Changing Contours of Work

Jobs and Opportunities in the New Economy


Author: Stephen Sweet,Peter Meiksins

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483358267

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 3642

In the Third Edition of Changing Contours of Work: Jobs and Opportunities in the New Economy, Stephen Sweet and Peter Meiksins once again provide a rich analysis of the American workplace in the larger context of an integrated global economy. Through engaging vignettes and rich data, this text frames the development of jobs and employment opportunities in an international comparative perspective, revealing the historical transformations of work (the “old economy” and the “new economy”) and identifying the profound effects that these changes have had on lives, jobs, and life chances. The text examines the many complexities of race, class, and gender inequalities in the modern-day workplace, and details the consequences of job insecurity and work schedules mismatched to family needs. Throughout the text, strategic recommendations are offered to improve the new economy.

The Changing Contours of German Industrial Relations


Author: Hansjörg Weitbrecht,Walther Müller-Jentsch

Publisher: Rainer Hampp Verlag

ISBN: 9783879887392

Category: Arbeitsbeziehungen / Mitbestimmung / Tarifpolitik / Arbeitsrecht / Deutschland

Page: 197

View: 8563

Changing Contours of Asian Agriculture

Policies, Performance, and Challenges : Essays in Honour of Professor V.S. Vyas


Author: V. S. Vyas,Surjit Singh,V. Ratna Reddy

Publisher: Academic Foundation

ISBN: 9788171887262

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 597

View: 528

Commemorative volume published on the 75th birth anniversary of V.S. Vyas, economist from Rajasthan, India; most of the papers presented at a seminar held at Jaipur in February 2008.

Global Shift, Sixth Edition

Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy


Author: Peter Dicken

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1609180119

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 607

View: 660

Widely adopted throughout the world, this definitive text comprehensively examines how the global economy works and its effects on people and places. Peter Dicken provides a balanced yet critical analysis of globalization processes and debates. The text synthesizes a wealth of data on production, distribution, consumption, and innovation, including detailed case studies of key global industries. Students learn how the global economic map is being shaped and reshaped by dynamic interactions among transnational corporations, states, consumers, labor, and civil society organizations. Useful features include nearly 250 quick-reference figures and tables. The companion website offers PowerPoint slides of the figures and tables, additional case studies and questions, annotated Web links, and more. New to This Edition Revised throughout to incorporate the latest ideas in the field; gives increased attention to global production networks as a major organizing principle. Addresses the current global financial crisis. Chapter on environmental impacts of global production networks. Case study chapter on the extractive industries. Fully updated empirical data; additional maps and charts.

Global Shift

Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy


Author: Peter Dicken

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0857023438

Category: Social Science

Page: 632

View: 741

"A magnificent achievement. Since the publication of the first edition in 1986, Peter Dicken has constructed in successive editions a phenomenal record of the changing geography of capital accumulation on a world scale... An essential companion for anyone concerned to understand the rapid geographical shifts occurring in the world's economic power relations in these stressful and troubled times." - David Harvey, Distinguished Professor, CUNY Graduate Center, New York "A masterful new edition of a masterful text. Once again, Peter Dicken is at the cutting edge of the analysis of economic globalization and global trends. Global Shift is the authoritative text on these issues." - David Held, Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE "Covers a vast empirical range but is always closely attentive to the underlying processes, impacts, and meanings of globalization. Dicken's approach beautifully integrates the economic and the political with problems of equity and ethics - a rare accomplishment. Ideal for undergraduate classes across the social sciences." - Erica Schoenberger, Department of Geography, Johns Hopkins University This sixth edition of Global Shift has been completely revised and updated using the latest available sources. Each chapter has been extensively rewritten and new chapters introduced to take account of recent empirical developments, new ideas on production, distribution, and consumption in the global economy and the implications of the global financial crisis. This now standard work on economic globalization provides: The most comprehensive and up-to-date explanation of economic globalization available, examining the role of transnational corporations, states, labour, consumers, and organizations in civil society and the power relations between them A clear guide to how the global economy is being transformed through the operation of global production networks involving transnational corporations, states and interest groups and technology Detailed discussion of different theories of economic globalization A new chapter on the environmental impacts of globalizing processes Extended discussion of problems and institutions of global governance in the context of the global economic crisis and of the role of corporate social responsibility Boadened sectoral case studies including a new case study on resource-extractive industries, and an extended chapter on financial and advanced business services. The extensive use of graphics, lack of jargon and clear definition of terms, makes Global Shift the key resource on economic globalization in the social science literature.

