Author: Michael Doherty

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781858364926

Category: Criminal justice, Administration of

Page: 281

View: 7810

This work includes the strategic plan for the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice 101

A First Course


Author: Richard C. Sprinthall,John J. DeFrancesco,Althea Lloyd

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1627340416

Category: Law

Page: 328

View: 1832

Criminal Justice 101: A First Course is an introductory level book intended for beginning criminal justice students. It provides students with a practical, reader-friendly experience and we present and explain our materials, as much as possible, in an easy-to-read, conversational style. The fundamentals and basic tenets of criminal justice are explored in 12 chapters (easily covered in one semester) and we avoid the sometimes lengthy and oftentimes cumbersome information that is prevalent in so many other publications. Our text also attempts to eliminate the unnecessary legal formulations and esoteric terminology that the beginning criminal justice student may not always need. The book provides basic and fundamental information that can easily be absorbed by the beginning criminal justice student in one semester. It is our intent to provide a book that will engage students, rather than burdening them with information that may, at times, be overwhelming and unnecessary at the introductory level.

Law of the European Union

150 Leading Cases


Author: Alina Kaczorowska

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781858364537

Category: Law

Page: 419

View: 6684

This 150 Leading Cases examines both recent cases which take into account new developments and changes in community law, and landmark cases in the light of those particular developments.

Criminological Theory

The Essentials


Author: Stephen G. Tibbetts

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1506367879

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 5149

Criminological Theory: The Essentials, Third Edition offers you a brief yet comprehensive overview of classic and contemporary criminologists and their theories. Putting criminological theory in context, acclaimed author Stephen G. Tibbetts examines policy implications brought about by theoretical perspectives to demonstrate to you the practical application of theories to contemporary social problems. New to the Third Edition: A new chapter dedicated entirely to feminist perspectives (Chapter 10) introduces you to feminist models of crime while underscoring the importance of examining the related research. Case studies that examine offender motives are now included to help you apply the theories discussed to interesting and memorable examples. Policy is now integrated into each section to allow you to see the practical policy implications of each theory. Coverage of critical topics has been expanded throughout to introduce you to important issues, such as the influence of employment on criminal behavior, the success of school programs in reducing delinquent behavior, and federal sentencing guidelines in regard to crack versus powder cocaine. Statistics, graphs, and tables have all been updated to demonstrate the most recent trends in criminology.

Police Innovation

Contrasting Perspectives


Author: David Weisburd,Anthony A. Braga

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139454331

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 9157

Over the last three decades American policing has gone through a period of significant change and innovation. In what is a relatively short historical time frame the police began to reconsider their fundamental mission, the nature of the core strategies of policing, and the character of their relationships with the communities that they serve. This volume brings together leading police scholars to examine eight major innovations which emerged during this period: community policing, broken windows policing, problem oriented policing, pulling levers policing, third party policing, hot spots policing, Compstat and evidence-based policing. Including advocates and critics of each of the eight police innovations, this comprehensive book assesses the evidence on impacts of police innovation on crime and public safety, the extent of the implementation of these new approaches in police departments, and the dilemmas these approaches have created for police management. This book will appeal to students, scholars and researchers.

Company Law


Author: Susan Barber

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781858363998

Category: Corporation law

Page: 364

View: 1676

America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System


Author: David W. Neubauer,Henry F. Fradella

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337670146

Category: Education

Page: 648

View: 9969

The premier choice for Courts courses for decades, this popular text offers a comprehensive explanation of the courts and the criminal justice system, presented in a streamlined, straightforward manner that appeals to instructors and students alike. Neubauer and Fradella's crisp and clear writing, characterized by the organization of material into brief sections within chapters, ensures that readers gain a firm handle on the material. At the same time, the text's innovative courtroom workhouse model -- which focuses on the interrelationships among the judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney -- brings the courtroom to life. AMERICA'S COURTS AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM has long been known for the way it gives students an accurate glimpse of what it is like to work within the American criminal justice system, and the thirteenth edition is no exception. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Grangegorman Murders

Dean Lyons, Mark Nash and the Story behind the Grangegorman Murders


Author: Alan Bailey

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717154351

Category: True Crime

Page: 256

View: 583

On the morning of 7 March 1997, the bodies of two elderly female patients were discovered in their sheltered accommodation at Grangegorman Psychiatric Hospital in Dublin. It would be a further 16 years before Mark Nash was convicted of the notorious Grangegorman murders, but not before Dean Lyons, an innocent man, spent months in prison for a crime he did not commit, only to tragically die of a heroin overdose before his name was cleared. Here Alan Bailey, a retired member of the Garda Síochána who worked on the original case and who always insisted Lyons was innocent, recalls the investigation of the most brutal murders in Irish criminal history, and how pressure on the Garda Síochána to solve the crime led to one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in the history of the Irish state.


