Street Criers

A Cultural History of Chinese Beggars


Author: Hanchao Lu

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804751483

Category: History

Page: 269

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This is a rich and comprehensive study of beggars’ culture and the institution of mendicancy in China from late imperial times to the mid-twentieth century, with a glance at the resurgence of beggars in China today. Generously illustrated, the book brings to life the concepts and practices of mendicancy including organized begging, state and society relations as reflected in the issues of poverty, public opinions of beggars and various factors that contribute to almsgiving, the role of gender in begging, and street people and Communist politics. Panoramically, the reader will see that the culture and institution of Chinese mendicancy, which had its origins in earlier centuries, remained remarkably consistent through time and space and that there were perennial and lively interactions between the world of beggars and mainstream society.

The Criers


Author: K.H. Writer

Publisher: K.H. Writer


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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The year is 2020 and a virulent new disease has decimated the global population. Witnesses report wild cries and bite attacks from the infected, with an apparent resistance to pain that leads many to believe the zombie apocalypse is at hand. Several months after the first outbreak the undead criers have destroyed everything that went before, with few survivors hidden in the shadows here and there. Jack is one of them, and with his only goal to stay alive he seeks out what remains of the living and safe territory where the man-eating criers can’t follow. Over the course of the following days he meets both friend and foe, slowly coming to realize how the world has changed and what it takes to stay alive.

Town Criers


Author: Will Daunt


ISBN: 1329665465


Page: N.A

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Rise of the Prophets


Author: L. A. Story

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781533167989


Page: 290

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Only two things are certain. The Criers are coming. The Criers will change everything. The infamous street preacher Duke Batten has foretold the coming of the Criers for more than a quarter of a century to an unbelieving world that does not know of The War between the Healers and Adversaries. For many years, he was the first and only Crier - a powerful prophet for the Father God. Now, Criers are coming into their powers and some are the most unlikely individuals one would expect to be called into service by the King of Light. Sage and Rachel Waldron, and their grown children, Daniel and Sarah, are a powerful force for the Healers. The Adversaries have become more desperate as the Healers have begun to win too many skirmishes. In a bold move, the Adversaries employ a terrible strategy to turn the tide of the war. As part of this strategy, Duke and his family, as well as the Waldron family, become primary targets. Blood with be shed. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be saved and everything will change.

Criers & Kibitzers, Kibitzers & Criers


Author: Stanley Elkin

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453204148

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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“This imagination of Elkin’s sneaks up, tickles, surprises, shocks, and kills. It makes stories that are deadly funny.” —The New York Times Each of the nine short stories collected here feature two types of people—the troubled and the troublemakers. In “The Guest,” a homeless man gleefully takes credit for a robbery he did not commit. “In the Alley” tells the story of a terminally ill man who begrudgingly outlives his initial prognosis. And the satiric “I Look Out for Ed Wolfe” features a charismatic salesman auctioning off his life’s possessions in order to determine his value in the world. Laced with wit, Criers & Kibitzers, Kibitzers & Criers is a keenly observed collection that puts Elkin’s comic artistry on full display. This ebook features rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate and from the Stanley Elkin archives at Washington University in St. Louis.

Ancient Roman Statutes

A Translation with Introduction, Commentary, Glossary, and Index


Author: Allan Chester Johnson,Paul Robinson Coleman-Norton,Frank Card Bourne,Clyde Pharr

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 1584772913

Category: History

Page: 290

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Johnson, Allan Chester, Paul Robinson Coleman-Norton and Frank Card Bourne. Clyde Pharr, General Editor. Ancient Roman Statutes: A Translation with Introduction, Commentary, Glossary, and Index. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1961. xxxi, 290 pp. 9" x 12." Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-291-3. Cloth. $150. * A collection of documents in translation based on a collation of Roman laws collected from the editions of Bruns, Girard and Riccobono. Laws gathered from other secondary sources, such as ancient authors' writings and from modern scholars' editions of inscriptions and of papyri, are also included. This volume is Volume II of The Corpus of Roman Law (Corpus Juris Romani), General Editor, Clyde Pharr. (Volume I: The Theodosian Code is also published in reprint by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.)

Ancient Rome

Social and Historical Documents from the Early Republic to the Death of Augustus


Author: Matthew Dillon,Lynda Garland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317485203

Category: History

Page: 878

View: 8675

In this second edition, Ancient Rome presents an extensive range of material, from the early Republic to the death of Augustus, with two new chapters on the Second Triumvirate and The Age of Augustus. Dillon and Garland have also included more extensive late Republican and Augustan sources on social developments, as well as further information on the Gold Age of Roman literature. Providing comprehensive coverage of all important documents pertaining to the Roman Republic and the Augustan age, Ancient Rome includes: source material on political and military developments in the Roman Republic and Augustan age (509 BC – AD 14) detailed chapters on social phenomena, such as Roman religion, slavery and freedmen, women and the family, and the public face of Rome clear, precise translations of documents taken not only from historical sources but also from inscriptions, laws and decrees, epitaphs, graffiti, public speeches, poetry, private letters and drama concise up-to-date bibliographies and commentaries for each document and chapter a definitive collection of source material on the Roman Republic and early empire. Students of ancient Rome and classical studies will find this new edition invaluable at all levels of study.

The Charter and Ordinances of the City of Boston

Together with the Acts of the Legislature Relating to the City, and an Appendix


Author: Albion Keith Parris Joy,Frederick Lochwood Washburn

Publisher: N.A



Page: 793

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Diary of an Undead Teenager


Author: Jerrel Dulay


ISBN: 144527535X


Page: 440

View: 9842

See eBook for Free Download!See more www.theripperinfection.comZack Welder is a seventeen-year-old with serious anger management issues. After his parents kick him out of the house, sending him to the mountains, the last thing he expects to do is fight for his life as a bizarre viral outbreak rips across Riverton, a small mountain community hiding a few secrets. When Zack realizes he has become infected and will soon join the ranks of the undead, he is faced with having to grow up and develop some social skills before Riverton's survivors discover his secret and turn on him. Undead Teenager is a unique, emotionally charged thriller, making bold stabs at modern culture with a wicked sense of humor. Zombie fans cannot afford to miss this story."Undead Teenager provides a much needed breath of fresh air for the Zombie Genre.""Never before has the zombie been so memorable, threatening, or fascinating!""The memorable characters represent today's youth, faults, potential and all."