Global Shift, Seventh Edition

Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy


Author: Peter Dicken

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 1462519555

Category: Social Science

Page: 619

View: 1527

The definitive text on globalization, this book provides an accessible, jargon-free analysis of how the world economy works and its effects on people and places. Peter Dicken synthesizes the latest ideas and empirical data to blaze a clear path through the thicket of globalization processes and debates. The book highlights the dynamic interactions among transnational corporations, nations, and other key players, and their role in shaping the uneven contours of development. Mapping the changing centers of gravity of the global economy, Dicken presents in-depth case studies of six major industries. Now in full color throughout, the text features 228 figures. Companion websites for students and instructors offer extensive supplemental resources, including author videos, applied case studies with questions, lecture notes with PowerPoint slides, discipline-specific suggested further reading for each chapter, and interactive flashcards. ÿ ÿ New to This Edition: *Every chapter thoroughly revised and updated. *All 228 figures (now in color) are new or redesigned. *Addresses the ongoing fallout from the recent global financial crisis. *Discussions of timely topics: tax avoidance and corporate social responsibility; global problems of unemployment, poverty, and inequality; environmental degradation; the Eurozone crisis; and more. *Enhanced online resources for instructors and students.

Changing Contours of Indian Agriculture

Investment, Income and Non-farm Employment


Author: Seema Bathla,Amaresh Dubey

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811060142

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 242

View: 925

This book presents an extensive study on India’s agricultural and nonfarm sectors, examining prices, investments and policies, and suggesting various essential technological changes. It offers appropriate financial, institutional, and policy frameworks that can help to sustain agricultural growth and augment farmers’ incomes across geographical locations. Further, it addresses agricultural growth and rural poverty reduction through multiple pathways that also tackle varied geographical locations, making it a highly useful guide to understanding the changing contours in agriculture and rural areas across the country and among rural households with various social and economic backgrounds.

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging


Author: Jerry W. Hedge,Walter C. Borman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195385055

Category: Psychology

Page: 717

View: 1661

Global aging, technological advances, and financial pressures on health and pension systems are sure to influence future patterns of work and retirement. The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging offers an international, multi-disciplinary perspective, examining the aging workforce from an individual worker, organization, and societal perspective, and offering direction for where research and application should be focused in the future.

An Introduction to Sociology

Feminist Perspectives


Author: Pamela Abbott,Claire Wallace,Melissa Tyler

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415312585

Category: Social Science

Page: 425

View: 6044

"The book begins with a consideration of the relationship between feminism and the sociological imagination, focusing on the feminist critique of malestream sociology. It then considers feminist sociological theory, taking account of debates and issues relating to post-feminism and post-colonialism. Various sociological themes are considered from a broad range of feminist perspectives and in the light of current feminist research, including: stratification and inequality, education, the life course, the family and the household, health, illness and caring, sexuality, crime and criminal justice, politics, the mass media and popular culture, and feminist knowledge."--BOOK JACKET.