London's Prototype of Hell


Author: Stephen Halliday

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752495550

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 2990

There have been more prisons in London than in any other European city. Of these, Newgate was the largest, most notorious, and worst. Built during the 12th century, it became a legendary place—the inspiration of more poems, plays, and novels than any other building in London. It was a place of cruelty and wretchedness, at various times holding Dick Turpin, Titus Oates, Daniel Defoe, Jack Sheppard, and Casanova. Because prisons were privately run, any time spent in prison had to be paid for by the prisoner. Housing varied from a private cell with a cleaning woman and a visiting prostitute, to simply lying on the floor with no cover. Those who died inside—and only a quarter of prisoners survived until their execution day—had to stay in Newgate as a rotting corpse until relatives found the money for the body to be released. Stephen Halliday tells the story of Newgate's origins, the criminals it held and the punishments meted out. This is a compelling slice of London's social and criminal history.

My Brother Moochie

Regaining Dignity in the Face of Crime, Poverty, and Racism in the American South


Author: Issac J. Bailey

Publisher: Other Press, LLC

ISBN: 1590518608


Page: 304

View: 1753

At the age of nine, Issac J. Bailey saw his hero, his eldest brother, taken away in handcuffs, not to return from prison for thirty-two years. Bailey tells the story of their relationship and of his experience living in a family suffering from guilt and shame. Drawing on sociological research as well as his expertise as a journalist, he seeks to answer the crucial question of why Moochie and many other young black men--including half of the ten boys in his own family--end up in the criminal justice system.

Famous American Crimes and Trials: 1960-1980


Author: Frankie Y. Bailey,Steven M. Chermak

Publisher: Praeger Publishers

ISBN: 9780275983376

Category: Law

Page: 311

View: 7897

What do Lizzie Borden and O. J. Simpson have in common? Or the Lindbergh baby and Gary Gilmore? The answer: they were all the focus of famous crimes and/or trials in the United States. In this five-volume set, historical and contemporary cases that not only "shocked the nation" but that also became a part of the popular and legal culture of our country are discussed in vivid, and sometimes shocking, detail. Each chapter focuses on a different crime or trial, and explores the ways in which each became famous in its own time. The fascinating cast of characters, the outrageous crimes, the involvement of the media, the actions of the police, and the trials that often surprised combine to offer here one of the most comprehensive set of books available on the subject of famous U.S. crimes and trials.

Rogue Scholar

The Sinister Life and Celebrated Death of Edward H. Rulloff


Author: Richard W. Bailey

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472113378

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 281

View: 311

The author probes the life of the infamous nineteenth-century linguist who ended his days on the gallows accused of murder while also delving into the darker side of the Victorian era to uncover evidence that human nature has not changed much in a century. (True Crime)

Mockery of Justice

The True Story of the Sheppard Murder Case


Author: Cynthia L. Cooper,Sam Reese Sheppard

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555532413

Category: Social Science

Page: 383

View: 9804

Discusses the Sheppard murder trial, the recent fascination with the case, and the uncovering of new evidence pointing to a long-ignored suspect

Crime and Justice in America

An Introduction to Criminal Justice


Author: Joycelyn M. Pollock

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1437735126

Category: Political Science

Page: 436

View: 7128

This book views peacemaking as a broad, encompassing process that is expressed in many different shapes and forms. It blends ancient-wisdom traditions, peacemaking criminology, and restorative justice principles as a way of intervening with offenders in both institutional and community-based settings. Philosophical and spiritual contexts for peacemaking are presented that form a foundation for understanding the potential for peacemaking in criminological thought, the criminal justice system, and society in general.

Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults)

A True Story of the Fight for Justice


Author: Bryan A. Stevenson

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 0525580050

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 335

In this young adult adaptation of the acclaimed bestselling Just Mercy, which the New York Times calls "as compelling as To Kill a Mockingbird, and in some ways more so," Bryan Stevenson delves deep into the broken U.S. justice system, detailing from his personal experience his many challenges and efforts as a lawyer and social advocate, especially on behalf of America's most rejected and marginalized people. In this very personal work--proceeds of which will go to charity--Bryan Stevenson recounts many and varied stories of his work as a lawyer in the U.S. criminal justice system on behalf of those in society who have experienced some type of discrimination and/or have been wrongly accused of a crime and who deserve a powerful advocate and due justice under the law. Through the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), an organization Stevenson founded as a young lawyer and for which he currently serves as Executive Director, this important work continues. EJI strives to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, working to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. "A deeply moving collage of true stories . . . .This is required reading." --Kirkus, Starred Review Praise for Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption: "Important and compelling." --Pulitzer Prize-winning author TRACY KIDDER "Gripping. . . . What hangs in the balance is nothing less than the soul of a great nation." --DESMOND TUTU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate "An inspiring and powerful story." --#1 New York Times bestselling author JOHN GRISHAM

Doing Recent History

On Privacy, Copyright, Video Games, Institutional Review Boards, Activist Scholarship, and History that Talks Back


Author: Claire Bond Potter,Renee Christine Romano

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820334677

Category: History

Page: 311

View: 8717

Explores the difficulties of writing histories of recent events, due to the lack of perspective, hindsight, and developed historiography.

The Man Who Would Be Queen

The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism


Author: J. Michael Bailey

Publisher: Joseph Henry Press

ISBN: 0309505542

Category: Science

Page: 219

View: 8553

Gay. Straight. Or lying. It’s as simple and straightforward as black or white, right? Or is there a gray area, where the definitions of sex and gender become blurred or entirely refocused with the deft and practiced use of a surgeon’s knife? For some, the concept of gender – the very idea we have of ourselves as either male or female beings – is neither simple nor straightforward. Written by cutting-edge researcher and sex expert J. Michael Bailey, The Man Who Would Be Queen is a frankly controversial, intensely poignant, and boldly forthright book about sex and gender. Based on his original research, Bailey’s book is grounded firmly in science. But as he demonstrates, science doesn’t always deliver predictable or even comfortable answers. Indeed, much of what he has to say will be sure to generate as many questions as it does answers. Are gay men genuinely more feminine than other men? And do they really prefer to be hairdressers rather than lumberjacks? Are all male transsexuals women trapped in men’s bodies – or are some of them men who are just plain turned on by the idea of becoming a woman? And how much of a role do biology and genetics play in sexual orientation? But while Bailey’s science is provocative, it is the portraits of the boys and men who struggle with these questions – and often with anger, fear, and hurt feelings – that will move you. You will meet Danny, an eight-year old boy whose favorite game is playing house and who yearns to dress up as a princess for Halloween. And Martin, an expert makeup artist who was plagued by inner turmoil as a youth but is now openly homosexual and has had many men as sex partners. And Kim, a strikingly sexy transsexual who still has a penis and works as a dancer and a call girl for men who like she-males while she awaits sex reassignment surgery. These and other stories make it clear that there are men – and men who become women – who want only to understand themselves and the society that makes them feel like outsiders. That there are parents, friends, and families that seek answers to confusing and complicated questions. And that there are researchers who hope one day to grasp the very nature of human sexuality. As the striking cover image – a distinctly muscular and obviously male pair of legs posed in a pair of low-heeled pumps – makes clear, the concept of gender, the very idea we have of ourselves as either male or female beings, is neither simple nor straightforward for some.

Intermediaries in the Criminal Justice System

Improving Communication for Vulnerable Witnesses and Defendants


Author: Plotnikoff, Joyce,Woolfson, Richard

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1447326067

Category: Social Science

Page: 338

View: 1545

This is the first book about the intermediary scheme, criminal justice’s untold ‘good news story’. It provides a comprehensive explanation of how intermediaries work in practice and gives ‘behind the scenes’ insights into the criminal process. It will be of interest to practitioners and the wider public.

Perfect Justice

A True Crime Book


Author: Don Lasseter

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political Science

Page: 322

View: 2808

The ultimate penalty of the death sentence was created for horrific crimes. However, it is becoming more commonplace for these sentences to be overturned. The authors argue for the death penalty to remain in place, to have a justice that is not so blinded by leniency that it lets monsters continue to dwell among us.

Ethics for Behavior Analysts

2nd Expanded Edition


Author: Jon Bailey,Mary Burch

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136828044

Category: Psychology

Page: 388

View: 9429

"This expanded second edition of the landmark 2005 text, Ethics for Behavior Analysts, provides readers with a valuable resource in preparing behavior analysts for the difficult task of providing quality services"--Provided by publisher.