Black Box, Inc.

A Novel


Author: Ray Canterbery

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595721986

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 785

A satirical novel that pokes fun at the world of politics. A humorous blend of physics, psychology (including the paranormal), religion, and current knowledge of economics. Light humor and witty sarcasm. The protagonist’ s conversations with God is worth the price of the book. Outrageous but believable!

Black Box Inc.


Author: Jake Bible

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

ISBN: 9781611948394

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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Bram Stoker Award (R) Nominated Author Need to hide something from the fae? Got a tricky transdimensional delivery to make? Need a big ball of magic that can destroy the world? Call Black Box Inc. The world as we know it is gone. Since the "extra-dimensional happening," every creature, monster, and fairy tale goblin has turned Asheville, North Carolina, into their personal playground. An uneasy truce exists between the races, but Chase Lawter's unique ability puts him squarely in the crosshairs of treachery, feuds, and monsters looking to make a buck on black market goods. Chase is the only known being who can pull material from between dimensions and shape it into whatever he likes--like boxes. Like boxes in which folks hide smoking guns and severed heads. Only Chase can hide the boxes, and only Chase can recover them from the Dim. All for a tidy sum, of course. His crack team--a yeti, a zombie, and a fae-trained assassin--have his back. What could possibly go wrong? Jake Bible, Bram Stoker Award nominated-novelist and author of the bestselling Z-Burbia series, short story writer, independent screenwriter, podcaster, and inventor of the Drabble Novel, has entertained thousands with his horror and sci/fi tales. He reaches audiences of all ages with his uncanny ability to write a wide range of characters and genres. Other series by Jake Bible: the bestselling Salvage Merc One, the Apex Trilogy, the Mega series, and the Reign of Four series. Jake lives in the wonderfully weird Asheville, North Carolina. Connect with Jake on Facebook, Twitter, and his website:

Plunkett's Wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID & Cellular Industry Almanac


Author: Jack W. Plunkett

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

ISBN: 1593921179

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 445

View: 3712

Market research guide to the wireless access and cellular telecommunications industry ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? a tool for strategic planning, competitive intelligence, employment searches or financial research. Contains trends, statistical tables, and an industry glossary. Also provides profiles of 350 leading wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID and cellular industry firms - includes addresses, phone numbers, executive names.

Negotiated Acquisitions of Companies, Subsidiaries and Divisions


Author: Lou R. Kling,Eileen Nugent,Brandon Van Dyke

Publisher: Law Journal Press

ISBN: 9781588520562

Category: Law

Page: 1296

View: 5395

This book includes advice on structuring deals, negotiating agreements, identifying issues and solving the real problems that are likely to arise during the acquisition.

Reorganizing Failing Businesses

A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Financial Restructuring and Business Reorganization


Author: N.A

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590317143


Page: N.A

View: 9280

Start-Up & Emerging Companies

Planning, Financing & Operating the Successful Business


Author: Gregory C. Smith

Publisher: Law Journal Press

ISBN: 9781588520319

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1500

View: 3742

Start-Up & Emerging Companies: Planning, Financing & Operating the Successful Business brings you the legal and business savvy of leading experts, investment banking and venture capital firms.

Module, Klassen, Verträge

Ein Lehrbuch zur komponentenorientierten Softwarekonstruktion mit Component Pascal