Changing Contours of Domestic Life, Family and Law

Caring and Sharing


Author: Anne Bottomley,Simone Wong

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1847315364

Category: Law

Page: 236

View: 4895

Drawing from a wide range of material and socio-legal methods, this collection brings together original essays, written by internationally renowned scholars, investigating emerging patterns in the shape and form of the legal regulation of domestic relations. Taking as a focus the theme of 'caring and sharing', the collection includes chapters which reflect on the changing contours of what we think of as 'domestic relations'; the impact which legal recognition carries in making visible some relationships rather than others; the potential for normative values carried within patterns of legal recognition and regulation; intersections between private law and public policy; the role of private law in the allocation of responsibility and privilege; the differential impact of seemingly progressive policies on economically vulnerable or socially marginal groupings; tensions between family law models and models carried within other fields of private law; and, unusually, architectures in law and the built environment designed to facilitate broader accounts of domestic relationships. This thoughtful, provocative and wide-ranging collection will be a must for anyone, whatever their discipline background, interested in the insights and potential offered by a fresh engagement with the complexity of domestic relations and the law. Authors: Anne Barlow, Anne Bottomley, Susan Boyd and Cindy Baldassi, Alison Diduck, Susan Scott-Hunt, Nan Seuffert, Carol Smart, Simone Wong and Claire Young.

Remaking Social Work with Children and Families

A Critical Discussion on the "modernisation" of Social Care


Author: Paul Michael Garrett

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415298391

Category: Political Science

Page: 193

View: 8623

Remaking Social Work with Children and Families provides a sustained examination of the 'modernisation' of this area of social care. It analyses some of the key themes introduced by the administrations of John Major and Tony Blair and provides a critical exploration of contemporary policy initiatives and issues. These include: · the Looking After Children (LAC) materials · The Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and Their Families · 'working together' to protect children · the mainstream approach to 'race' and ethnicity in social work · the implications for social work of the emergence of 'personal advisers', mentors and related professionals. The author argues that political and ideological factors need to be taken into account in order to understand the dominant discourses and evolving practices of social work with children. Potential fixation with ensuring that young people are able to 'fit' into their allotted roles in a market economy and an overarching concern about children and criminality have been crucial in this respect. He concludes that while social workers and educators should be prepared to embrace change, they need to be critical agents in the process of change, recognising the ever present need to promote and foster democracy within the sphere of social welfare. This timely book will be helpful to all students, educators and social care professionals who are seeking to develop their theoretical and practical understanding of a changing profession.

2010Boston: The Changing Contours of World Mission and Christianity

The Changing Contours of World Mission and Christianity


Author: Todd M. Johnson,Rodney L. Peterson,Gina Bellofatto,Travis Myers

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1610972651

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 5435

In November 2010, three hundred faculty, students, and others interested in Christian mission gathered in Boston to consider how the world, the global church, and Christian missions have changed since the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh in 1910 and to reflect on the three previous centennial conferences (Tokyo 2010 in May, Edinburgh 2010 in June, and Cape Town 2010 in October). Participants at "2010Boston" were not delegates from churches and mission agencies, but were students and scholars of various aspects of world Christianity representing the Anglican/Episcopal, Evangelical, mainline Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic traditions. This conference volume consists of nine keynote messages, five student presentations, three reports from the other conferences, and additional materials from or about 2010Boston. The keynote messages address the history of mission (especially in and from Boston) and the current global context for mission, and suggest modes for future Christian engagement with the world and one another. Student papers address such conference themes as unity in mission, mission and postcolonialism, and discipleship in context. The closing chapter surveys the conference's eight themes and summarizes the outcomes of the 2010Boston process.

Work and Family Policy

International Comparative Perspectives


Author: Stephen Sweet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135708037

Category: Social Science

Page: 152

View: 2334

Numerous challenges exist in respect to integrating work and family institutions and there is remarkable cross-national variation in the ways that societies respond to these concerns with policy. This volume examines these concerns by focusing on cross-national variation in structural/cultural arrangements. Consistent support is found in respect to the prospects of expanding resources for working families both in the opportunity to provide care, as well as to remain integrated in the workforce. However, the studies in this volume offer qualifiers, explaining why some effects are not as strong as might be hoped and why effects are sometimes restricted to particular classifications of workers or families. It is apparent that, when different societies implement similar policies, they do not necessarily do so with the same intended outcomes, and usage is mediated by how policies are received by employers and workers. The chapters in this book speak to the merits of international comparative analysis in identifying the strategies, challenges and benefits of providing resources to workers and their families. This book was originally published as a special issue of Community, Work & Family.

