these teachers talk personally about their practice, their challenges, and how they learned to maintain a social and pedagogical vision for their work. This book is essential reading for new teachers who are struggling to make their teaching inspiring, creative, and culturally responsive, especially those who are working in less than supportive environments.

How to Teach Students Who Don't Look Like You

Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies


Author: Bonnie M. Davis

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452257914

Category: Education

Page: 287

View: 986

Engage diverse learners in your classroom with culturally responsive instruction! This new edition covers standards-based, culturally responsive lesson planning and instruction, differentiated instruction, RTI, and the Common Core.

Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms


Author: González, Katia

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 146669954X

Category: Education

Page: 477

View: 5369

Meaningful interaction between teachers and students is crucial to any educational environment, and particularly so in intercultural settings. When educators take steps to incorporate culturally responsive teaching into their classrooms, student learning is enriched and improved. The Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms focuses on the significance of cultural sensitivity toward diverse students and the importance of communication to increase the overall educational experience. Highlighting key concepts relating to curriculum design, teaching models, and critical pedagogies in transcultural classrooms, this book is a pivotal reference source for teachers, teacher educators, and researchers interested in the impact of intercultural communication in learning environments.

Early Childhood Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications


Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522575081

Category: Psychology

Page: 1623

View: 3602

A focus on the developmental progress of children before the age of eight helps to inform their future successes, including their personality, social behavior, and intellectual capacity. However, it is difficult for experts to pinpoint best learning and parenting practices for young children. Early Childhood Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is an innovative reference source for the latest research on the cognitive, socio-emotional, physical, and linguistic development of children in settings such as homes, community-based centers, health facilities, and school. Highlighting a range of topics such as cognitive development, parental involvement, and school readiness, this multi-volume book is designed for educators, healthcare professionals, parents, academicians, and researchers interested in all aspects of early childhood development.

Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools


Author: Richard Dean Kellough,Jioanna Carjuzaa

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780131589742

Category: Education

Page: 412

View: 2421

Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools, Ninth Edition, is a highly practical text for pre-service teachers in middle school and secondary methods courses. Readers will find useful, ready-to-use classroom applications for planning instruction, selecting and using instructional strategies, and assessment. Each module includes exercises and posttests.

How to Coach Teachers Who Don't Think Like You

Using Literacy Strategies to Coach Across Content Areas


Author: Bonnie M. Davis

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 145229433X

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 3371

This how-to resource encourages teachers to write and reflect upon their practices in a unique approach to coaching that bridges content areas and honors distinctive learning styles.

What Is It About Me You Can't Teach?

Culturally Responsive Instruction in Deeper Learning Classrooms


Author: Eleanor Renee Rodriguez,James Bellanca,Deborah Rosalia Esparza

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1506345719

Category: Education

Page: 328

View: 3671

Now in its third edition, this powerful book features timely new content from innovative schools and teachers, focusing on reaching struggling students. The authors illuminate how to raise student achievement by upholding high expectations, while teaching with cultural responsiveness. Discover how to: Lead all students to deeper learning, grounded in critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, collaboration—and the “5th C,” cultural awareness Support the latest standards for college and career readiness and English Language Proficiency/Development Incorporate technology into teaching and learning in innovative ways, adaptable to varying resource levels Implement K-12 lesson plans that support individualized, project-based learning

Comprehensive Classroom Management

Creating Communities of Support and Solving Problems


Author: Vernon F. Jones,Louise S. Jones

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Education

Page: 480

View: 7933

""I love this book and I love teaching my classroom management course using this book! It is clear, straightforward, and grounded in solid research. It is very comprehensive, yet at the same time, easy to read."" -Elizabeth Whiteman, Hudson Valley Community College "Comprehensive Classroom Management" presents practical methods for creating a positive learning environment, working with behavioral problems, and dealing with a range of challenges in the K-12 classroom. This text uses real-life examples to help both pre- and in-service teachers understand and apply the principles of classroom management in their own classroom situations. The text uses numerous case studies, examples, and descriptions of specific strategies based on current research and classroom experience. The authors focus on creating positive learning environments for students, and provide extensive, practical materials on both problem solving and building individual behavior change plans for students with behavioral problems. New to This Edition Extensive new material in the areas of working with culturally diverse student groups, special education, and teacher-student relationships New research and numerous new examples that keep the text current. Complete Instructor's Manual on CD-ROM with sample test items, activities, reproducible forms, and links to useful websites makes course preparation far easier Classroom vignettes video, free to adopters, that illustrates management issues in short clips Package this text with [Insert MyLabSchool Logo] -a powerful set of online tools that bring the classroom to life! Visit for more information!

Un-standardizing Curriculum

Multicultural Teaching in the Standards-based Classroom


Author: Christine E. Sleeter

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807746219

Category: Education

Page: 210

View: 3542

How can teachers learn to teach rich, academically rigorous multicultural curricula under current standardization constraints? In her new book, Christine Sleeter offers a much-needed framework to help teachers take on this challenge. By contrasting key curricular assumptions with those of multicultural education, she reveals the aspects they share as well as the conceptual and political differences between them. Sleeter makes a strong case for what teachers can do to "un-standardize" knowledge in their own classrooms, while working toward high standards of academic achievement. This book provides detailed portraits of activist teachers committed to multicultural education, including the constraints and challenges they face, and guidance for teachers who want to develop their classroom practice, illustrating the possibilities and spaces teachers have within a standardized curriculum.

