Author: Roger Collins

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802082183

Category: History

Page: 234

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This is a new account of the most important period in the history of Europe between the end of the Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance. The reign of Charlemagne (768-814) saw the unification of many areas of France, Italy and Germany, Spain and central Europe, as well as the revival of the title 'Emperor in the West.' At the same time, the cultural and artistic revival that took place in western Europe under Charlemagne's rule both led to the preservation of much of the intellectual heritage of Antiquity and inspired succeeding generations of scholars and artists up to the time of the Renaissance. While the empire that Charlemagne created proved short-lived, the title 'Holy Roman Emperor' remained in continuous use until 1806, and his achievements have inspired a succession of both military conquerors and would-be unifiers of Europe up to the present day. Numerous ideas and institutions were revived or created in this period which would serve to shape the future development of western Europe throughout the Middle Ages and beyond.



Author: Dale Evva Gelfand

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 143811785X

Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 108

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Presents a biography of the Frankish warrior and king who built a great empire in western Europe.



Author: Johannes Fried

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674737393

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 673

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When the legendary Frankish king and emperor Charlemagne died in 814 he left behind a dominion and a legacy unlike anything seen in Western Europe since the fall of Rome. Johannes Fried paints a compelling portrait of a devout ruler, a violent time, and a unified kingdom that deepens our understanding of the man often called the father of Europe.


The Life and Times of an Early Medieval Emperor


Author: Tehmina Bhote

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781404201613

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Biography outlining the life and times of German king Charlemagne, who founded the Holy Roman Empire and fostered a cultural renaissance in the western Europe of the late 700s.



Author: Matthias Becher

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300107586

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 170

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Charlemagne--ruler of the vast Frankish kingdom from 768 to his death in 814 and Holy Roman emperor from the year 800--is considered the father of Europe. He founded the first empire in western Europe after the fall of Rome, and his court at Aix-la-Chapelle was a center of classical learning and a focus of the Carolingian Renaissance. This book is a splendid introduction to Charlemagne’s life and legend. Matthias Becher describes Charlemagne’s rise to emperor and traces his political and military maneuvering against the Saxons, the Lombards, and others, as Charlemagne incorporated these lands into his own realm. Becher points out that under Charlemagne, jury courts were introduced, the laws of the Franks revised and written down, new coinage introduced, weights and measures reformed, and a Frankish grammar begun. Charlemagne tried to give his kingdom a spiritual basis by referring to antique traditions, says Becher, and he explores the tensions that existed in Charlemagne’s court between modern ideas and traditional thinking. He concludes by discussing Charlemagne’s kinship network, the evolving arrangements for his succession, the effects of his reign, and his posthumous fame. Concise, insightful, and eminently readable, this biography of Charlemagne provides a wealth of information about a remarkable man and his times.

Black Privilege

Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It


Author: Charlamagne Tha God

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501145320

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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An instant New York Times bestseller! Charlamagne Tha God—the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pissing People Off,” cohost of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and “the most important voice in hip-hop”—shares his eight principles for unlocking your God-given privilege. In Black Privilege, Charlamagne presents his often controversial and always brutally honest insights on how living an authentic life is the quickest path to success. This journey to truth begins in the small town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, and leads to New York and headline-grabbing interviews and insights from celebrities like Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Malcolm Gladwell, Lena Dunham, Jay Z, and Hillary Clinton. Black Privilege lays out all the great wisdom Charlamagne’s been given from many mentors, and tells the uncensored story of how he turned around his troubled early life by owning his (many) mistakes and refusing to give up on his dreams, even after his controversial opinions got him fired from several on-air jobs. These life-learned principles include: -There are no losses in life, only lessons -Give people the credit they deserve for being stupid—starting with yourself -It’s not the size of the pond but the hustle in the fish -When you live your truth, no one can use it against you -We all have privilege, we just need to access it By combining his own story with bold advice and his signature commitment to honesty no matter the cost, Charlamagne hopes Black Privilege will empower you to live your own truth.

Son of Charlemagne


Author: Barbara Willard

Publisher: Bethlehem Books

ISBN: 1883937302

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 183

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The year is A.D. 781. King Charles of the Franks is crossing the Alps with his family and court on a journey to meet with Pope Hadrian. One frosty night he speaks to his young son Carl: When we come to Rome you will know that I am naming you my heir. One day you will rule over all my lands. . . . But the King already had an heir, Pepin the Hunchback, mockingly called Gobbo. Was he to be dispossessed? Yet Carl sees that Charlemagne is determined to do what he feels is best to serve God and Europe.