Author: Karlheinz Hug

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322929329

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 446

View: 2418

Dieses Lehrbuch will den Leser nicht nur in das Programmieren im Kleinen, in Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen, sondern auch in objekt- und komponentenorientierte Softwaretechniken einführen, um ihn auf das systematische Konstruieren professioneller Software vorzubereiten. Software erscheint als Architektur - als strukturierte Ansammlung von Komponenten, die über definierte Schnittstellen interagieren. Der Autor entwickelt die Lehrinhalte anhand aufeinander aufbauender Beispielkomponenten, wobei er Software-Qualitätsmerkmale wie Wartbarkeit und Wiederverwendbarkeit behandelt. Der Leser lernt nach dem Ansatz des schrittweisen Öffnens von Black Boxes zunächst, Komponenten zu benutzen, bevor er sie implementiert und erweitert. Die Methode des Spezifizierens und Programmierens durch Vertrag setzt der Autor konsequent ein, um zu zeigen, wie man zuverlässige, korrekte Software entwickeln kann. Neben grafischen Notationen dient die objekt- und komponentenorientierte Programmiersprache Component Pascal dazu, die softwaretechnischen Konzepte zu vermitteln. Das Buch bietet Grundlagen, ohne Spezialkenntnisse vorauszusetzen; es richtet sich vor allem an Einsteiger in die Informatik.

Das Black-Box-Prinzip

Warum Fehler uns weiterbringen


Author: Matthew Syed

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423430656

Category: Psychology

Page: 360

View: 6637

Analysieren statt vertuschen Menschen, die gezielt aus Fehlern lernen, anstatt sie zu vertuschen oder anderen in die Schuhe zu schieben, nennt Matthew Syed Black-Box-Denker. Dazu sind jedoch nur wenige in der Lage. Auch in vielen Unternehmen geht man mit Misserfolgen nicht offen und ohne Schuldzuweisungen um. Syed bietet aufschlussreiche Analysen für dieses Verhalten. Zu welchen Erfolgen hingegen ein offensiver Umgang mit Fehlern führen kann, zeigt Syed anhand konkreter Beispiele, aus der Welt des Sports oder von erfolgreichen Unternehmen wie Google, Pixar oder Dropbox.

E-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook

Overview Module


Author: Amjad Umar

Publisher: nge solutions, inc

ISBN: 9780972741460

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

View: 919

This module discusses the network services and architectures in the Internet World. topics include network architectures, network connectivity, IP-based networks, broadband networks, wireless networks, and Next Generation Internet.

Plunkett's Wireless, Wi-Fi, Rfid & Cellular Industry Almanac: Wireless, Wi-Fi, Rfid & Cellular Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends & Leading


Author: Jack W. Plunkett

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

ISBN: 1593920903

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 460

View: 5717

The cell phone is the fastest-selling consumer electronic in the world. On a global basis, over 800 million cellular telephones are sold yearly. More camera-equipped cell phones are sold each year than stand alone digital cameras. Rapid development of new technologies is leading to ever more versatile, multipurpose mobile devices, including 3G Internet-enabled cell phones and PDAs. Meanwhile, wireless networking and wireless Internet access are developing and expanding on a global basis at a rapid rate. Booming technologies include such 802.11 standards as Wi-Fi and WiMax, as well as Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Bluetooth. Telematics, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and satellite radio will soon create an entertainment, navigation and communications revolution within automobiles and trucks. Meanwhile, RFID (radio frequency identification) will revolutionize wireless tracking, inventory and logistics at all levels, from manufacturing to shipping to retailing. These developments are creating challenges for legacy companies and opportunities for nimble marketers and managers. Plunkett's Wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID & Cellular Industry Almanac 2008 covers such sectors. Our coverage includes business trends analysis and industry statistics. We also include a wireless and cellular business glossary and a listing of industry contacts, such as industry associations and government agencies. Next, we profile hundreds of leading companies. Our 350 company profiles include complete business descriptions and up to 27 executives by name and title.

Plunkett's Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2007

Telecommunications Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends & Leading Companies


Author: Jack W. Plunkett

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

ISBN: 1593920571

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 622

View: 2486

Presents a market research guide to the telecommunications industry - a tool for strategic planning, competitive intelligence or financial research. This title includes a chapter of trends, statistical tables, and an industry-specific glossary. It provides profiles of the 500 companies in various facets of the telecommunications industry.

