The Interpretation of Cultures


Author: Clifford Geertz

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 0465093566

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

View: 644

In The Interpretation of Cultures, the most original anthropologist of his generation moved far beyond the traditional confines of his discipline to develop an important new concept of culture. This groundbreaking book, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association, helped define for an entire generation of anthropologists what their field is ultimately about.

The Hero's Journey

How Educators Can Transform Schools and Improve Learning


Author: John L. Brown,Cerylle A. Moffett

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 0871203448

Category: Education

Page: 195

View: 5134

Profiling six phases of the mythic hero's journey from unconscious innocence to ultimate self-awareness, argues that shared vision, purpose, and inquiry, combined with the use of the collective wisdom of myth, legend, and metaphor, can transform a school.

Old Testament Turning Points

The Narratives That Shaped a Nation


Author: Victor H. Matthews

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 0801027748

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 3425

Well-respected Old Testament professor Victor Matthews identifies eight landmark stories that shaped Israel's identity.

Bible in Mission


Author: Knud Jorgensen

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 149820953X

Category: Religion

Page: 328

View: 7844

"The Bible is alive - it has hands and grabs hold of me, it has feet and runs after me". Thus spoke Martin Luther, as cited by Knud Jorgensen in a quotation that summarizes the deeper meaning of this book. To the authors of Bible in Mission, the Bible is the book of life, and mission is life in the Word. This core reality cuts across the diversity of contexts and hermeneutical strategies represented in these essays. The authors are committed to the boundary-crossings that characterize contemporary mission - and each sees the Bible as foundational to the missio Dei, to God's work in the world. -From the Foreword by Dana L. Robert, Truman Collins Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission, Boston University School of Theology

A Commentary on Numbers

Narrative, Ritual, and Colonialism


Author: Pekka Pitkänen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351782916

Category: History

Page: 268

View: 1433

This book provides a new reading of the biblical book of Numbers in a commentary form. Mainstream readings have tended to see the book as a haphazard junkyard of material that connects Genesis–Leviticus with Deuteronomy (and Joshua), composed at a late stage in the history of ancient Israel. By contrast, this book reads Numbers as part of a wider work of Genesis–Joshua, a carefully crafted programmatic settler colonial document for a new society in Canaanite highlands in the late second millennium BCE that seeks to replace pre-existing indigenous societies. In the context of the tremendous influence that the biblical documents have had on the world in the last 2,000–3,000 years, the book also offers pointers towards reading these texts today. This volume is a fascinating study of this text, and will be of interest not only to biblical scholars, but to anyone with an interest in the history of the ancient Levant, and colonisation and colonialism in the ancient world more broadly.

The Anthropology of Development and Globalization

From Classical Political Economy to Contemporary Neoliberalism


Author: Marc Edelman,Angelique Haugerud

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 9780631228790

Category: Social Science

Page: 420

View: 6687

The Anthropology of Development and Globalization is a collection of readings that provides an unprecedented overview of this field that ranges from the field’s classical origins to today’s debates about the “magic” of the free market. Explores the foundations of the anthropology of development, a field newly animated by theories of globalization and transnationalism Framed by an encyclopedic introduction that will prove indispensable to students and experts alike Includes readings ranging from Weber and Marx and Engels to contemporary works on the politics of development knowledge, consumption, environment, gender, international NGO networks, the IMF, campaigns to reform the World Bank, the collapse of socialism, and the limits of “post-developmentalism” Fills a crucial gap in the literature by mingling historical, cultural, political, and economic perspectives on development and globalization Present a wide range of theoretical approaches and topics

Books in Print


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: N.A

View: 8655

Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

Has the Church Misread the Bible?

The History of Interpretation in the Light of Current Issues


Author: Moisés Silva

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310409217

Category: Religion

Page: 136

View: 5224

A unique and stimulating perspective on the history of interpretation. Provides a guideline for the use of dictionaries and word studies. The first title in the Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation series.

Protestant Biblical Interpretation

A Textbook of Hermeneutics


Author: Bernard Ramm

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 144120508X

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 607

Since its publication in 1950, Protestant Biblical Interpretation has been a standard introduction to hermeneutics in evangelical colleges and seminaries. Twice revised, this textbook has sold well over 100,000 copies. Now this venerable resource is available in a paperback edition. "Hermeneutics," writes the author, "is the science and art of Biblical interpretation. . . . As such it forms one of the most important members of the theological sciences. This is especially true for conservative Protestantism, which looks on the Bible as . . . the only authoritative voice of God to man." After surveying the history of biblical interpretation, the author devotes seventy pages to explicating "the Protestant system of hermeneutics." He then discusses the doctrinal, devotional, and practical uses of the Bible. Following a chapter on the hermeneutical dimension of the problem of biblical inerrancy and secular science, he concludes with chapters on the interpretation of types, prophecy, and parables.

A Learning Missional Church

Reflections from Young Missiologists


Author: Beate Fagerli,Knud Jorgensen,Rolv Olsen,Kari Storstein Haug,Knut Tveitereid

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1620321637

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 5809

Cross-cultural mission has always been a primary learning experience for the church. It pulls us out of a mono-cultural understanding and helps us discover a legitimate theological pluralism that opens up for new perspectives in the Gospel. Translating the Gospel into new languages and cultures is a human and divine means of making us learn new 'incarnations' of the Good News. This book is compiled by contributions from young missiologists from different parts of the world. It is written from the perspective of youth to be a fresh breath of air into more traditional mission thinking and mission paradigms. The flavor of this fresh breath of air, coming from the younger generation, is learning from others and from one another: How may traditional sending churches and organizations see themselves as receivers? How may we bring experiences from outside into our own context? What may we learn across geographical borders-North learning from South, South learning from North, South learning from South? What can we learn from one another in a process of reciprocity? 'Mission as learning' is not just a welcome addendum to mission, but also a necessity if we want God's Spirit to reveal to us some new dimensions of Jesus as he comes to be known and loved in every nation, tribe, people and language. A church that aims at being A Learning Missional Church sorely needs Reflections from Young Missiologists, as this book is entitled. The reflections are valuable because of the content and substance, because they deal with relevant issues; they are valuable because they depict the church as a 'learning organization' cross-culturally; and they are valuable because they raise signs of youthful willingness to challenge and change. In this way these reflections may show the way towards Edinburgh 2110.

