Between Tears and Laughter


Author: Lin Yutang

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1447485769

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 1025

Written during the second world war as a bitter plea for the west to change its perspective of the world order. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Between Tears and Laughter


Author: Lin Yutang

Publisher: Yutang Press

ISBN: 1443728411

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

View: 1894

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1917 edition. Excerpt: ... (6) Columns for Discount on Purchases and Discount on Notes on the same side of the Cash Book; (c) Columns for Discount on Sales and Cash Sales on the debit side of the Cash Book; (d) Departmental columns in the Sales Book and in the Purchase Book. Controlling Accounts.--The addition of special columns in books of original entry makes possible the keeping of Controlling Accounts. The most common examples of such accounts are Accounts Receivable account and Accounts Payable account. These summary accounts, respectively, displace individual customers' and creditors' accounts in the Ledger. The customers' accounts are then segregated in another book called the Sales Ledger or Customers' Ledger, while the creditors' accounts are kept in the Purchase or Creditors' Ledger. The original Ledger, now much reduced in size, is called the General Ledger. The Trial Balance now refers to the accounts in the General Ledger. It is evident that the task of taking a Trial Balance is greatly simplified because so many fewer accounts are involved. A Schedule of Accounts Receivable is then prepared, consisting of the balances found in the Sales Ledger, and its total must agree with the balance of the Accounts Receivable account shown in the Trial Balance. A similar Schedule of Accounts Payable, made up of all the balances in the Purchase Ledger, is prepared, and it must agree with the balance of the Accounts Payable account of the General Ledger." The Balance Sheet.--In the more elementary part of the text, the student learned how to prepare a Statement of Assets and Liabilities for the purpose of disclosing the net capital of an enterprise. In the present chapter he was shown how to prepare a similar statement, the Balance Sheet. For all practical...

Tales of Tears and Laughter

Short Fiction of Medieval Japan


Author: N.A

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824815691

Category: Fiction

Page: 222

View: 2971

Thirteen colorful stories, selected and translated by Shord and enhanced by illustrations from the original texts, are engaging in themselves and also offer illuminating glimpses into early Japanese society and culture. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Selected Poems


Author: Alden Nowlan

Publisher: House of Anansi

ISBN: 0887845738

Category: Poetry

Page: 173

View: 8968

"Alden Nowlan, one of Canada's finest and most influential poets, died in 1983. He leaves a rich legacy of poetry that is accessible yet profound. Nowlan fans and new readers alike will treasure this collection of the best of this important poet's work, carefully assembled by award-winning poets, editors, and critics Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane."

Of Tears and Laughter

Conclusion of Tractates Makkot and Yoma


Author: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780826607607

Category: Religion

Page: 80

View: 9784

A Talmudic exegesis by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. Adapted from two siyumim delivered by the Rebbe (on tractates Makkot and Yoma), Of Tears and Laughter focuses on two moving Talmudic stories that occurred in the aftermath of the destruction of the second Beit Hamikdash.With his unique, holistic approach to Torah study, the Rebbe explores the positions taken by the leading Sages of that time, and examines their lives and teachings. With a spotlight on Rabbi Akiva and his response, the Rebbe searches the Talmud for laws taught by Rabbi Akiva, his life¿s story and allusions to the composition of his very soul, to provide a comprehensive and insightful reasoning for Rabbi Akiva¿s optimism. In the final analysis the Rebbe provides a breathtaking mosaic of the leaders of the Jewish people in the post second Beit Hamikdash era.

A Good Cry

What We Learn From Tears and Laughter


Author: Nikki Giovanni

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062399470

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

View: 3468

One of America’s most celebrated poets looks inward in this powerful collection, a rumination on her life and the people who have shaped her. The poetry of Nikki Giovanni has spurred movements, turned hearts and informed generations. She’s been hailed as a firebrand, a radical, a healer, and a sage; a wise and courageous voice who has spoken out on the sensitive issues, including race and gender, that touch our national consciousness. As energetic and relevant as ever, Nikki now offers us an intimate, affecting, and illuminating look at her personal history and the mysteries of her own heart. In A Good Cry, she takes us into her confidence, describing the joy and peril of aging and recalling the violence that permeated her parents’ marriage and her early life. She pays homage to the people who have given her life meaning and joy: her grandparents, who took her in and saved her life; the poets and thinkers who have influenced her; and the students who have surrounded her. Nikki also celebrates her good friend, Maya Angelou, and the many years of friendship, poetry, and kitchen-table laughter they shared before Angelou’s death in 2014.

Tears and Laughter

A Couple of Dozen Dog Stories


Author: Gene Hill

Publisher: Countrysport Press

ISBN: 9780924357671

Category: Pets

Page: 168

View: 697

In these twenty-six stories, Gene Hill explores the ancient and honored bond between man and dog. Some stories will make you laugh, a few may bring a tear, but all will stir your memories: the happiness and hope a new puppy brings, the joys of watching a well-trained dog work, and the sorrow of seeing an aged and long-loved friend slip quietly away.