Plunkett's Infotech Industry Almanac 2008

The Only Comprehensive Guide to InfoTech Companies And Trends


Author: Jack W. Plunkett

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

ISBN: 1593921047

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 659

View: 6731

Plunkett's InfoTech Industry Almanac presents a complete analysis of the technology business, including the convergence of hardware, software, entertainment and telecommunications. This market research tool includes our analysis of the major trends affecting the industry, from the rebound of the global PC and server market, to consumer and enterprise software, to super computers, open systems such as Linux, web services and network equipment. In addition, we provide major statistical tables covering the industry, from computer sector revenues to broadband subscribers to semiconductor industry production. No other source provides this book's easy-to-understand comparisons of growth, expenditures, technologies, imports/exports, corporations, research and other vital subjects. The corporate profile section provides in-depth, one-page profiles on each of the top 500 InfoTech companies. We have used our massive databases to provide you with unique, objective analysis of the largest and most exciting companies in: Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Internet Services, E-Commerce, Networking, Semiconductors, Memory, Storage, Information Management and Data Processing. We've been working harder than ever to gather data on all the latest trends in information technology. Our research effort includes an exhaustive study of new technologies and discussions with experts at dozens of innovative tech companies. Purchasers of the printed book or PDF version may receive a free CD-ROM database of the corporate profiles, enabling export of vital corporate data for mail merge and other uses.

Plunkett's Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2008: Telecommunications Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends & Leading Companies


Author: Jack W. Plunkett

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

ISBN: 1593920865

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 632

View: 705

Plunkett's Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2008 is the only complete reference guide to the telecommunications technologies and companies that are changing the way the world communicates today. This massive reference book's market research section provides complete access to the U.S. telecommunications and communications industry. This section includes over a dozen major statistical tables covering everything from revenues for the fixed line and wireless service sectors, to the number of telephone subscribers worldwide, to telephone equipment import and export market numbers. Finally, in this carefully-researched volume, you will receive an abundance of data on: national and global telecommunications statistics, new telecommunications technology, telecommunications market forecasts, telecommunications trends and leading telecommunications companies. In the corporate profiles section, you'll receive vital details on the "Telecommunications 500 Firms," the largest, most successful corporations in all facets of the telecommunications business. These in-depth profiles include corporate name, address, phone, fax, web site, growth plans, competitive advantage, financial histories and up to 27 executive contacts by title. You will also find information regarding local exchange and long distance telephone service markets and trends, wireless and cellular telephone markets and trends, satellite telecommunications, Wi-Fi, telephone industry equipment, software and support. Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic industries in the world today, and Plunkett's Telecommunications Industry Almanac will be your guide to this rapidly-changing business. Purchasers of the printed book or PDF version may receive a free CD-ROM database of the corporate profiles, enabling export of vital corporate data for mail merge and other uses.

Inside the Black Box: How Arbitral Tribunals Operate and Reach Their Decisions - ASA Special Series No. 42


Author: Bernhard Berger ,Michael E. Schneider

Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1937518310

Category: Law

Page: 180

View: 7095

Prominent and experienced international arbitrators and litigators discuss the rights and obligations of arbitrators during the deliberation and decision-making processes and provide invaluable insights based on their years of personal experience. Issues discussed and analyzed include: • Steps and issues in deliberation and decision-making including the organization and form of deliberations and the drafting of the award. • Conflict in deliberations including how to handle bias and obstruction, structuring a bargaining process and dealing with dissenting opinions. • Assistance to the tribunal including the opinions, advantages and dangers with specific discussions regarding document production master and experts’ facilitator, the assistance of the secretary to the arbitral tribunal in drafting the award and the United Nations Compensation Commission’s utilization of experts. Inside the Black Box: How Arbitral Tribunals Operate and Reach Their Decisions also includes extremely useful arbitration materials including examples of a decision tree, dissenting opinion award, dissenting arbitrator refusing to sign the award, and an assortment of materials regarding the scheduling and qualifications of experts.