Author: N.A

Publisher: 5Continents


Category: Art

Page: 169

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The Baule descend from the Akan peoples who inhabit Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Three hundred years ago the Baule people migrated westward from Ghana when the Asante rose to power. The Baule now reside at the center of the Ivory Coast and possess one of the most diversified of arts cultures. They employ different media, including wooden sculpture, gold and brass casting similar to their Asante ancestors, and mask and figure carvings. Their art is so varied that one might imagine some works originate from different cultures: what is there in common between a flat mask-disc and an idealized face mask which nevertheless come from a single ceremony? Or between a glazed statuette of a man or woman, and a monkey figure with the head of a dog, coated in coagulated blood? Their art encompasses every form of creation: not only masks and statuettes, but also sculpted doors, decorated divination boxes, gold jewels. The book presents a selection of Baule masterpieces from public and private collections worldwide, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Museum of African art (Smithsonian), Art Institute of Chicago, Yale University Art Gallery, Fowler Museum of UCLA, University of Pennsylvania Museum.


African Art, Western Eyes


Author: Susan Mullin Vogel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780300073171

Category: Art

Page: 312

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Featuring 250 illustrations, a detailed study of the sculpture of the Baule people of the Ivory Coast--long seen by Westerners as one of Africa's most important artistic traditions--explores the Baules' ways of expression and aesthetic understanding. UP.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought


Author: Abiola Irele,Biodun Jeyifo

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195334736

Category: History

Page: 988

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From St. Augustine and early Ethiopian philosophers to the anti-colonialist movements of Pan-Africanism and Negritude, this encyclopedia offers a comprehensive view of African thought, covering the intellectual tradition both on the continent in its entirety and throughout the African Diaspora in the Americas and in Europe. The term "African thought" has been interpreted in the broadest sense to embrace all those forms of discourse - philosophy, political thought, religion, literature, important social movements - that contribute to the formulation of a distinctive vision of the world determined by or derived from the African experience. The Encyclopedia is a large-scale work of 350 entries covering major topics involved in the development of African Thought including historical figures and important social movements, producing a collection that is an essential resource for teaching, an invaluable companion to independent research, and a solid guide for further study.

African Art and Leadership


Author: Douglas Fraser,Herbert M. Cole

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299058241

Category: Art

Page: 332

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A series of fourteen thought-provoking essays by art historians, anthropologists, and historians analyzes the complex interactions between art and leadership in sub-Saharan Africa. Amply and carefully illustrated throughout.

Beauty in Context

Towards an Anthropological Approach to Aesthetics


Author: Wilfried Van Damme

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004106086

Category: Social Science

Page: 400

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In surveying the field of the anthropology of aesthetics, the author argues that the phenomenon of cultural relativism in easthetic preference may be accounted for by demonstrating that culturally varying notions of beauty are inspired by culturally varying sociocultural ideals.

Embodying Colonial Memories

Spirit Possession, Power, and the Hauka in West Africa


Author: Paul Stoller

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415908771

Category: Social Science

Page: 226

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Embodying Colonial Memories is the first in-depth study of the West African Hauka, spirits in the body of (human) mediums which mimic and mock Europeans of the colonial epoch. Paul Stoller, who was initiated into a spirit possession troupe, recounts an insider's tale of the Hauka with respect and "brotherly" deference. He combines narrative description, historical analysis, and reflections on the importance of embodiment and mimesis to social theory, with particular reference to the Songhay peoples of the Republic of Niger. Why have the Hauka mimicked white men and their colonial behaviors? In this innovative book, Stoller argues that mimicry is about power. To copy something is to master it. Through the Hauka, the Songhay try to divert the power of the Europeans. Embodying Colonial Memories not only desribes a spirit possession cult; it considers such significant subjects as the cultural sentience of the body, the dynamics of colonial movements of resistance, and the particularly poignant political discourses of West African postcolonies. -- Back cover.

Principles of Adsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces


Author: R. I. Masel,Richard I. Masel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471303923