A Mother's Journey

Through Laughter and Tears


Author: Kimberly J. Garrow

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 1589397177

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 312

View: 1324

"A Mother's Journey: Through Laughter and Tears" is a book that will inspire, encourage, and validate all mothers who have the important job of raising the wonderful children that God has blessed us all with. The author's humorous writings teach us to be able to laugh at life's little tragedies, as we remember that we are not alone in our journey. Motherhood is a shared voyage, the commonalties of which span all ages and all women throughout the world! Kimberly Garrow creatively reminds us that we are together in this beautiful journey called motherhood. The stories in this book will make you laugh and will tug at your heart. The author understands a woman's heart, in relation to preconception, pregnancy, and being a new mom; the whole journey in between and beyond is beautifully captured in the pages of this book. Reading Kimberly's book is like taking a trip through your own life as a mother, whether you are just contemplating becoming a mother, whether you are a mom, or whether you are now enjoying your children's children. Every reader will relate to Kimberly Garrow's cleverly written stories and poems, as well as the underlying emotions and strengths captured throughout this book. This book is a celebration of mothers everywhere! Enjoy the journey!

Greek Laughter and Tears

Antiquity and After


Author: Margaret Alexiou

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 1474403808

Category: History

Page: 504

View: 1910

Explores the range and complexity of human emotions and their transmission across cultural traditionsWhat makes us laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time? How do these two primal, seemingly discrete and non-verbal modes of expression intersect in everyday life and ritual, and what range of emotions do they evoke? How may they be voiced, shaped and coloured in literature and liturgy, art and music?Bringing together scholars from diverse periods and disciplines of Hellenic and Byzantine studies, this volume explores the shifting shapes and functions of laughter and tears. With a focus on the tragic, the comic and the tragicomic dimensions of laughter and tears in art, literature and performance, as well as on their emotional, socio-cultural and religious significance, it breaks new ground in the study of ancient and Byzantine affectivity.Key featuresIncludes an international cast of 25 distinguished contributors Prominence is given to performative arts and to interactions with other cultures Transitions from Late Antiquity to Byzantium, and from Byzantium to the Renaissance, form focal points from which contributors look backwards, forwards and sidewaysHighlights the variety, audacity and quality of the finest Byzantine works and the extent to which they anticipated the renaissance

Laughter and Tears

The Emotional Life of New Mothers


Author: Elisabeth Bing,Libby Colman, Ph.D.

Publisher: Holt Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780805041576

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

View: 5505

In the year after giving birth, women experience a vast array of emotions. They may struggle with postpartum depression while simultaneously being enraptured by the new baby. Colman and Bing help identify the blues and depression that are normal during profound life change and consider all the complex forces influencing the modern mother.

The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry

Love, Laughter, and Tears in Paris at the World's Most Famous Cooking School


Author: Kathleen Flinn

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780143114130

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 290

View: 3705

Recounts the author's decision to change careers and attend the famed Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris, describing how she survived the program's intense teaching methods and competitive fellow students, in an account complemented by two dozen recipes.

The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

A Novel


Author: Milan Kundera

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0060932147

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 6790

Rich in its stories, characters, and imaginative range, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting is the novel that brought Milan Kundera his first big international success in the late 1970s. Like all his work, it is valuable for far more than its historical implications. In seven wonderfully integrated parts, different aspects of human existence are magnified and reduced, reordered and emphasized, newly examined, analyzed, and experienced.

Laughter, Tears and Braids

A Father's Journey Through Losing His Wife to Cancer


Author: Bruce Ham

Publisher: Publishing Unleashed

ISBN: 9780989635905

Category: Children of cancer patients

Page: 266

View: 3072

Within six months, an aggressive cancer killed Lisa Ham, a Raleigh, North Carolina mom at the young age of 39. Her husband, Bruce, was left scrambling to pick up the pieces of their life, while maneuvering the world with a broken heart. The responsibilities of being a single father to his three active daughters were overwhelming. Bruce wrestled with his faith and questioned his ability to parent competently without Lisa by his side. But slowly, his wife's tough spirit inspired Bruce to shape his new normal and to find inner peace and laughter again. Along his personal journey, he became his girls' confidante, while mastering hair dryers, shopping trips, tights and braids.

Curious Behavior


Author: Robert R. Provine

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674071565

Category: Science

Page: 281

View: 8338

Provine boldly goes where other scientists seldom tread—in search of hiccups, coughs, yawns, sneezes, and other lowly, undignified, human behaviors. Our earthiest instinctive acts bear the imprint of our evolutionary origins and can be valuable tools for understanding how the human brain works and what makes us different from other species.