Boy Midflight


Author: Charlie David

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 1634772423

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 2895

When a modeling job takes eighteen-year-old Ashley from small-town Canada to Los Angeles, he must decides what he wants from life—and who he wants by his side.

Loving Bella


Author: Renee Ryan

Publisher: Steeple Hill

ISBN: 1426855745

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 1657

She Was Talented, Famous, Successful… But when a scandalous offer ruined it all, Isabella O'Toole escaped her life as a celebrated opera singer and sought refuge in Denver, Colorado. Working as an assistant to Dr. Shane Bartlett is worlds away from her glamorous old life—and she loves it. Loves the work, loves the chance to reconnect with her family and her faith…and slowly begins to love the handsome doctor, as well. Until her dark secret finds her again, threatening her new life—and her chance for Shane's heart.


The True Story of the Worst Sea Disaster in U.S. Naval History and the Fifty-Year Fight to Exonerate an Innocent Man


Author: Lynn Vincent,Sara Vladic

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501135961

Category: History

Page: 592

View: 4279

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * “GRIPPING…THIS YARN HAS IT ALL.” —USA Today * “A WONDERFUL BOOK.” —Christian Science Monitor * “ENTHRALLING.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) * “A MUST-READ.” —Booklist (starred review) A human drama unlike any other—the riveting and definitive full story of the worst sea disaster in United States naval history. Just after midnight on July 30, 1945, days after delivering the components of the atomic bomb from California to the Pacific Islands in the most highly classified naval mission of the war, USS Indianapolis is sailing alone in the center of the Philippine Sea when she is struck by two Japanese torpedoes. The ship is instantly transformed into a fiery cauldron and sinks within minutes. Some 300 men go down with the ship. Nearly 900 make it into the water alive. For the next five nights and four days, almost three hundred miles from the nearest land, the men battle injuries, sharks, dehydration, insanity, and eventually each other. Only 316 will survive. For the better part of a century, the story of USS Indianapolis has been understood as a sinking tale. The reality, however, is far more complicated—and compelling. Now, for the first time, thanks to a decade of original research and interviews with 107 survivors and eyewit­nesses, Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic tell the complete story of the ship, her crew, and their final mission to save one of their own. It begins in 1932, when Indianapolis is christened and launched as the ship of state for President Franklin Roosevelt. After Pearl Harbor, Indianapolis leads the charge to the Pacific Islands, notching an unbroken string of victories in an uncharted theater of war. Then, under orders from President Harry Truman, the ship takes aboard a superspy and embarks on her final world-changing mission: delivering the core of the atomic bomb to the Pacific for the strike on Hiroshima. Vincent and Vladic provide a visceral, moment-by-moment account of the disaster that unfolds days later after the Japanese torpedo attack, from the chaos on board the sinking ship to the first moments of shock as the crew plunge into the remote waters of the Philippine Sea, to the long days and nights during which terror and hunger morph into delusion and desperation, and the men must band together to survive. Then, for the first time, the authors go beyond the men’s rescue to chronicle Indianapolis’s extraordinary final mission: the survivors’ fifty-year fight for justice on behalf of their skipper, Captain Charles McVay III, who is wrongly court-martialed for the sinking. What follows is a captivating courtroom drama that weaves through generations of American presidents, from Harry Truman to George W. Bush, and forever entwines the lives of three captains—McVay, whose life and career are never the same after the scandal; Mochitsura Hashimoto, the Japanese sub commander who sinks Indianapolis but later joins the battle to exonerate McVay; and William Toti, the captain of the modern-day submarine Indianapolis, who helps the survivors fight to vindicate their captain. A sweeping saga of survival, sacrifice, justice, and love, Indianapolis stands as both groundbreaking naval history and spellbinding narrative—and brings the ship and her heroic crew back to full, vivid, unforgettable life. It is the definitive account of one of the most remarkable episodes in American history.

