Church History

Twenty Centuries of Catholic Christianity


Author: John C. Dwyer

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809138302

Category: Religion

Page: 436

View: 8654

A history of the church from its beginnings to the present that reflects on successes and failures over the years.

Catholic Christianity

A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church


Author: Peter Kreeft

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1681490706

Category: Religion

Page: 425

View: 8206

For the first time in 400 years the Catholic Church has authorized an official universal catechism which instantly became an international best-seller, the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Using this official Catechism, the highly-regarded author and professor Peter Kreeft presents a complete compendium of all the major beliefs of Catholicism written in his readable and concise style. Since the Catechism of the Catholic Church was written for the express purpose of grounding and fostering catechisms based on it for local needs and ordinary readers, Kreeft does just that, offering a thorough summary of Catholic doctrine, morality, and worship in a popular format with less technical language. He presents a systematic, organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental Catholic teachings in the light of the Second Vatican Council and the whole of the Church's Tradition. This book is the most thorough, complete and popular catechetical summary of Catholic belief in print that is based on the universal Catechism.


The Story of Catholic Christianity


Author: Gerald O'Collins,Mario Farrugia

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198728182

Category: Religion

Page: 448

View: 9941

This book explains how Roman Catholicism and its beliefs and practices came to be what they are. The authors move through history to sum up the present characteristics of Catholic Christianity and the major tests it faces in the third millennium. Explaining matters in a fresh and original way, they do justice to the Catholic heritage and show that Catholicism is a dynamic and living faith. Well-structured, highly informative, and clearly written, the book does not evade critical problems and the negative side of history. Rather, O'Collins and Farrugia explore challenges facing Catholics and other Christians and engage with contemporary moral issues. --Book cover,

Understanding Catholic Christianity


Author: Thomas Zanzig

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

ISBN: 0884896846

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

View: 8543

As young teens begin to understand the rich heritage of Catholicism, they need a text that engages them at their stage of life. The one- or two-semester course Understanding Catholic Christianity offers a comprehensive overview of Catholicism for ninth graders that gives these teens a foundation in their religion. Through engaging stories, writings by teens, and inspiring original artwork, the student text comes alive. This extensively revised edition of Understanding Catholic Christianity was developed using the Catechism of the Catholic Church and covers topics including faith; the adolescent; the Jewish roots of Catholic Christianity; Jesus Christ's life, ministry, death, and Resurrection; the sacraments and the liturgical year; and spirituality and prayer.

Toward a catholic Christianity

A Study in Critical Belonging


Author: Michael Halpin McCarthy

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498538029

Category: Religion

Page: 322

View: 2743

Critical belonging has been an essential feature of Christianity since its origin. This book shows how, by working collaboratively, the “people of God” can credibly meet past and present challenges together. In this way, the diversity and unity within the Christian community are acknowledged and affirmed.

Catholic Christianity

A Guide to the Way, the Truth, and the Life


Author: Richard Chilson

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809128785

Category: Religion

Page: 472

View: 3734

When Thomas asked him 'How can we know the way?' Jesus replied, 'I am the way, the truth and the life.' This book will serve as a guide for all who seek to walk with Jesus on their Christian journey. This book gradually leads one through the many layers of Catholic Christianity as the way, the truth and the life.

A History of Exorcism in Catholic Christianity


Author: Francis Young

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319291122

Category: History

Page: 275

View: 3674

This book traces the development of exorcism in Catholic Christianity from the fourth century to the present day, and seeks to explain why exorcism is still so much in demand. This is the first work in English to trace the development of the liturgy, practice and authorisation of exorcisms in Latin Christianity. The rite of exorcism, and the claim by Roman Catholic priests to be able to drive demons from the possessed, remains an enduring source of popular fascination, but the origins and history of this controversial rite have been little explored. Arguing that belief in the need for exorcism typically re-emerges at periods of crisis for the church, Francis Young explores the shifting boundaries between authorised exorcisms and unauthorised magic throughout Christian history, from Augustine of Hippo to Pope Francis. This book offers the historical background to – and suggests reasons for – the current resurgence of exorcism in the global Catholic Church.

Caste, Catholic Christianity, and the Language of Conversion

Social Change and Cultural Translation in Tamil Country, 1519-1774


Author: S. Jeyaseela Stephen

Publisher: Gyan Publishing House

ISBN: 9788178356860

Category: Missions, Portuguese

Page: 402

View: 1288

Based on a wide range of published sources, archival material and field data, this book is an in-depth study of the Portuguese Christian, missions and missionaries in the Tamil coast and hinterland between 1519 and 1774. It presents a fresh analysis on the theme of the Portuguese contribution to Tamil language and printing press. The book presents the best socio-historical and missionary study of Christianity for understanding the history of the Tamil Society.

