Contextualizing Disaster


Author: Gregory V. Button,Mark Schuller

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1785332813

Category: Social Science

Page: 214

View: 5509

Contextualizing Disaster offers a comparative analysis of six recent "highly visible" disasters and several slow-burning, "hidden," crises that include typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, chemical spills, and the unfolding consequences of rising seas and climate change. The book argues that, while disasters are increasingly represented by the media as unique, exceptional, newsworthy events, it is a mistake to think of disasters as isolated or discrete occurrences. Rather, building on insights developed by political ecologists, this book makes a compelling argument for understanding disasters as transnational and global phenomena.

Historical Disasters in Context

Science, Religion, and Politics


Author: Andrea JANKU,Gerrit Schenk,Franz Mauelshagen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136476253

Category: History

Page: 312

View: 344

Growing concerns about climate change and the increasing occurrence of ever more devastating natural disasters in some parts of the world and their consequences for human life, not only in the immediately affected regions, but for all of us, have increased our desire to learn more about disaster experiences in the past. How did disaster experiences impact on the development of modern sciences in the early modern era? Why did religion continue to play such an important role in the encounter with disasters, despite the strong trend towards secularization in the modern world? What was the political role of disasters? Historical Disasters in Context illustrates how past societies coped with a threatening environment, how societies changed in response to disaster experiences, and how disaster experiences were processed and communicated, both locally and globally. Particular emphasis is put on the realms of science, religion, and politics. International case studies demonstrate that while there are huge differences across cultures in the way people and societies responded to disasters, there are also many commonalities and interactions between different cultures that have the potential to alter the ways people prepare for and react to disasters in future. To explain these relationships and highlight their significance is the purpose of this volume.

Cultural Psychology of Coping with Disasters

The Case of an Earthquake in Java, Indonesia


Author: Manfred Zaumseil,Silke Schwarz,Mechthild von Vacano,Gavin Brent Sullivan,Johana E. Prawitasari-Hadiyono

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461493544

Category: Psychology

Page: 356

View: 6189

This book offers a broad theoretical foundation by relating and contrasting relevant international literature with the outcomes of a particular research project. It provides a critical reevaluation of the complex phenomena of coping with disasters on a general level by applying this integrative theory of disaster coping to a specific context. A cultural psychological model is developed in order to suggest ways of understanding and assessing local and cultural specificity. This interaction of the general and locally specific is central to our understanding of cultural psychology of coping with disaster. The book provides a basic overview, by presenting various approaches to coping with natural disasters and relating them to each other in a coherent manner. So far, most research approaches either focus on technical, social, psychological or cultural aspects of coping, neglecting their interconnectedness. Coping is seldom seen as an extensive, long-term process, in which disaster relief complexly interacts and is integrated with the local actors and conditions. Until now, a perspective is missing, in which the mentioned modes of coping are integrated with cultural interpretations and practices and long-standing forms of communal self-help, which possibly develop in places that are frequently threatened by natural disasters.

Die Flutwelle



Author: Mikael Niemi

Publisher: btb Verlag

ISBN: 3641121574

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 8353

Wie würdest du dich verhalten im Angesicht einer Katastrophe? Hoch oben im Norden Schwedens regnet es schon fast den ganzen Herbst. Und dann zeigen sich im obersten Staudamm des Lule älv tatsächlich Risse. Keiner kann sich vorstellen, dass er brechen könnte. Doch dann geschieht genau das - die Katastrophe nimmt ihren Lauf. Das Wasser kommt in gigantischen Massen. Ein Tsunami im eigenen Land. Inmitten des Infernos eine Gruppe von Menschen, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten und die nun aufeinander angewiesen sind, wollen sie überleben: Der Hubschrauberpilot, der kurz vor einem Selbstmord stand. Die Künstlerin, die mit ihrer Malgruppe in den Wäldern umherstreift. Die Schwangere, die an einen Schornstein geklammert um ihr Überleben kämpft und von einem anderen Schiffbrüchigen ins Boot gezerrt wird. Zwei Ingenierinnen, die schon lange vor der Gefahr gewarnt haben. Sie alle stehen vor einer gewaltigen Herausforderung: Sie kämpfen nicht nur ums Überleben, sondern auch um ihre eigene Menschlichkeit ...