A Magical Beginning


Author: Sanders Holgerson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469134039

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 3884

The birth of Valendron introduced magic into the world of Hureel. Emotional outbursts with magical effects keeps the boy on the run until he turns twenty when he finally begins to understand that he has a gift. There are no "Ancients" or magic books to teach him as he is the first wizard ever. Valendron tries to learn about magic through trial and error as he is chased by a notorious hunter and the relentless Henlor Gristminnen. The one bright spot in his life is his beautiful and devoted friend Bettna who encourages him through his trials. Valendron ́s adventures are sometimes self-created as he tries to master the gift of magic that is his alone to understand. He learns that even if some actions are done with good intent, they can still have the unintended consequences.

Birds in Mid Flight


Author: Scout Thompson,C Salvaggio

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595171036

Category: Poetry

Page: 136

View: 9545

Birds In Mid Flight is a kind of fragmented opus about the search for God, only there is no God to find. So we end up finding something close, and just as perfect.

A Hawk in Midflight

Micro Poems and Aphorisms


Author: Hanoch Guy-Kaner

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524649139

Category: Poetry

Page: 64

View: 1406

Different genres of poetries created by the author.

One Night With Her Boss


Author: Alison Roberts

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 142683179X

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 3299

Tama James has gotten where he is in life through sheer hard work. He's outraged to discover the newest member of his helicopter paramedic team is his superior's daughter. Tama plans to show the pampered "princess" how tough this job really is. Mikayla Elliot proves herself to be bright, strongwilled and a qualified doctor--everything Tama thought she wouldn't be. He's impressed. Mikki, however, is devastated to learn she didn't get the job on merit. Now Tama must show her how much he truly wants her on his team...and in his life.

Long Shot

Somewhere Between Slim and None


Author: G. A. Reagan

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468908928

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 2512

When a young boy is diagnosed with an incurable illness, his devastated father will do almost anything to keep his son's hopes alive, even though he has none left for himself. Long shot is the story of Gordon Thomas and his son, DJ, who is dying of a bone marrow disorder. With a life expectancy of less than five years, Gordon and his wife, Sally, endeavor to inspire DJ to believe he can be healed. DJ feels the need to believe a "smaller" miracle first, such as seeing his father become a professional basketball player. Now Gordon loves the game, but it does not mean he is any good.

The Loblolly Boy


Author: James Norcliffe

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1741768772

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 228

View: 5827

When he turned around I could see the spread of the feathery green wings that sprouted from his shoulders, beautiful waving wings. I felt as if I were suddenly on a different planet. Part of me wanted to drop to my knees. 'Who are you?' I gasped. The loblolly boy has the gift of flight. He is invisible to most people, apart from the Sensitives; is much coveted by the sinister Collectors; and he has the power to Exchange - to swap identities with others. But the children who choose to Exchange - often to escape very miserable lives - soon realise that to become one of these magical, Peter Pan-like creatures brings complications and dangers they never anticipated. 'The children in The Loblolly Boy find themselves caught up in a remarkable chain of events. Through an encounter with the fantastic loblolly boy they can become fantastic themselves. This is a rich fantasy - alive with original twists, surprises and mysteries which I dare not reveal. Children's literature is about to be enriched with a new classic.' Margaret Mahy

Den Himmel gibt's echt

Die erstaunlichen Erlebnisse eines Jungen zwischen Leben und Tod


Author: Todd Burpo,Lynn Vincent

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783775152785


Page: 160

View: 5810

Unglaublich oder erstaunlich? Urteilen Sie selbst: Colton ist vier Jahre alt, als er lebensgefährlich erkrankt und operiert werden muss. Er überlebt um Haaresbreite. Später erzählt er seinen Eltern, dem Pastorenehepaars Todd und Sonja Burpo von erstaunlichen Dingen, die er während dieser Zeit zwischen Leben und Tod gesehen hat. Er berichtet von Tatsachen, die er gar nicht wissen konnte. Coltons Fazit: "Den Himmel gibt's echt!"

Mammoth Boy

A lad's epic journey to find mammoths in the Ice Age


Author: John Hart

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1780887507

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

View: 7252

It’s around 15,000–12,000 BC, the Late Stone Age, and an orphan boy is surviving on the fringes of a hunters’ camp. A passion to find mammoths has been ignited in him by Old Mother, the ancient crone who guards the camp fire and cares for him.


