Bluebeard's Egg


Author: Margaret Atwood

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544146735

Category: Fiction

Page: 281

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With the publication of the best-selling The Handmaid's Tale in 1986, Margaret Atwood's place in North American letters was reconfirmed. Poet, short story writer, and novelist, she was acclaimed "one of the most intelligent and talented writers to set herself the task of deciphering life in the late twentieth century."* With Bluebeard's Egg, her second short story collection, Atwood covers a dramatic range of storytelling, her scope encompassing the many moods of her characters, from the desolate to the hilarious. The stories are set in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1980s and concern themselves with relationships of various sorts. There is the bond between a political activist and his kidnapped cat, a woman and her dead psychiatrist, a potter and the group of poets who live with her and mythologize her, an artist and the strange men she picks up to use as models. There is a man who finds himself surrounded by women who are literally shrinking, and a woman whose life is dominated by a fear of nuclear warfare; there are telling relationships among parents and children. By turns humorous and warm, stark and frightening, Bluebeard's Egg explores and illuminates both the outer world in which we all live and the inner world that each of us creates. *Le Anne Schreiber, Vogue

Der Salzgarten

Short Storys


Author: Margaret Atwood

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492977413

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Wie die filigranen Formationen von Salzkristallen in einem chemischen Experiment erscheinen bei Margaret Atwood die irritierenden und verwirrenden Familienverhältnisse und Konflikte. In dreizehn Geschichten erzählt sie von skurrilen Charakteren und Konstellationen, die sie mit Witz, Ironie und Originalität in Szene setzt ... »Margaret Atwood ist die stille Mata Hari, die geheimnisvolle, gewalttätige Gestalt, die sich wie eine Brandstifterin gegen die geordnete, zu saubere Welt wirft.« Michael Ondaatje

Male Perspectives in Atwood's "Bluebeard's Egg" and Hazzard's The Transit of Venus


Author: Giada Goracci

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443896489

Category: Social Science

Page: 167

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Postmodern revisions of fairy tales have influenced several discourses and disciplines especially during the second half of the twentieth century. In particular, during the course of postmodernism, the rewriting of classic fairy tales has contributed to the subversion of their stereotypical structures, thus advancing alternative re-readings. This work offers an investigation into gender discourse in two postmodern re-writings of Bluebeard, namely Margaret Atwood’s “Bluebeard’s Egg” and Shirley Hazzard’s The Transit of Venus, especially focusing on male/queer perspectives that have not yet been taken into consideration. Starting from an overview on the diverse conceptualisations of the terms “gender” and “sexuality” in modern and contemporary times, this book analyses the birth and evolution of male studies and, subsequently, explores the ways in which they have influenced the interpretation of classical tales. By means of an intertwined and shifting process, which enables the characters of these contemporary revisions to “disguise” their identities within the pages and beyond their texts, the figure of Bluebeard reveals himself as the “in-between” pattern for contemporary gender conceptualisations.



Author: Reingard M. Nischik

Publisher: Tübingen : G. Narr


Category: Fiction

Page: 299

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Tales of Bluebeard and His Wives from Late Antiquity to Postmodern Times


Author: Shuli Barzilai

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136096663

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 206

View: 5818

This project provides an in-depth study of narratives about Bluebeard and his wives, or narratives with identifiable Bluebeard motifs, and the intertextual and extratextual personal, political, literary, and sociocultural factors that have made the tale a particularly fertile ground for an author’s adaptation of the story. Whereas Charles Dickens, for example, expresses a sympathetic identification with Bluebeard, and a discernable strain of misogyny emerges in his recreation of the tale and recurrent allusions to it, his contemporary, William Makepeace Thackeray, uses the tale as a springboard for his critique of avarice, hypocrisy, pretension, and the subjugation of women in Victorian society.

Margaret Atwood

writing and subjectivity : new critical essays


Author: Colin Nicholson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 261

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Fitcher's Brides


Author: Gregory Frost

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466821574

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 1898

The tale of Bluebeard, reenvisioned as a dark fable of faith and truth 1843 is the "last year of the world," according the Elias Fitcher, a charismatic preacher in the Finger Lakes district of New York State. He's established a utopian community on an estate outside the town of Jeckyll's Glen, where the faithful wait, work, and pray for the world to end. Vernelia, Amy, and Catherine Charter are the three young townswomen whose father falls under the Reverend Fitcher's hypnotic sway. In their old house, where ghostly voices whisper from the walls, the girls are ruled by their stepmother, who is ruled in turn by the fiery preacher. Determined to spend Eternity as a married man, Fitcher casts his eye on Vernelia, and before much longer the two are wed. But living on the man's estate, separated from her family, Vern soon learns the extent of her husband's dark side. It's rumored that he's been married before, though what became of those wives she does not know. Perhaps the secret lies in the locked room at the very top of the house—the single room that the Reverend Fitcher has forbidden to her. Inspired by the classic fairy tales "Bluebeard" and "The Fitcher Bird," this dark fantasy is set in New York State's "Burned-Over District," at its time of historic religious ferment. All three Charter sisters will play their part in the story of Fitcher's Utopia: a story of faith gone wrong, and evil countered by one brave, true soul. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Margaret Atwood

the essential guide


Author: Jonathan Noakes,Margaret Reynolds

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448137241

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 4940

In Vintage Living Texts teachers and students will find the essential guide to the works of Margaret Atwood. This guide will deal with her themes, genre and narrative technique, and a close reading of the texts will be accompanied with likely exam questions, and contexts and comparisons - as well as providing a rich source of ideas for intelligent and inventive ways of approaching the novels.