The Crucified Rabbi

Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity


Author: Taylor Marshall

Publisher: Saint John Press

ISBN: 057803834X

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 7915

How does Jesus fulfill over three hundred Old Testament Prophecies? (each listed inside this book) Is Catholicism inherently Anti-Semitic? Do the Hebrew Scriptures accurately predict Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah? How does Jewish thinking presuppose devotion to Mary? Is the Catholic Church a fulfillment of historic Israel? How do Jewish water rituals relate to Catholic baptism? Is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass a Passover meal? Should the Catholic priesthood conform to the priesthood established by Moses? How has the Jewish Temple influenced traditional Christian architecture? Does the Pope wear a yarmulke? Praise for The Crucified Rabbi "Taylor Marshall helps us to be more Catholic by taking our faith to its most profound depths - its ancient roots in the religion of Israel, the Judaism beloved by the Apostles, the religion of the Temple and Synagogue, the Torah and the sacrifice. Jesus said he came not to abolish that faith but to fulfill it. In this book, we see that fullness down to the smallest details. I treasure this book." Mike Aquilina, author of The Fathers of the Church "Such sparkling insights appear on almost every page, as Taylor Marshall deftly compares various features of Judaism to their Catholic counterparts: the priesthood, vestments, holy days, marriage, and saints, to name but a few. Saint Augustine's dictum, "The New Covenant is in the Old, concealed; the Old Covenant is in the New, revealed" is on full display in The Crucified Rabbi --Cale Clarke, Catholic Insight Magazine "This is a fascinating book full of interesting details. The Crucified Rabbi should be required reading for every student of the Catholic faith." Father Dwight Longenecker, author of Mary: A Catholic/Evangelical Debate

Confessions of a Born-Again Catholic

A Scriptural Look at Catholic Christianity


Author: Daniel F. Wiegand

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1608447472

Category: Religion

Page: 172

View: 3904

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED * What it means to be "born again"? * If Jesus is really present in communion? * If it is okay to go to Mary and the Saints in prayer? * How faith and works are related to salvation? * If the baptism in the Holy Spirit is for real? * What the Catholic Mass is really all about? * Why the Catholic Bible has more books than other Bibles? * If the rules and traditions of the Catholic Church are Scriptural? * What happened century by century in Catholic Church history--and why? * What God has to say about Christian unity? This book answers these questions and many others from the down-to-earth viewpoint of attorney Daniel Wiegand who, after confronting his own questions about Christianity and Catholicism, explored the Bible and became a born again, Bible believing, Spirit filled, Catholic. If you're not familiar with the term "born again," don't worry. This book is definitely Catholic and has received the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. If you'd like to be a better informed Catholic, have a greater understanding and appreciation of your faith, get more out of Mass, have a closer relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and be able to respond to those who say the Catholic Church isn't scriptural, read this book. If you have a friend or loved one who has left the Catholic Church, this book may draw them back. If you're a former Catholic or a non-Catholic who has questioned the scriptural basis for Roman Catholicism, this book will benefit you as well. With over 600 Scripture references and quotations the author literally makes the case for Roman Catholicism. WHAT DR. FRANS BRANDT, Ed.D, ABMP SAYS In his Foreword to the book, Dr.Brandt, author of ten books published in several countries, says "Both Catholic and non-Catholic Christians-as well as anyone who has even the slightest interest in the Bible, spirituality, or Church history-will be greatly blessed by reading this book. ...Wiegand has written the kind of book, perhaps even the book, that may play a major role in bringing about greater unity to the body of Christ."

Catholic Christianity for Edexcel

Revision guide


Author: Victor W. Watton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780340975558

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 138

View: 8818

This third edition of the bestselling Catholic Christianity for Edexcel Revision Guide has been fully revised and includes bite-size summaries of key contents to help students consolidate their knowledge and understanding. This third edition is accompanied by new editions of the Student's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack, plus a new Foundation Edition to accompany the Student's Book and a Dynamic Learning CD-ROM.