Category: Science

Page: 804

View: 1977

Principles of Adsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces As with other books in the field, Principles of Adsorption andReaction on Solid Surfaces describes what occurs when gases come incontact with various solid surfaces. But, unlike all the others, italso explains why. While the theory of surface reactions is stillunder active development, the approach Dr. Richard Masel takes inthis book is to outline general principles derived fromthermodynamics and reaction rate theory that can be applied toreactions on surfaces, and to indicate ways in which theseprinciples may be applied. The book also provides a comprehensivetreatment of the latest quantitative surface modeling techniqueswith numerous examples of their use in the fields of chemicalengineering, physical chemistry, and materials science. A valuableworking resource and an excellent graduate-level text, Principlesof Adsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces provides readerswith: * A detailed look at the latest advances in understanding andquantifying reactions on surfaces * In-depth reviews of all crucial background material * 40 solved examples illustrating how the methods apply tocatalysis, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition,electrochemistry, and more * 340 problems and practice exercises * Sample computer programs * Universal plots of many key quantities * Detailed, class-tested derivations to help clarify keyresults The recent development of quantitative techniques for modelingsurface reactions has led to a number of exciting breakthroughs inour understanding of what happens when gases come in contact withsolid surfaces. While many books have appeared describing variousexperimental modeling techniques and the results obtained throughtheir application, until now, there has been no single-volumereference devoted to the fundamental principles governing theprocesses observed. The first book to focus on governing principles rather thanexperimental techniques or specific results, Principles ofAdsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces provides students andprofessionals with a quantitative treatment of the application ofprinciples derived from the fields of thermodynamics and reactionrate theory to the investigation of gas adsorption and reaction onsolid surfaces. Writing for a broad-based audience including, amongothers, chemical engineers, chemists, and materials scientists, Dr.Richard I. Masel deftly balances basic background in areas such asstatistical mechanics and kinetics with more advanced applicationsin specialized areas. Principles of Adsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces was alsodesigned to provide readers an opportunity to quickly familiarizethemselves with all of the important quantitative surface modelingtechniques now in use. To that end, the author has included all ofthe key equations involved as well as numerous real-worldillustrations and solved examples that help to illustrate how theequations can be applied. He has also provided computer programsalong with universal plots that make it easy for readers to applyresults to their own problems with little computationaleffort. Principles of Adsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces is avaluable working resource for chemical engineers, physicalchemists, and materials scientists, and an excellent text forgraduate students in those disciplines.

Dictionary of Languages

The definitive reference to more than 400 languages


Author: Andrew Dalby

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408102145

Category: Reference

Page: 752

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Covering the political, social and historical background of each language, Dictionary of Languages offers a unique insight into human culture and communication. Every language with official status is included, as well as all those that have a written literature and 175 'minor' languages with special historical or anthropological interest. We see how, with the rapidly increasing uniformity of our culture as media's influence spreads, more languages have become extinct or are under threat of extinction. The text is highlighted by maps and charts of scripts, while proverbs, anecdotes and quotations reveal the features that make a language unique.

Wertorientiertes Kreditportfoliomanagement

Analyse von Optimierungs- und Steuerungsansätzen für Bankkreditportfolios vor dem Hintergrund des Shareholder-Value-Prinzips


Author: Rainer Baule

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783830509134


Page: 208

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Widows in African Societies

Choices and Constraints


Author: Betty Potash

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804766562

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 9366

Although widows constitute a quarter of the adult female population in many African societies, they have not been the focus of detailed, cross-cultural research. This is the first comparative anthropological study of widowhood in Africa, comprising ten case studies that cover a broad spectrum of societies in different parts of the continent. This volume shows clearly that widows are not passive objects of male transactions; they have interests and options, and make choices affecting their own lives. Ties to children, access to productive sources, and rights to housing are shown to have particular importance for widows' residential and marital decisions. This book provides a needed corrective both to the male perspective on kinship and to women's studies that deal almost exclusively with the adult married woman. In contrast to the traditional anthropological emphasis on widow remarriage and the functions such marriages have for the maintenance of marriage alliances, these papers deal with the women themselves and the quality of their lives. The introduction surveys the literature, examines the factors affecting the widows' strategies, and shows how accepted anthropological concepts of marriage, affinity, and community look different when considered from the perspective of widows. There is a foreword by Mariam K. Slater.

Un baule pieno di gente

Scritti su Fernando Pessoa


Author: Antonio Tabucchi

Publisher: Feltrinelli Editore

ISBN: 8858806956

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

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Sembra quasi pleonastico dire che nell'immenso e misterioso Libro che Pessoa ci ha lasciato il centro piu riposto, e certo il piu imperioso,e l'eteronimia. Eteronimia intesa non tanto come metaforico camerino di teatro in cui l'attore Pessoa si nasconde per assumere i suoi travestimenti letterario-stilistici; ma proprio come zona franca, come terrain vague, come linea magica varcando la quale Pessoa divento un 'altro da se' senza cessare di essere se stesso. L'eteronimia di Pessoa rimanda semmai alla capacita di vivere l'essenza di un gioco; non ad una finzione, pertanto, ma ad una metafisica della finzione, o ad un occultismo della finzione; forse ad una teosofia della finzione. Antonio Tabucchi