A Novel


Author: Matthew B.J. Delaney

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429972823

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 4775

It is May 1943. On the remote island of Bougainville, in the South Pacific, a squad of United States Marines beats their way through the thick jungle. They've landed to do battle with the Japanese soldiers on the island, but in short order, they begin to realize that the forbidding battleground holds an ancient secret a hundred times more terrifying than any enemy army---especially when they start finding the bodies. Flash-forward to July 2008. In the slums---and the skyscrapers---of Boston, a new kind of depraved serial killer is stalking human prey and terrifying the city. The bodies have been found posed and mutilated in bizarre ways that the two police officers in charge of the case have never seen before---and never want to see again. Are the two scenarios connected? Detectives Jefferson and Brogan have no idea that to solve the biggest case of their careers, their investigation must take them around the world and through time and history---from a mysterious salvaged submarine with a shocking secret, to an inhumane prison where the inmates are even more scared than usual of "the Pit," and finally back to the beginning: the sinister island in the South Seas where something inhuman has been biding its time. Matthew B.J. Delaney's Jinn won the 2003 International Horror Guild Award for Best First Novel.


A Novel


Author: Gore Vidal

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307784231

Category: Fiction

Page: 672

View: 4615

Lincoln is the cornerstone of Gore Vidal's fictional American chronicle, which includes Burr, 1876, Washington, D.C., Empire, and Hollywood. It opens early on a frozen winter morning in 1861, when President-elect Abraham Lincoln slips into Washington, flanked by two bodyguards. The future president is in disguise, for there is talk of a plot to murder him. During the next four years there will be numerous plots to murder this man who has sworn to unite a disintegrating nation. Isolated in a ramshackle White House in the center of a proslavery city, Lincoln presides over a fragmenting government as Lee's armies beat at the gates. In this profoundly moving novel, a work of epic proportions and intense human sympathy, Lincoln is observed by his loved ones and his rivals. The cast of characters is almost Dickensian: politicians, generals, White House aides, newspapermen, Northern and Southern conspirators, amiably evil bankers, and a wife slowly going mad. Vidal's portrait of the president is at once intimate and monumental, stark and complex, drawn with the wit, grace, and authority of one of the great historical novelists. With a new Introduction by the author. From the Hardcover edition.

Kickflip Boys

A Memoir of Freedom, Rebellion, and the Chaos of Fatherhood


Author: Neal Thompson

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062394355

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 2114

“Thompson captures the ache, fizz, yearning and frustration of being the father of adolescent boys.” —Michael Chabon “What a riveting, touching, and painful read!” —Maria Semple “Fun, moving, raw, and relatable.” —Tony Hawk What makes a good father, and what makes one a failure? Does less-is-more parenting inspire independence and strength, or does it encourage defiance and trouble? Kickflip Boys is the story of a father’s struggle to understand his willful skateboarder sons, challengers of authority and convention, to accept his role as a vulnerable “skate dad,” and to confront his fears that the boys are destined for an unconventional and potentially fraught future. With searing honesty, Neal Thompson traces his sons’ progression through all the stages of skateboarding: splurging on skate shoes and boards, having run-ins with security guards, skipping classes and defying teachers, painting graffiti, drinking and smoking, and more. As the story veers from funny to treacherous and back, from skateparks to the streets, Thompson must confront his complicity and fallibility. He also reflects on his upbringing in rural New Jersey, and his own adventures with skateboards, drugs, danger, and defiance. A story of thrill-seeking teens, of hope and love, freedom and failure, Kickflip Boys reveals a sport and a community that have become a refuge for adolescent boys who don’t fit in. Ultimately, it’s the survival story of a loving modern American family, of acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go.

Schöner wird's nicht


Author: David Sedaris

Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag

ISBN: 3641135710

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 6650

Dem Alltag wohnt der Wahnwitz inne. David Sedaris weiß das nur zu gut. Das Beste an seinem Leben ist, dass er darüber Buch führt. Er erläutert, wie man sich mit Schallplattenhüllen vor psychopathischen Singvögeln schützt, was modische Herrenaccessoirs über Erektionsstörungen verraten und warum man in Tokio weder Japanisch lernen noch mit dem Rauchen aufhören sollte.