Inside Bluebeard's Castle

Music and Drama in B?la Bart?k's Opera


Author: Carl S. Leafstedt

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195355055

Category: Music

Page: 254

View: 3584

This is the first book-length examination of Bart?k's 1911 opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle, one of the twentieth century's enduring operatic works. Writing in an engaging style, Leafstedt adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the opera by introducing, in addition to music-dramatic analysis, a number of topics that are new to the field of Bart?k studies. These new areas of critical and scholarly terrain include a detailed literary study of the libretto and a gender-focused analysis of the opera's female character, Judith. Leafstedt begins with a short introductory chapter that places Duke Bluebeard's Castle within the context of Bart?k's early composing career, his discovery of folk music, and its impact on his later work. The book goes on to explore the composition's troubled history, its failure to win two early Hungarian opera competitions, and the three versions of the ending that resulted, discussed here in depth for the first time. The core of the book is devoted to the musical and dramatic organization of the opera and offers an analysis of the seven individual door scenes, including a detailed analysis of scene six, the "lake of tears" scene, illustrating the work's complex tonal organization and dramatic structure. A separate chapter places this darkly psychological version of the Bluebeard story within the broader context of European history and literature. Throughout the book, Leafstedt draws on original Hungarian source material, much of it newly translated by the author and available here for the first time in English, and he includes a generous selection of musical examples. Inside Bluebeard's Castle is an ideal starting point for research in twentieth-century music, Hungarian cultural history, and opera studies, as well as an invaluable guide for anyone interested in Bart?k's only opera.

Reading feminist intertextuality through Bluebeard stories


Author: Casie Hermansson

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Pr


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 323

View: 3733

The work examines the original Bluebeard tale group (Perrault, Grimm, variants); historical and modern Bluebeards; and then other writers, including Jane Austen, William Godwin, Margaret Atwood, John Fowles, Peter Ackroyd, Kurt Vonnegut, Angela Carter, Gloria Naylor, Emma Cave, Max Frisch, Stephen King, Meira Cook, and Donald Barthelme.

Where I've Been, and where I'm Going

Essays, Reviews, and Prose


Author: Joyce Carol Oates

Publisher: Plume Books


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 386

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"Whether probing the psyche of serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, evaluating the championship mettle of Mike Tyson, or illuminating the work of Herman Melville, the art of Rene Magritte and Edward Hopper, and the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Joyce Garol Oates displays an astonishing breadth of knowledge and interests. In this collection of nearly fifty essays, articles, and reviews, one of our country's leading literary figures and social critics explores myriad facets of the American experience, in fiction and beyond, from Fitzgerald to Plath. Melville to Updike, Flannery O'Connor to Timothy McVeigh."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cooking by the Book

Food in Literature and Culture


Author: Mary Anne Schofield

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879724436

Category: Cooking

Page: 228

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The essays collected here explore the power and sensuality that food engenders within literature. The book permits the reader to sample food as a rhetorical structure, one that allows the individual writers to articulate the abstract concepts in a medium that is readily understandable. The second part of Cooking by the Book turns to the more diverse food rhetorics of the marketplace. What, for example, is the fast food rhetoric? Why are there so many eating disorders in our society? Is it possible to teach philosophy through cookery? How long has vegetarianism been popular?

The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood


Author: Coral Ann Howells

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139827316

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: N.A

View: 7445

Margaret Atwood's international celebrity has given a new visibility to Canadian literature in English. This Companion provides a comprehensive critical account of Atwood's writing across the wide range of genres within which she has worked for the past forty years, while paying attention to her Canadian cultural context and the multiple dimensions of her celebrity. The main concern is with Atwood the writer, but there is also Atwood the media star and public performer, cultural critic, environmentalist and human rights spokeswoman, social and political satirist, and mythmaker. This immensely varied profile is addressed in a series of chapters which cover biographical, textual, and contextual issues. The Introduction contains an analysis of dominant trends in Atwood criticism since the 1970s, while the essays by twelve leading international Atwood critics represent the wide range of different perspectives in current Atwood scholarship.

Fairy Tales, Myth, and Psychoanalytic Theory

Feminism and Retelling the Tale


Author: Professor Veronica L Schanoes

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409450449

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

View: 7143

Testing the relationship between feminist psychoanalytic theory and feminist retellings of fairy tales and myths in the 1970s and 1990s, Schanoes shows that these contemporaneous developments in theory and art advance complementary interpretations of the same themes. Her book posits a new model that emphasizes the interdependence of theory and art and challenges the notion that literary revision involves a masculinist struggle with the writer's artistic forbearers.