Creating Culturally Considerate Schools

Educating Without Bias


Author: Kim L. Anderson,Bonnie M. Davis

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452283656

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 6047

Are you seeing your students clearly? This unique collaboration between a veteran educator and a psychotherapist asserts that the educators who are most effective in teaching diverse populations are those who can "see students clearly and respond to their needs without hesitation or bias." Framed around an original, eight-stage model of diversity development, this book provides readers with essential tools for building a sturdy foundation of mutual respect. Included are specific strategies for creating a school environment that: Gives voice and consideration to all students Shows interest, empathy, and respect for all staff members Advocates respect and reverence of individuality

Making Poetry Matter

International Research on Poetry Pedagogy


Author: Sue Dymoke,Andrew Lambirth,Anthony Wilson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441163530

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 1406

Making Poetry Matter draws together contributions from leading scholars in the field to offer a variety of perspectives on poetry pedagogy. A wide range of topics are covered including: - Teacher attitudes to teaching poetry in the urban primary classroom - Digital poetry and multimodality - Resistance to poetry in Post-16 English Throughout, the internationally recognised contributors draw on case studies to ensure that the theory is clearly linked to classroom practice. They consider the teaching and learning challenges that poetry presents for those working with learners aged between 5 and 19 and explore these challenges with reference to reading; writing; speaking and listening and the transformative nature of poetry in different contexts.

Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development


Author: Jacalyn Lund,Deborah Tannehill

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763771591

Category: Education

Page: 425

View: 4235

Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development, Second Edition is developed around the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards for K-12 physical education. This innovative guide teaches students about the process of writing curriculum in physical education and was written by experts who have had specific experience designing and implementing this thematic curriculum. The text begins by looking at the national physical education standards and then examines physical education from a conceptual standpoint, addressing the “so what” of physical education. It then goes on to examine the development of performance-based assessments designed to measure the extent of student learning. The second part of the text explores the various curricular models common to physical education: sport education, adventure education, outdoor education, traditional/multi activity, fitness, and movement education. It goes on to describe each model, provide examples of curriculums that use it, show how the model links with physical education standards, and provide appropriate assessments for it. The third part, Chapter 14: It’s Not Business As Usual, discusses how to improve one’s physical education curriculum by doing things differently and embracing change.

The Biracial and Multiracial Student Experience

A Journey to Racial Literacy


Author: Bonnie M. Davis

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1412975050

Category: Education

Page: 148

View: 8007

Best-selling author Bonnie M. Davis provides strategies for teaching bi- and multiracial students and deepens readers' understanding of race, ethnicity, and the development of racial identities.

Curriculum for Culturally Responsive Health Care

The Step-by-step Guide for Cultural Competence Training


Author: Jeffrey M. Ring

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846192943

Category: Medical

Page: 258

View: 7108

This is a creative, comprehensive and user-friendly manual comprising a curriculum for residencies and medical schools looking to implement new, or enhance existing, curricula in culturally responsive care. It meticulously describes teaching strategies that will prove engaging to learners and faculty alike, challenging them to grow in their attitudes, awareness, desire, knowledge and skills to effectively practice culturally responsive medicine. It demonstrates commitment to teaching culturally responsive medicine towards the elimination of health disparities, be they related to gender, race/ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, religious background or world view. The manual includes a step-by-step guide for each year of the curriculum, with detailed session descriptions, and sections on teaching techniques, evaluation tools, cultural competence exercises, together with information on further resources. The curriculum provides a solid foundation upon which educational programs can build as they evolve to meet the needs of patients and their communities toward preventing and treating illness, and improving access to excellence in medical care

The Principal

Creative Leadership for Excellence in Schools


Author: Gerald C. Ubben,Larry W. Hughes,Cynthia J. Norris

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: 9780137158379

Category: Education

Page: 390

View: 8643

Centered on the seven Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) Standards developed for school leaders that covers both theory and practice. Using the seven Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) Standards as an organizational tool, the revised seventh edition of The Principal: Creative Leadership For Excellence in Schools continues to provide future school administrators with both the necessary theory and the necessary practical skills to become effective educational leaders. At the same time, the newly updated text incorporates fresh material on modern legal issues, expanded coverage on the topic of cultural and ethnic diversity in schools, and all of the most recent research. With a focus on practical problem solving for school principals and other educational leaders, this text retains its focus on research linking educational leadership and productive schools, especially in terms of outcomes for children. Treating the principalship as a complicated and constantly evolving position that requires a constant focus on learning, instruction, and school improvement, this seventh edition text teaches readers to be moral agents, social advocates, community leaders, and caring individuals.

Equity 101: Culture


Author: Curtis Linton,Bonnie M. Davis

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1483306488

Category: Education

Page: 128

View: 6826

Help a culture of equity grow and thrive in your school! This second book in the groundbreaking Equity 101 series takes on the cultures we come from and the culture we foster in our schools. When diversity is the norm, how do we create an equitable culture where everyone succeeds? Your path starts with increasing educators’ cultural competency, overcoming institutionalized factors that limit achievement, and implementing equitable practices that ensure individualized support for all students. Resources include: Real-life success stories to use as models Chapter-specific implementation exercises that take you from ideas to action A dedicated online community for professional support