Talking with Artists

Conversations with Victoria Chess, Pat Cummings, Leo and Diane Dillon, Richard Egielski, Lois Ehlert, Lisa Campbell Ernst, Tom Feelings, Steven Kellogg, Jerry Pinkney, Amy Schwartz, Lane Smith, Chris Van Allsburg, and David Wiesner


Author: Pat Cummings

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0027242455

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 5560

Distinguished picture book artists talk about their early art experiences, answer questions most frequently asked by children, and offer encouragement to aspiring artists.

Conversations with Artists


Author: Heidi Zuckerman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780934324809

Category: Art

Page: 295

View: 5289

In this book of interviews, Heidi Zuckerman, Director of the Aspen Art Museum, opens up the studios and practices of more than 25 prominent contemporary artists through personal and illuminating conversations. A perceptive, sensitive interviewer, Zuckerman offers the reader refreshing insights and access to some of the most engaging artists making work this decade. The range of artists appearing in Conversations with Artists testifies to Zuckerman's wide-ranging interests: artists featured include Karin Mamma Andersson, Lutz Bacher, Darren Bader, Lynda Benglis, Walead Beshty & William J. O'Brien, Huma Bhabha, Carol Bove, Andrea Bowers, Mark Bradford, Alice Channer, Simon Denny, Peter Doig, Cheryl Donegan, Tony Feher, Sergej Jensen, Liz Larner, Margaret Lee, Nate Lowman, Adam McEwen, Julie Mehretu, Shirin Neshat, Laura Owens, Mai-Thu Perret, Susan Philipsz, Rob Pruitt, Pedro Reyes, Rachel Rose, Julian Schnabel, Gedi Sibony, Lorna Simpson, Frances Stark, Mickalene Thomas, Fred Tomaselli.

Mavericks of Sound

Conversations with Artists Who Shaped Indie and Roots Music


Author: David A. Ensminger

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442235918

Category: Music

Page: 260

View: 8137

In this book, music scholar David Ensminger offers a collection of compelling interviews with legendary roots rock and indie artists who bucked mainstream trends and have remained resilient in the face of enormous shifts in the music world. Ensminger brings to light the highways and byways trod by these music icons over the course of their careers.

Conversations with Artists in San Miguel de Allende


Author: M. B. Paul,Mariah Sirius

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781494746452

Category: Art

Page: 264

View: 8427

San Miguel de Allende, in addition to being a World Heritage Site, has long been a mecca for artists from all over the world. Conversations with Artists in San Miguel de Allende offers an intimate look at a rapidly changing city that remains suspended between the past and the present, at some of the artists who have lived there for much of their lives, and at art. Why is it that some men and women are compelled to make art and why did so many choose to go to a high desert plateau in central Mexico to do it? The answers to these questions reveal some surprising secrets about a most unusual, some say mystical place, about the nature of art itself, and about why artists are often willing to risk everything in order to do what they love most.


Conversations with Artists, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Change Agents, and Risk Takers who Work by Faith and Impact Culture


Author: Brian Sooy

Publisher: Altered Ego Media

ISBN: 1508074747

Category: Religion

Page: 47

View: 4025

Entrepreneurship. Business. Startups. Culture. If you don’t have it figured out, join the club. Each of the entrepreneurs and business leaders who share their stories is seeking God first as they explore where their purpose, calling, and vocation converge­—and how their work impacts their clients, customers, culture, and the communities in which they live. EntreWorshippers are artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, change agents, risk takers, and cross-culture catalysts who work by faith. Learn how eight entrepreneurs are learning to align their calling with their faith, fearlessly following the narrow path. EntreWorshippers features interviews and insights from founders and business leaders John Beckett (Beckett Corporation), Megan Constantino (Parachute Partners), Dr. Shelette Stewart, Makoto Fujimura, Ned Bustard, Todd Greer (202 Exchange), John Rivers (4 Rivers Smokehouse), and Leslie Bianco (In the Company of Prayer).

Speaking in Colour

Conversations with Artists of Pacific Island Heritage


Author: Sean Mallon,Pandora Fulimalo Pereira

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art, Modern

Page: 155

View: 1902

In this breakthrough art book, ten artists of Pacific Island descent talk candidly about their lives and work, and about finding themselves as artists. They also speak about coming to terms with their rich, complex cultural heritage. Speaking in Colour features the artists Fatu Feu‘u, Pauline Hoeft-Cocker, John Ione, Lily Laita, Iosefa Leo, Lyle Penisula, John Pule, Filipe Tohi, Michel Tuffery, and Jim Vivieaere.

