Black Venus 2010

They Called Her "Hottentot"


Author: Deborah Willis

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1439902062

Category: Art

Page: 256

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Analyzing contemporaneous and contemporary works that re-imagine the "Hottentot Venus."

Black Venus


Author: Angela Carter

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409042146

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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Extraordinary and diverse people inhabit this rich, ripe, occasionally raucous collection of short stories. Some are based on real people - Jeanne Duval, Baudelaire's handsome and reluctant muse who never asked to be called the Black Venus, trapped in the terminal ennui of the poet's passion, snatching at a little lifesaving respectability against all odds...Edgar Allen Poe, with his face of a actor, demonstrating in every thought and deed how right his friends were when they said 'No man is safe who drinks before breakfast.' And some of these people are totally imaginary. Such as the seventeenth century whore, transported to Virginia for thieving, who turns into a good woman in spite of herself among the Indians, who have nothing worth stealing. And a girl, suckled by wolves, strange and indifferent as nature, who will not tolerate returning to humanity. Angela Carter wonderfully mingles history, fiction, invention, literary criticism, high drama and low comedy in a glorious collection of stories as full of contradictions and surprises as life itself.

Black Venus

Sexualized Savages, Primal Fears, and Primitive Narratives in French


Author: T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822323402

Category: History

Page: 190

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Black Venus is a feminist study of the representations of black women in the literary, cultural, and scientific imagination of nineteenth-century France. Employing psychoanalysis, feminist film theory, and the critical race theory articulated in the works of Frantz Fanon and Toni Morrison, T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting argues that black women historically invoked both desire and primal fear in French men. By inspiring repulsion, attraction, and anxiety, they gave rise in the nineteenth-century French male imagination to the primitive narrative of Black Venus. Both intellectually rigorous and culturally intriguing, this study will appeal to students and scholars in the fields of nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature, feminist and gender studies, black studies, and cultural studies.

Black Venus


Author: James McManus

Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co

ISBN: 0715648594

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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'A beautiful and gripping novel. A world that will entice you in and keep you reading until the end'--Kate Williams, author ofThe Pleasures of Men 'A wonderful book'--Imogen Robertson, author ofThe Paris Winter 'An engrossing, moving portrait of doomed love and genius'--The Sunday Times 'A vivid portrait of Paris during a turbulent period in its history, as well as an insightful exploration of the often self-destructive nature of genius'--Daily Mail In nineteenth century Paris, the young bohemian Charles Baudelaire roams the streets. Dressed impeccably - thanks to an inheritance that is quickly vanishing - and lost in the decadences of alcohol and opium, he is about to meet one woman destined to change his life forever: the beautiful Haitian cabaret singer, Jeanne Duval. Inspiring Baudelaire's most infamous poems - leading to the banning of his masterwork,Les Fleurs du Mal, and a scandalous public trial for obscenity - Duval becomes Baudelaire's muse, the catalyst for a legacy spanning centuries. Their volatile and passionate affair explodes through the Parisian literary scene but, as the ever-more fractious world catches up with them, the strength of their love will be tested to the end. Unfolding among the bars and salons during revolutionary times,Black Venusis an intoxicating story of love and betrayal in which drugs, absinthe and lust prove the making, and the destruction, of a great poet.

My Name Is Venus Black

A Novel


Author: Heather Lloyd

Publisher: Dial Press

ISBN: 0399592199

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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In this riveting, heartfelt debut, a young woman assumes a new name to escape her dark past and find the redemption she desperately seeks. “A terrific debut, told gently, honestly, and with a generous amount of hope.”—New York Times bestselling author Jamie Ford Venus Black is a straitlaced A student fascinated by the study of astronomy—until the night she commits a shocking crime that tears her family apart and ignites a media firestorm. Venus refuses to talk about what happened or why, except to blame her mother. Adding to the mystery, Venus’s developmentally challenged younger brother, Leo, goes missing. More than five years later, Venus is released from prison with a suitcase of used clothes, a fake identity, and a determination to escape her painful past. Estranged from her mother, and with her beloved brother still missing, she sets out to make a fresh start in Seattle, skittish and alone. But as new people enter her orbit—including a romantic interest and a young girl who seems like a mirror image of her former lost self—old wounds resurface, and Venus realizes that she can’t find a future while she’s running from her past. In this gripping story, debut novelist Heather Lloyd brilliantly captures ordinary lives thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Told through a constellation of captivating voices, My Name Is Venus Black explores the fluidity of right and wrong, the pain of betrayal, and the meaning of love and family. Advance praise for My Name Is Venus Black “Lloyd’s debut novel is charming, touching. . . . Lloyd’s extraordinary plot is grounded in the complex, palpable emotions she exacts from her beautifully realized, heartwarming characters. A culminating series of reunions illuminate their richness and humanity as they confront guilt, blame, and forgiveness. Lloyd’s vivid, superbly crafted novel will have wide appeal.”—Booklist “Lloyd has created a raw, rich character, who won me over completely. Her search for peace and belonging is utterly riveting.”—Amanda Eyre Ward, bestselling author of The Same Sky “Venus is the star of this story, but I also fell in love with all the other characters, many of whom do all the wrong things for all the right reasons. Book groups will want to dive into the novel’s complex, moral dilemmas.”—Anna Whiston Donaldson, New York Times bestselling author of Rare Bird

Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems


Author: Robin Coste Lewis

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 1101911204

Category: Poetry

Page: 176

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"A stunning poetry debut: this meditation on the black female figure throughout time introduces us to a brave and penetrating new voice. Robin Coste Lewis's electrifying collection is a triptych that begins and ends with lyric poems considering the roles desire and race play in the construction of the self. The central panel is the title poem, 'Voyage of the Sable Venus, ' a riveting narrative made up entirely of titles of artworks from ancient times to the present-titles that feature or in some way comment on the black female figure in Western art. Bracketed by Lewis's autobiographical poems, 'Voyage' is a tender and shocking study of the fragmentary mysteries of stereotype, as it juxtaposes our names for things with what we actually see and know. Offering a new understanding of biography and the self, this collection questions just where, historically, do ideas about the black female figure truly begin-five hundred years ago, five thousand, or even longer? And what role has art played in this ancient, often heinous story? From the 'Young Black Female Carrying / a Perfume Vase' to a 'Little Brown Girl / Girl Standing in a Tree / First Day of Voluntary / School Integration, ' this poet adores her culture and the beauty to be found within it. Yet she is also a cultural critic alert to the nuances of race and desire and how they define us all, including herself, as she explores her own sometimes painful history. Lewis's book is a thrilling aesthetic anthem to the complexity of race-a full embrace of its pleasure and horror, in equal parts." from publisher's website.

Venus in the Dark

Blackness and Beauty in Popular Culture


Author: Janell Hobson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315299372

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 226

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In this second edition of the remarkable, and now classic, cultural history of black women’s beauty, Venus in the Dark, Janell Hobson explores the enduring figure of the "Hottentot Venus" and the history of critical and artistic responses to her by black women in contemporary photography, film, literature, music, and dance. In 1810, Sara Baartman was taken from South Africa to Europe, where she was put on display at circuses, salons, museums, and universities as the "Hottentot Venus." The subsequent legacy of representations of black women’s sexuality—from Josephine Baker to Serena Williams to hip-hop and dancehall videos—refer back to her iconic image. Via a new preface, Hobson argues for the continuing influence of Baartman’s legacy, as her image still reverberates through the contemporary marketization of black women’s bodies, from popular music and pornography to advertising. A brand new chapter explores how historical echoes from previous eras map onto highly visible bodies in the twenty-first century. It analyzes fetishistic spectacles of the black "booty," with particular emphasis on the role of Beyoncé Knowles in the popularization of the "bootylicious" body, and the counter-aesthetic the singer has gone on to advance for black women’s bodies and beauty politics. By studying the imagery of the "Hottentot Venus," from the nineteenth century to now, readers are invited to confront the racial and sexual objectification and embodied resistance that make up a significant part of black women’s experience.

Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus

A Ghost Story and a Biography


Author: Clifton Crais,Pamela Scully

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691147965

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

View: 1747

"In reconstructing Sara Baartman's life, the book traverses the South African frontier, the Industrial Revolution, London and Parisian high society, and the rise of racial science. The authors also explore Baartman's rich afterlife, including the enduring impact of the Hottentot Venus on ideas about women, race, and sexuality."--BOOK JACKET.

The Black Venus


Author: Rhys Davies

Publisher: Barton Press

ISBN: 9781444627732

Category: Fiction

Page: 204

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1917 edition. Excerpt: ... (6) Columns for Discount on Purchases and Discount on Notes on the same side of the Cash Book; (c) Columns for Discount on Sales and Cash Sales on the debit side of the Cash Book; (d) Departmental columns in the Sales Book and in the Purchase Book. Controlling Accounts.--The addition of special columns in books of original entry makes possible the keeping of Controlling Accounts. The most common examples of such accounts are Accounts Receivable account and Accounts Payable account. These summary accounts, respectively, displace individual customers' and creditors' accounts in the Ledger. The customers' accounts are then segregated in another book called the Sales Ledger or Customers' Ledger, while the creditors' accounts are kept in the Purchase or Creditors' Ledger. The original Ledger, now much reduced in size, is called the General Ledger. The Trial Balance now refers to the accounts in the General Ledger. It is evident that the task of taking a Trial Balance is greatly simplified because so many fewer accounts are involved. A Schedule of Accounts Receivable is then prepared, consisting of the balances found in the Sales Ledger, and its total must agree with the balance of the Accounts Receivable account shown in the Trial Balance. A similar Schedule of Accounts Payable, made up of all the balances in the Purchase Ledger, is prepared, and it must agree with the balance of the Accounts Payable account of the General Ledger." The Balance Sheet.--In the more elementary part of the text, the student learned how to prepare a Statement of Assets and Liabilities for the purpose of disclosing the net capital of an enterprise. In the present chapter he was shown how to prepare a similar statement, the Balance Sheet. For all practical...