Man and His Symbols


Author: C. G. Jung

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 0307800555

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 4480

Man and His Symbols owes its existence to one of Jung's own dreams. The great psychologist dreamed that his work was understood by a wide public, rather than just by psychiatrists, and therefore he agreed to write and edit this fascinating book. Here, Jung examines the full world of the unconscious, whose language he believed to be the symbols constantly revealed in dreams. Convinced that dreams offer practical advice, sent from the unconscious to the conscious self, Jung felt that self-understanding would lead to a full and productive life. Thus, the reader will gain new insights into himself from this thoughtful volume, which also illustrates symbols throughout history. Completed just before his death by Jung and his associates, it is clearly addressed to the general reader. Praise for Man and His Symbols “This book, which was the last piece of work undertaken by Jung before his death in 1961, provides a unique opportunity to assess his contribution to the life and thought of our time, for it was also his firsat attempt to present his life-work in psychology to a non-technical public. . . . What emerges with great clarity from the book is that Jung has done immense service both to psychology as a science and to our general understanding of man in society, by insisting that imaginative life must be taken seriously in its own right, as the most distinctive characteristic of human beings.”—Guardian “Straighforward to read and rich in suggestion.”—John Barkham, Saturday Review Syndicate “This book will be a resounding success for those who read it.”—Galveston News-Tribune “A magnificent achievement.”—Main Currents “Factual and revealing.”—Atlanta Times

Handbook of Paleoanthropology

Vol I:Principles, Methods and Approaches Vol II:Primate Evolution and Human Origins Vol III:Phylogeny of Hominids


Author: Winfried Henke,Ian Tattersall

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540324747

Category: Science

Page: 2069

View: 915

This 3-volume handbook brings together contributions by the world ́s leading specialists that reflect the broad spectrum of modern palaeoanthropology, thus presenting an indispensable resource for professionals and students alike. Vol. 1 reviews principles, methods, and approaches, recounting recent advances and state-of-the-art knowledge in phylogenetic analysis, palaeoecology and evolutionary theory and philosophy. Vol. 2 examines primate origins, evolution, behaviour, and adaptive variety, emphasizing integration of fossil data with contemporary knowledge of the behaviour and ecology of living primates in natural environments. Vol. 3 deals with fossil and molecular evidence for the evolution of Homo sapiens and its fossil relatives.

A God Who Speaks and Acts


Author: Malcolm I. Bartsch

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 0987570609

Category: Lutheran Church

Page: 268

View: 5948

This book contains the theological essentials for Lutheran educators and is written in a way which is not only understandable but can be applied in the daily challenges of school teaching, learning and planning. I strongly encourage chaplains, teachers and principals to read and consider these theological essentials to enhance their understandings, discussions and daily work.

Forthcoming Books


Author: Rose Arny

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: N.A

View: 5382

The Renaissance Bible

Scholarship, Sacrifice, and Subjectivity


Author: Debora K. Shuger

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520213876

Category: Religion

Page: 297

View: 9504

The book treats the Protestant cultures of northern Europe, particularly England, examining biblical commentaries, plays, poems, sermons, and treatises, as well as the often startling negotiations between these texts and other cultural discourses. In Shuger's hands, these biblical materials serve to illuminate, and often radically reinterpret, the dominant issues in contemporary Renaissance studies: gender, the body, colonialism, subjectivity, desire, law, and history. Her work forcefully demonstrates the cultural centrality of Renaissance religion.

The interpreter's Bible

The acts of the apostles. The epistle to the Romans] : the holy scriptures : in the King James and revised standard versions with general articles and introduction, exegesis, exposition for each book of the Bible


Author: George Arthur Buttrick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780687192151

Category: Bible

Page: 668

View: 8599

Studying Christianity in China

Constructions of an Emerging Discourse


Author: Naomi Thurston

Publisher: Theology and Mission in World

ISBN: 9789004361287

Category: Religion

Page: 282

View: 1763

Naomi Thurston has investigated the emerging field of "Sino-Christian studies" in contemporary China. Based on extensive fieldwork in Chinese academic settings, the book explores a genuine frontier in the examination of Chinese intellectual encounters with theology and Christian culture.

History of Humanity: From the third millennium to the seventh century B.C.


Author: Sigfried J. de Laet,Ahmad Hasan Dani

Publisher: UNESCO

ISBN: 9789231028113

Category: Civilization

Page: 569

View: 7833

The second volume covers the first two and a half thousand years of recorded history, from the start of the Bronze Age 5,000 years ago to the beginnings of the Iron Age. Written by a team of over sixty specialists, this volume includes a comprehensive bibliography and a detailed index.

Women at Work in the Deuteronomistic History


Author: Mercedes L. Garcia Bachmann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781589837614

Category: Religion

Page: 413

View: 4975

Behind Deuteronomys reflection on history is a host of support staff, mostly anonymous women, who harvest, glean, cook, fetch water and wash, spin and weave, heal the sick, bury the dead and much more. This study considers womens work in the Hebrew Bible.