Author: Richard Winston

Publisher: New Word City

ISBN: 1612309208

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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From his father, Charlemagne inherited only a part of the Frankish kingdom - little more than half of modern France and the Low Countries. Before his astonishing career had ended, he had conquered half of Europe and his armies had marched through Italy, Germany, and Spain. In a glittering Christmas Day ceremony in Rome, in the year 800, he was crowned the new Holy Roman Emperor. More than the heroic conqueror of Western Europe, Charlemagne was an intense and thoughtful human being. His succession of five wives brought him a palace full of children. So warm was his love for his daughters that he could never bear to see them married away from the court, even though enticing alliances with other rulers were offered them. A deeply religious man, Charlemagne became the protector of orthodox Christianity against medieval heresies. A patron of learning, he established schools and brought artists and scholars to his court to work and study. As a result, most classical literature comes down to us in copies of books made in Charlemagne's time. Here, from National Book Award winner Richard Winston, is his remarkable story.



Author: Derek Wilson

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307425231

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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An incisive and absorbing biography of the legendary emperor who bridged ancient and modern Europe and singlehandedly altered the course of Western history. Charlemagne was an extraordinary figure: an ingenious military strategist, a wise but ruthless leader, a cunning politician, and a devout believer who ensured the survival of Christianity in the West. He also believed himself above the rules of the church, siring bastards across Europe and coldly ordering the execution of 4,500 prisoners. Derek Wilson shows how this complicated, fascinating man married the military might of his army to the spiritual force of the Church in Rome, thereby forging Western Christendom. This is a remarkable portrait of Charlemagne and of the intricate political, religious, and cultural world he dominated.


Empire and Society


Author: Joanna Story

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719070891

Category: History

Page: 330

View: 1914

This book focuses directly on the reign of Charlemagne, bringing together a wide range of perspectives and sources with contributions from fifteen of the top scholars of early medieval Europe. The contributors have taken a number of original approaches to the subject, from the fields of archaeology and numismatics to thoroughly-researched essays on key historical texts. The essays are embedded in the scholarship of recent decades but also offer insights into new areas and new approaches for research. A full bibliography of works in English as well as key reading in European languages is provided, making the volume essential reading for experienced scholars as well as students new to the history of the early middle ages.

Daily Life in the Age of Charlemagne


Author: John J. Butt

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313316685

Category: History

Page: 210

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Discusses daily life during the time of Charlemagne, examining such topics as housing, clothing, food, childbearing, the economy, leisure times, and religion.


Father of a Continent


Author: Alessandro Barbero

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520239431

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 426

View: 1619

A sweeping biography of Charlemagne brings to life his physical appearance, family life, ideas and actions, and the events of his reign and provides an in-depth analysis of what it meant to be ruler of an empire that stretched across Europe.

The Song of Charlemagne

The Grail Revelation


Author: Thomas F. Motter, Ksj

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1456721879

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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The first of a trilogy of the Dark Ages, featuring Ganelon, Roland and Emperor Charlemagne.



Author: Susan Banfield

Publisher: Chelsea House Pub

ISBN: 9780877545927

Category: History

Page: 111

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Traces the life of the Frankish warrior and king who built a great empire in western Europe.


An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Twelfth Century


Author: Francisque Michel

Publisher: N.A



Page: 148

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Charlemagne and Louis the Pious

The Lives by Einhard, Notker, Ermoldus, Thegan, and the Astronomer


Author: Thomas F. X. Noble

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271035730

Category: History

Page: 307

View: 4495

"Translations of ninth-century lives of the emperors Charlemagne (by Einhard and Notker) and his son Louis the Pious (by Ermoldus, Thegan, and the Astronomer). Presented chronologically and contextually, with commentary"--Provided by publisher.


Emperor of the Western world


Author: Eric Russell Chamberlin

Publisher: N.A


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 245

View: 1434


A Life From Beginning to End


Author: Hourly History

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3743840391

Category: History

Page: 42

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It is possible that no man has ever dominated a time as much as Charles the Great dominated the Early Middle Ages. It is true that the era had its kings, warriors, scholars, and religious leaders, but in many ways, Charlemagne was all of these things. Inside you will read about... ✓ Charles the Carolingian ✓ Charles the Conqueror ✓ Charles the King ✓ Charles the Man ✓ Charles the Holy Roman Emperor ✓ The End of Charlemagne He conquered land for the Franks and sent in missionaries to convert the pagans to Christianity. He was probably illiterate, but he brought in Europe’s most renowned scholar, Alcuin of York, to transform education for both clergy and laity. He was much-married and virile, but he cherished his children and provided education for both his sons and his daughters. When he was named the Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III, his title was a Christian benediction for the conquest that unified Western Europe. The unification did not last, but the legend never faded.