The Role of Language in the Climate Change Debate


Author: Kjersti Flottum

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315456915

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 178

View: 9970

This volume takes a distinctive look at the climate change debate, already widely studied across a number of disciplines, by exploring the myriad linguistic and discursive perspectives and approaches at play in the climate change debate as represented in a variety of genres. The book focuses on key linguistic themes, including linguistic polyphony, lexical choices, metaphors, narration, and framing, and uses examples from diverse forms of media, including scientific documents, policy reports, op-eds, and blogs, to shed light on how information and knowledge on climate change can be represented, disseminated, and interpreted and in turn, how they can inform further discussion and debate. Featuring contributions from a global team of researchers and drawing on a broad array of linguistic approaches, this collection offers an extensive overview of the role of language in the climate change debate for graduate students, researchers, and scholars in applied linguistics, environmental communication, discourse analysis, political science, climatology, and media studies.

Natural Disasters, Cultural Responses

Case Studies Toward a Global Environmental History


Author: Christof Mauch,Christian Pfister

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739134612

Category: Nature

Page: 394

View: 2358

Catastrophes, it seems, are becoming more frequent in the twenty-first century. According to UN statistics, every year approximately two hundred million people are directly affected by natural disasters_seven times the number of people who are affected by war. Discussions about global warming and fatal disasters such as Katrina and the Tsunami of 2004 have heightened our awareness of natural disasters and of their impact on both local and global communities. Hollywood has also produced numerous disaster movies in recent years, some of which have become blockbusters. This volume demonstrates that natural catastrophes_earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc._have exercised a vast impact on humans throughout history and in almost every part of the world. It argues that human attitudes toward catastrophes have changed over time. Surprisingly, this has not necessarily led to a reduction of exposure or risk. The organization of the book resembles a journey around the globe_from Europe to North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and from the Pacific through South America and Mexico to the United States. While natural disasters appear everywhere on the globe, different cultures, societies, and nations have adopted specific styles for coping with disaster. Indeed, how humans deal with catastrophes depends largely on social and cultural patterns, values, religious belief systems, political institutions, and economic structures. The roles that catastrophes play in society and the meanings they are given vary from one region to the next; they differ_and this is one of the principal arguments of this book_from one cultural, political, and geographic space to the next. The essays collected here help us to understand not only how people in different times throughout history have learned to cope with disaster but also how humans in different parts of the world have developed specific cultural, social, and technological strategies for doing so.

Learning from Catastrophe

Quick Response Research in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina


Author: N.A

Publisher: Institute of Behavioral Science University of Colorado

ISBN: 9781877943188

Category: Crisis management in government

Page: 456

View: 411

"Presents a peer-reviewed collection of quick response research conducted following Hurricane Katrina in 2005"--Provided by publisher.

The Northridge Earthquake

Vulnerability and Disaster


Author: Robert Bolin,Lois Stanford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134682328

Category: Science

Page: 264

View: 983

This book provides a global view of the social effects of disaster in developed and developing countries. It focuses on the 1994 Northridge Earthquake in the US and other recent disasters to examine vulnerability and post-disaster recovery strategies. The authors also explore the ways state policy can reduce vulnerability in the future.

Parlament der Menschheit

die Vereinten Nationen und der Weg zur Weltregierung


Author: Paul M. Kennedy

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 9783406563287

Category: International relations

Page: 400

View: 849

Myths of Wilderness in Contemporary Narratives

Environmental Postcolonialism in Australia and Canada


Author: K. Crane

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137000791

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 228

View: 6827

The concept of 'wilderness' as a foundational idea for environmentalist thought has become the subject of vigorous debates. Myths of Wilderness in Contemporary Narratives offers a taxonomy of the forms that wilderness writing has taken in Australian and Canadian literature, re-emphasizing both country's origins as colonies.