Practical Dreamers

Conversations with Movie Artists


Author: Mike Hoolboom

Publisher: Coach House Books

ISBN: 1770561811

Category: Art

Page: 250

View: 3568

'The streets are full of admirable craftsmen, but so few practical dreamers.' Ð Man Ray What if there were movies made the same way as suits, custom fitted, each one tailored for one person? Not broadcast, but narrowcast? Not theatres around the world showing the same globalized pictures, but instead a local circumstance, a movie so particular, so peculiar, it could cure night blindness or vertigo? Welcome to the world of fringe movies, where artists have been busy putting queer shoulders to the wheels, or bending light to talk about First Nations rights (and making it funny at the same time), or demonstrating how a personality can be taken apart and put together again, all in the course of a ten-minute movie which might take years to make. Practical Dreamers takes us to this other side of the media plantation. In it, twenty-seven Canadian artists dish about how they get it done and why it matters. The conversations are personal, up close and jargon free, smart without smarting. The stellar cast includes smartbomb Steve Reinke; visionary Peter Mettler; Middle East specialist Jayce Salloum; queer Asian avatars Richard Fung, Midi Onodera, Ho Tam, and Wayne Yung; footage recyclers Aleesa Cohene and Jubal Brown; overhead projector king Daniel Barrow; First Nations vets Kent Monkman and Shelley Niro; international art presence Paulette Philips; and documentarian Donigan Cumming. These in-depth talks come lavishly illustrated in an oversized volume.


In Conversation with Artists from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka : Shisha ArtSouthAsia Residencies 2002


Author: Jagjit Chuhan,Fareda Khan,Sheila Maddison

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780954556310

Category: Art

Page: 68

View: 445

Shisha and her partners designed the program of residency as a theoretical and idealistic space where the guest artists could reflect on the existential concerns and aesthetic issues that they and their respective communities have to confront. -- p. 5.

Rodin on Art and Artists


Author: Auguste Rodin

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486156788

Category: Art

Page: 119

View: 8797

In an intimate talk with his protégé, the sculptor offers candid, wide-ranging comments on the meaning of art; other famed artists; the relation of sculpture to poetry, painting, and music; more. 76 illustrations.

Spilling the Beans in Chicanolandia

Conversations with Writers and Artists


Author: Frederick Luis Aldama

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 029278435X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

View: 5797

Since the 1980s, a prolific "second wave" of Chicano/a writers and artists has tremendously expanded the range of genres and subject matter in Chicano/a literature and art. Building on the pioneering work of their predecessors, whose artistic creations were often tied to political activism and the civil rights struggle, today's Chicano/a writers and artists feel free to focus as much on the aesthetic quality of their work as on its social content. They use novels, short stories, poetry, drama, documentary films, and comic books to shape the raw materials of life into art objects that cause us to participate empathetically in an increasingly complex Chicano/a identity and experience. This book presents far-ranging interviews with twenty-one "second wave" Chicano/a poets, fiction writers, dramatists, documentary filmmakers, and playwrights. Some are mainstream, widely recognized creators, while others work from the margins because of their sexual orientations or their controversial positions. Frederick Luis Aldama draws out the artists and authors on both the aesthetic and the sociopolitical concerns that animate their work. Their conversations delve into such areas as how the artists' or writers' life experiences have molded their work, why they choose to work in certain genres and how they have transformed them, what it means to be Chicano/a in today's pluralistic society, and how Chicano/a identity influences and is influenced by contact with ethnic and racial identities from around the world.

Art Talk

Conversations With 15 Women Artists


Author: Cindy Nemser

Publisher: Westview Press

ISBN: 9780064309837

Category: Art

Page: 368

View: 8191

Interviews with 15 important women artists reveal insights on art and feminism in a book that "fills an important gap in contemporary art critical scholarship" (Howard Conant, New York University). This revised edition features 3 new artists.

Dreaming the Dawn

Conversations with Native Artists and Activists


Author: E. K. Caldwell

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803215009

Category: Social Science

Page: 143

View: 2680

A fresh, articulate collection of interviews with twelve of the most influential Native American voices includes the words of writers Sherman Alexie and James Welch, poet Elizabeth Woody, activist Winona LaDuck, and actor Litefoot, among others.

Conversations with Antoni Tàpies

With an Introduction to the Artist's Work


Author: Barbara Catoir,Antoni Tàpies

Publisher: Prestel Pub

ISBN: 9783791311494

Category: Art

Page: 164

View: 1024

The author has condensed hundreds of hours of her conversations with Spain's leading contemporary artist, and neatly assembled them in thematic chapters.

Psychoanalysis and the Artistic Endeavor

Conversations with literary and visual artists


Author: Lois Oppenheim

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317589548

Category: Art

Page: 206

View: 6058

Psychoanalysis and the Artistic Endeavor offers an intriguing window onto the creative thinking of several well-known and highly creative individuals. Internationally renowned writers, painters, choreographers, and others converse with the author about their work and how it has been informed by their life experience. Creative process frames the discussions, but the topics explored are wide-ranging and the interrelation of the personal and professional development of these artists is what comes to the fore. The conversations are unique in providing insight not only into the art at hand and into the perspective of each artist on his or her own work, but into the mind from which the work springs. The interviews are lively in a way critical writing by its very nature is not, rendering the ideas all that much more accessible. The transcription of the live interview reveals the kind of reflection censored elsewhere, the interplay of personal experience and creative process that are far more self-consciously shaped in a text written for print. Neither private conversation nor public lecture, neither crafted response (as to the media) nor freely associative discourse (as in the analytic consulting room), these interviews have elements of all. The volume guides the reader toward a deeper psychologically oriented understanding of literary and visual art, and it engages the reader in the honest and often-provocative revelations of a number of fascinating artists who pay testimony to their work in a way no one else can. This is a unique collection of particular interest for psychoanalysts, scholars, and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the creative process.