The Black Woman Millionaire

A Revolutionary Act That Defies Impossible Standard Edition


Author: Venus Opal Reese

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781987711417


Page: 208

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Standard Edition Note: This Edition of "The Black Woman Millionaire" delivers all of Dr. Venus' insight, wisdom, and unconventional genius without any expletives. Perfect for use in churches, university curricula, professional women's organizations, corporate trainings, and book clubs. Enjoy! Becoming a Black Woman Millionaire is a revolutionary act. It flies in the face of history. It's spitting in history's face. Look, sis, do I have permission to tell the truth about why you are not a black woman millionaire-yet? Can I just talk to you, sister to sister? No pretense, no political correctness, just real and raw? (This is going to sound sooooo bad...) I can tell you why your business hasn't bloomed. Why you stay at a job that is beneath you. Why no matter how hard you work or how many degrees you get, you live paycheck to paycheck... I can tell you the real reason you lie awake at night tired, stressed, and sleepless, because no matter how much you slave at your business or at that job or in that cubicle, you never feel like you are enough or that you make enough... Do you want to know the truth about why you make big moves and big money #iseeyou #makeyourpapergirl but you are "cash-flow poor"-regardless of your high net-worth tax bracket? Then this is the book, the answer, and the salve for hurts you might not even know you're carrying that directly affect your money. From the streets of Baltimore, to Stanford Ph.D. to (multiple) Black Woman Millionaire, Dr. Venus takes you by the hand and walks you through the spiritual landmine of our "cultural consciousness" that show up in your money so you can defy your impossible to become a 7-Figure sister. This daring and ruthlessly compassionate book sheds an unapologetic light on the impact Slavery has had on Black Women's sense of self in terms of money. Mixing intimate personal stories, searing truth, and emotionally healing action items to start immediately healing money wounds, this book is a must-have for sisters who know they have a destiny to fulfill. Part memoir, part personal-transformation, and part business development, The Black Woman Millionaire serves as a street-smart salve for Black Women to heal their brokenness, so they don't have to spend their lives broke-regardless of income level. Edgy, instructional, and inspirational, this book will teach you how to emancipate yourself-emotionally, spiritually, and financially-so that you alter the financial future of your bloodline.

Hottentot Venus

A Novel


Author: Barbara Chase-Riboud

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307426284

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 2251

It is Paris, 1815. An extraordinarily shaped South African girl known as the Hottentot Venus, dressed only in feathers and beads, swings from a crystal chandelier in the duchess of Berry’s ballroom. Below her, the audience shouts insults and pornographic obscenities. Among these spectators is Napoleon’s physician and the most famous naturalist in Europe, the Baron George Cuvier, whose encounter with her will inspire a theory of race that will change European science forever. Evoking the grand tradition of such “monster” tales as Frankenstein and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Barbara Chase Riboud, prize-winning author of the classic Sally Hemings, again gives voice to an “invisible” of history. In this powerful saga, Sarah Baartman, for more than 200 years known only as the mysterious lady in the glass cage, comes vividly and unforgettably to life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Venus Angel


Author: Susan Gates

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408186136

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 176

View: 8499

After the events of Viridian, the world is returning to normal. Jay is determined to find Toni, who was turned into a winged plant-hybrid predator, a Venus Angel, and restore her humanity. But Toni doesn't want to be found. Rogue Cultivars are still on the loose. And Jay's old enemy, the lethal warlord Viridian, is not dead. Horribly mutated, more powerful than ever before, he lurks underground, waiting for his chance...waiting for Jay. Fantastic sci-fi / dystopia for 11+.

Black Venus

And 45 Other Tales of Sex, Violence and Witchcraft


Author: Bob Owen

Publisher: Chimera

ISBN: 9781903136218

Category: Erotic stories, English

Page: 346

View: 2822

Black Venus


Author: Bruno Vitiello

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788862761277

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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The Hottentot Venus

The Life and Death of Saartjie Baartman: Born 1789 - buried 2002


Author: Rachel Holmes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408881519

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 8079

In 1810 Saartjie Baartman was London's most famous curiosity. Famed for her exquisite physique - in particular her shapely bottom - she was stared at, stripped, pinched, painted, worshipped and ridiculed. But this tragic young South African woman was also a symbol of the abolished slave trade, exploitation and colonialism. In this scintillating and vividly written book the full arc of Baartman's extraordinary life is traced for the first time.

Black France / France Noire

The History and Politics of Blackness


Author: Trica Danielle Keaton,T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting,Tyler Stovall

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822352621

Category: History

Page: 322

View: 4871

In Black France / France Noire, scholars, activists, and novelists address the paradox of race in France: the state does not acknowledge race as a meaningful category, but experiences of antiblack racism belie claims of color-blindness.



Author: Suzan-Lori Parks

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 1559367385

Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 3210

Parks' latest and most controversial work.