Author: Steve McCurry

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780714890838


Page: 512

View: 6671

Die Prophezeiung der Hawkweed


Author: Irena Brignull

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3733602951

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9571

Zwei Mädchen. Zwei Welten. Eine Prophezeiung Ember und Poppy kommen in derselben Gewitternacht in weit entfernten Teilen des Landes zur Welt. Und durch einen mächtigen Fluch werden sie noch in der Sekunde ihrer Geburt vertauscht. So wächst das Mädchen Ember in einem Clan von Hexen auf. Und Poppy, die Hexe, in einer Kleinstadt in England. Doch Poppy fliegt von jeder Schule, weil ihr dauernd seltsame Dinge passieren: Wenn sie wütend wird, zerspringen in ihrer Nähe Fensterscheiben oder Dinge fliegen durch den Raum. Ihre Mitschüler halten sie für einen Freak, und Poppys einzige Freunde sind die Katzen. Nur draußen vor der Stadt fühlt sie sich wirklich frei. Ember hingegen hat keine Ahnung, wie man die Kräfte der Natur heraufbeschwört oder einen Zauber ausspricht, und für das Leben im Wald bei den Frauen des Hexen-Clans ist sie zu zart und verletzlich. Immer und überall spüren die beiden, dass sie anders sind und nicht dazugehören. Doch von der uralten Prophezeiung, die ihr Schicksal bestimmen wird, ahnen sie nichts. Erst als sie sich eines Tages gegenüberstehen, wissen sie, dass es einen Ort geben muss, an dem sie glücklich sind. Und dass es höchste Zeit ist, für dieses Glück zu kämpfen. Denn in irgendeinem Städtchen im Süden ist Embers leibliche Mum gerade dabei, den Verstand zu verlieren. Und in den Wäldern im Norden formieren sich die Hexenclans für die letzte Schlacht um den Thron.

Erzähl mir dein Herz



Author: Charles Martin,Ulrike Bischoff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783548280196


Page: 397

View: 1440

Salt Lake City, Flughafen. Es schneit und die Flüge werden gestrichen. Dr. Ben Payne möchte dringend nach Hause. Er chartert ein kleines Flugzeug und lädt die Journalistin Ashley Knox ein mitzufliegen, damit sie rechtzeitig zu ihrer Hochzeit kommt. Doch das Flugzeug stürzt mitten in der Wildnis ab.

The New Diaspora

The Changing Landscape of American Jewish Fiction


Author: Victoria Aarons

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814340563

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 592

View: 5785

The Edward Lewis Wallant Award was founded by the family of Dr. Irving and Fran Waltman in 1963 and is supported by the University of Hartford’s Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies. It is given annually to an American writer, preferably early in his or her career, whose fiction is considered significant for American Jews. In The New Diaspora: The Changing Landscape of American Jewish Fiction, editors Victoria Aarons, Avinoam J. Patt, and Mark Shechner, who have all served as judges for the award, present vital, original, and wide-ranging fiction by writers whose work has been considered or selected for the award. The resulting collection highlights the exemplary place of the Wallant Award in Jewish literature. With a mix of stories and novel chapters, The New Diaspora reprints selections of short fiction from such well-known writers as Rebecca Goldstein, Nathan Englander, Jonathan Safran Foer, Dara Horn, Julie Orringer, and Nicole Krauss. The first half of the anthology presents pieces by winners of the Wallant award, focusing on the best work of recent winners. The New Diaspora’s second half reflects the evolving landscape of American Jewish fiction over the last fifty years, as many authors working in America are not American by birth, and their fiction has become more experimental in nature. Pieces in this section represent authors with roots all over the world—including Russia (Maxim Shrayer, Nadia Kalman, and Lara Vapnyar), Latvia (David Bezmozgis), South Africa (Tony Eprile), Canada (Robert Majzels), and Israel (Avner Mandelman, who now lives in Canada). This collection offers an expanded canon of Jewish writing in North America and foregrounds a vision of its variety, its uniqueness, its cosmopolitanism, and its evolving perspectives on Jewish life. It celebrates the continuing vitality and fresh visions of contemporary Jewish writing, even as it highlights its debt to history and embrace of collective memory. Readers of contemporary American fiction and Jewish cultural history will find The New Diaspora enlightening and deeply engaging.