Griechische Denker

Eine Geschichte der antiken Philosophie


Author: Theodor Gomperz

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110876639

Category: History

Page: 1822

View: 8059

Die Organisation des Wissens

Wie japanische Unternehmen eine brachliegende Ressource nutzbar machen


Author: Ikujiro Nonaka,Hirotaka Takeuchi

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593396319

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 4815

In jedem Mitarbeiter schlummert wertvolles Wissen. Wer seine Firma richtig organisiert, kann diese Schätze heben. Japanische Manager haben dies früh begriffen und ihren Unternehmen langfristige Wettbewerbsvorteile verschafft. Anhand ausführlicher Fallbeispiele erläutern die Autoren in diesem Klassiker der Managementliteratur, wie Führungskräfte die Ressource Wissen nutzbar machen und sie in erfolgreiche Produkte und Technologien umwandeln können. "Dies ist das bisher kreativste Buch über Management aus Japan. Absolute Pflichtlektüre für Manager in einer Welt ohne Grenzen." Kenichi Ohmae "Ein wichtiges Buch für die Unternehmenspraxis." Michael E. Porter "Mit Nonakas Thesen zeichnet sich ein Paradigmenwechsel ab." Wirtschaftswoche "Spannend geschrieben, mit vielen Aha-Erlebnissen beim Lesen." ManagerSeminare




Author: Margriet de Moor

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446255907

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 4042

Ein kleines Tief setzt sich von Grönland aus in Richtung Westeuropa in Bewegung. Am selben Tag bittet Armanda ihre Schwester Lidy, am Wochenende einen Besuch bei ihrem Patenkind in Zeeland zu übernehmen. Unterdessen will sie selbst Lidys zweijährige Tochter hüten und mit Lidys Mann auf eine Party gehen. Armanda ahnt nicht, dass sie mit ihrem kleinen Rollentausch das große Schicksal provoziert: Lidy gerät in jene Sturmflut, die einen Teil der Niederlande für immer von der Landkarte tilgen wird.

Disaster Capitalism

Three Plays


Author: Richard W. Mitchell

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 1841504300

Category: Drama

Page: 299

View: 7926

The book includes three full-length plays: Shadow Anthropology (a dark comedy about the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan), Through the Roof (a Faustian trip through the social history of "natural" disaster in New Orleans), and Celestial Flesh (a sacrilegious romp through the 1980s sanctuary movement, sacred sex, and CIA drug running in a Los Angeles Catholic Church). Placing the plays within an historical and thematic context, the author introduces the collection with an essay examining catastrophe, capitalism, and what he calls "Apocalypse Theatre for the Twenty-First Century. & qu.

Von der Hand in den Mund

Eine Chronik früher Fehlschläge


Author: Paul Auster

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644020116

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

View: 6703

«Von der Hand in den Mund» ist ein amüsantes Porträt des Künstlers als hungernder Mann vor dem Hintergrund der bewegten sechziger und siebziger Jahre. Der schnöde Mammon spielt darin die entscheidende Rolle – als Metapher für den Tanz um das Goldene Kalb, als Fessel der Gesellschaft, als schlichtes Überlebensmittel. Auster beschreibt seinen ebenso kompromißlosen wie krummen Werdegang voller Selbstironie, aber auch mit der Sicherheit des gereiften Künstlers, für den der Weg seiner Identitätssuche stets das Ziel war. Und er komplettiert das Lesevergnügen, indem er im Anhang einen Teil seiner frühen Werke erstmals zugänglich macht.

Das Deutsche Kaiserreich in der Kontroverse


Author: Sven Oliver Müller,Cornelius Torp

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3647367524

Category: History

Page: 461

View: 1388

Der Band liefert einen wichtigen Beitrag zu den anhaltenden Debatten über das Deutsche Kaiserreich (1871–1918). Ausgewiesene Kaiserreichexperten internationaler Provenienz geben einen Überblick über den aktuellen Forschungsstand und werfen neue, richtungweisende Fragen auf. Das Buch ist an vier Achsen ausgerichtet, die Themen und Probleme markieren, auf die sich die Kontroversen über das Kaiserreich in den letzten Jahren konzentriert haben: die Verortung des Kaiserreichs in der deutschen Geschichte; das Verhältnis von Gesellschaft, Politik und Kultur; Formen militärischer Gewalt mit ihrem Brennpunkt im Ersten Weltkrieg und schließlich die transnationale Verflechtung Deutschlands im Zeitalter der »ersten Globalisierung«.

Heidegger & Derrida

Reflections on Time and Language


Author: Herman Rapaport

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 293

View: 3293

Originally published in hardcover in 1989.