Religion and Life through Roman Catholic Christianity (Unit 3) and Religion and Society


Author: Victor W. Watton,Robert M. Stone

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1471833232

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 9304

The only book on the market to bring together Unit 3 and Unit 8 from the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies specification, ensuring that students have everything they need in one place. - Engages students with each area of the specification through quotes, summaries and questions for every topic - Helps students prepare for assessment with up-to-date guidance including exam-style questions, sample student answers and advice - Offers a full-course book from best-selling author Victor Watton drawing on his many years' experience writing textbooks and learning resources

Antioch and Rome

New Testament Cradles of Catholic Christianity


Author: Raymond Edward Brown,John P. Meier

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809125326

Category: Religion

Page: 242

View: 5125

Two prominent New Testament scholars attempt to draw pictures of two of the most important centers of first century Christianity: Antioch and Rome. You will think of Christianity's origins differently when you read this book.

Pilgrim Church

A Popular History of Catholic Christianity


Author: William J. Bausch,Carol Ann Cannon,Robert E. Obach

Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications

ISBN: 9780896223950

Category: Religion

Page: 465

View: 7023

This book is a delightful discovery for those who want to know how the church came to be and grew through the centuries. It is an excellent introduction for inquirers as well as catechumens.


The Story of Catholic Christianity


Author: Gerald O'Collins,Mario Farrugia

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780199259953

Category: Religion

Page: 409

View: 4142

An up-to-date and accessible introduction to Catholic Christianity, this book explains with great clarity the major Catholic doctrines and practices as they developed historically. Without papering over the negative side of history, the authors have produced a lively and refreshing book, which gives a readable account of what is distinctively Catholic while remaining sensitive to other Christians and other religions.

The Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume 8, World Christianities C.1815-c.1914


Author: Sheridan Gilley,Frances Margaret Young,Brian Stanley,K. Scott Bowie,Margaret Mary Mitchell,Augustine Casiday,Frederick W. Norris,Michael Angold,Thomas F. X. Noble,Julia M. H. Smith,Stewart Jay Brown,Roberta A. Baranowski,Miri Rubin,R. Po-chia Hsia,Hugh McLeod,Walter Simons,Timothy Tackett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521814560

Category: History

Page: 683

View: 1119

This is the first scholarly treatment of nineteenth-century Christianity to discuss the subject in a global context. Part I analyses the responses of Catholic and Protestant Christianity to the intellectual and social challenges presented by European modernity. It gives attention to the explosion of new voluntary forms of Christianity and the expanding role of women in religious life. Part II surveys the diverse and complex relationships between the churches and nationalism, resulting in fundamental changes to the connections between church and state. Part III examines the varied fortunes of Christianity as it expanded its historic bases in Asia and Africa, established itself for the first time in Australasia, and responded to the challenges and opportunities of the European colonial era. Each chapter has a full bibliography providing guidance on further reading.

WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Route B: Catholic Christianity and Judaism


Author: Andrew Barron,Deirdre Cleary,Patrick Harrison,Joy White

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1510423796

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 9171

Help students to build their subject knowledge and understanding with this accessible and engaging Student's Book, created for the 2016 WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Route B specification by subject specialists with examining experience. - Feel confident teaching the Catholic and Judaism content with expert guidance written by faith experts and Diocesan advisors. - Develop understanding through clear, accessible explanations of the specification content and key concepts. - Keep track of progress with learning objectives and summaries for every topic. - Engage students and cement knowledge and skills using a range of assessment related tasks, activities and guidance that support learning and revision. - Cater for students of varying learning styles through a visually engaging approach that uses photos and artwork to enhance subject interest and understanding. To access draft content please log into Your centre's unique login and username will be available from your Exams Officer. You will need permissions access to the 'Subject specific material including CPD' section.

Edexcel Religious Studies for GCSE (9-1): Catholic Christianity (Specification A)

Faith and Practice in the 21st Century


Author: Victor W. Watton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1471866556

Category: Religion

Page: 360

View: 3355

Trust Victor Watton to maximise every student's potential with his trademark mix of well-paced, focused content coverage and confidence-boosting exam support; tailored to the 2016 Edexcel requirements and brought to you by the market-leading Religious Studies publisher. - Progressively builds students' subject knowledge through accessible explanations of religious and thematic concepts, topics and terms - Helps students learn, retain and revise the key content by following a clear and consistent structure that maps every topic against the specification - Offers a complete solution to assessment preparation with practice questions and expert guidance on how students can improve their responses - Enhances students' interest and understanding using a variety of engaging visual sources, textual extracts and activities to illustrate different practices, perspectives and teachings Edexcel GCSE RS Spec A: Faith and Practice in the 21st Century Content covered: - Area of study 1: Study of religion - Catholic Christianity - Area of study 2: Study of second religion -Islam and Judaism - Area of study 3: Philosophy and ethics - Covers the short course content for Catholic Christianity and Islam or Judaism