The Work-Family Interface

An Introduction


Author: Stephen Sweet

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452268789

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

View: 1945

Students and researchers in family studies, family policy and the sociology of the family

Managing Diversity in Today's Workplace: Strategies for Employees and Employers [4 volumes]


Author: Michele A. Paludi

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313393184

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1008

View: 1457

This four-volume set provides updated empirical research and best practices for understanding and managing workplace diversity in the 21st century, including issues of gender, race, generation, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, and age.

Deadlocks in Multilateral Negotiations

Causes and Solutions


Author: Amrita Narlikar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139487744

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 1532

Deadlocks are a feature of everyday life, as well as high politics. This volume focuses on the concept, causes, and consequences of deadlocks in multilateral settings, and analyses the types of strategies that could be used to break them. It commences with a definition of deadlock, hypothesises about its occurrence, and proposes solutions. Each chapter then makes an original contribution to the issue of deadlock – theoretical, methodological, or empirical – and further tests the original concepts and hypotheses, either theoretically or through case-study analysis, developing or altering them accordingly. This is a unique volume which provides an in-depth examination of the problem of deadlock and a more thorough understanding of specific negotiation problems than has ever been done before. It will be directly relevant to students, researchers, teachers, and scholars of negotiation and will also be of interest to practitioners involved in negotiation and diplomacy.

Branded Lives

The Production and Consumption of Meaning at Work


Author: Matthew J. Brannan,Elizabeth Parsons,Vincenza Priola

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 0857938142

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 9225

'Branded Lives explodes the myth that a brand must, or even can stand for one unified, easily communicated message. While warning of the dangers of managing to preserve this myth, the book also celebrates the plurality of brand meanings generated by those employed to serve both the brand and the customer. I recommend reading this book in its entirety. If you are like me, your reading will bring a refreshing fullness to the experience of brands and branding and many new insights.' Mary Jo Hatch, University of Virginia, USBranded Lives explores the increasingly popular concept of employee branding as a new form of employment relationship based on brand representation. In doing so it examines the ways in which the production and consumption of meaning at work are increasingly mediated by the brand.This insightful collection draws on qualitative empirical studies in a range of contexts to include services, retail and manufacturing organizations. The contributors explore the nuances of employee branding from various disciplinary standpoints such as: organization studies, marketing, human resource management and industrial relations. They take a critical perspective on work and organizations and document the lived experience of work and employment under branded conditions. In investigating the extent to which a variety of organizational strategies seek to mould workplace meanings and practices to further build and sustain brand value and the effectiveness of these in terms of employee responses, the authors question whether the attempt to 'brand' workers' lives actually enhances or diminishes the meaning and experience of work.Based on in-depth qualitative, ethnographic and case study research this compendium will prove essential for researchers working within the general area of employment studies and specifically on branded employment and work. Students in marketing, human resource management and management as well as HR and marketing practitioners interested in employee branding will also find this book relevant and stimulating.

Gender and the Contours of Precarious Employment


Author: Leah F. Vosko,Martha MacDonald,Iain Campbell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135284717

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 3680

Precarious employment presents a monumental challenge to the social, economic, and political stability of labour markets in industrialized societies and there is widespread consensus that its growth is contributing to a series of common social inequalities, especially along the lines of gender and citizenship. The editors argue that these inequalities are evident at the national level across industrialized countries, as well as at the regional level within federal societies, such as Canada, Germany, the United States, and Australia and in the European Union. This book brings together contributions addressing this issue which include case studies exploring the size, nature, and dynamics of precarious employment in different industrialized countries and chapters examining conceptual and methodological challenges in the study of precarious employment in comparative perspective. The collection aims to yield new ways of understanding, conceptualizing, measuring, and responding, via public policy and other means – such as new forms of union organization and community organizing at multiple scales – to the forces driving labour market insecurity.