MARCO POLO ReisefŸhrer Franzšsische AtlantikkŸste


Author: Stefanie Bisping

Publisher: Mair Dumont Marco Polo

ISBN: 3829724632

Category: Travel

Page: 140

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Insider-Tipps und noch viel mehr: Erleben Sie mit MARCO POLO die Französische Atlantikküste und ihr Hinterland intensiv von den endlosen Stränden an der Côte d'Argent bis zu den Surfspots Biarritz und Saint-Jean-de-Luz - mit dem MARCO POLO Reiseführer kommen Sie sofort an der Französischen Atlantikküste an. Erfahren Sie, welche Highlights Sie neben der Altstadt von La Rochelle und dem pittoresken Weindorf Saint-Émilion nicht verpassen dürfen, dass Sie in Nantes' Galerie des Machines einzigartige Karussells und Aussichtstürme bestaunen können, die der Phantasie von Jules Verne oder Leonardo da Vinci entsprungen scheinen, und dass das fleur de sel auf der Ile de Ré, dem "französischen Sylt", derart köstlich ist, dass man hier sogar nach Salzeis Schlange steht. Mit den MARCO POLO Ausflügen und Touren erkunden Sie die Französische Atlantikküste auf besonderen Wegen und mit den Low-Budget-Tipps sparen Sie bares Geld. Die Insider-Tipps der Autorin lassen Sie die Französische Atlantikküste individuell und authentisch erleben. In jedem Band gibt es einen übersichtlichen Reiseatlas und eine herausnehmbare Faltkarte, in die natürlich auch die Ausflüge & Touren eingetragen sind.

Fodor's France 2012


Author: Fodor's

Publisher: Fodor's Travel

ISBN: 087637142X

Category: Travel

Page: 872

View: 796

Get inspired and plan your next trip with Fodor’s ebook travel guide to France. Intelligent Planning: Discover all of the essential, up-to-date travel insights you expect in a Fodor’s guide, including Fodor’s Choice dining and lodging, top experiences and attractions, and detailed planning advice. Easy Navigation for E-Readers: Whether you’re reading this ebook from start to finish or jumping from chapter to chapter as you develop your itinerary, Fodor’s makes it easy to find the information you need with a single touch. In addition to a traditional main table of contents for the ebook, each chapter opens with its own table of contents, making it easy to browse. Full-Color Photos and Maps: It’s hard not to fall in love with France as you flip through a vivid full-color photo album. Explore the layout of city centers and popular neighborhoods with easy-to-read full-color maps. Plus get an overview of French geography with the convenient atlas at the end of the ebook. What’s Covered? Get to Know France: The Ile-de-France region is the nation’s heartland. Here Louis XIV built vainglorious Versailles, Chartres brings the faithful to their knees, and Monet’s Giverny enchants all. To the south, the Loire Valley offers a parade of royal and near-royal chateaus that magnificently capture France’s golden age of monarchy. Northwest Normandy is sculpted with cliff-lined coasts and a dramatic past marked by Mont-St-Michel’s majestic abbey, Rouen’s towering cathedral, and the D-Day beaches. Brittany, a long arm of rocky land stretching into the Atlantic, is a place unto itself with its own language and time-defying towns such as Gauguin’s Pont-Aven and the pirate haven of St-Malo. The region of Alsace-Lorraine may look and sound German, but its main sights---18th-century Nancy, medieval Strasbourg, and the lovely Route du Vine---remain proudly French. For those travelers looking to imbibe, trips to Champagne Country, the capital of bubbly, or Burgundy, whose vineyards are among the world’s best, cannot be missed. Lyon is France’s natural hub where you can ski Mont Blanc or take a heady trip along the Beaujolais Wine Road. Don’t forget Provence, famed for its Lavender Route, the honey-gold hill towns of Luberon, and vibrant cities. The pebble beaches and zillion-dollar houses of the French Riviera have always captivated sun lovers and socialites from amorous St-Tropez and beauteous Antibes, to sophisticated Nice. The southwestern region, The Midi-Pyrenees is less glamorous than the Riviera and Provence but has an array of must-sees including the “pink city” of Toulouse and fairy-tale Carcassonne. The Dordogne is a stone-cottage pastoral studded with fairy-tale castles, storybook villages, and France’s top prehistoric sights. You’ll fall under Basque Country’s spell with Bay of Biscay resorts like Biarritz, coastal villages such as St-Jean-De-Luz, or the Pyrenean peaks. Relax by sampling the wines of Bordeaux, the standard against which others are measured. They've made the city rich and the owners of its vineyards even richer. No trip to France would be complete without a stop in Paris. A quayside vista that takes in the Seine, a passing boat, Notre-Dame, the Eiffel tower, and mansard roofs all in one generous sweep is enough to convince you that this is indeed the most beautiful city on Earth. Note: This ebook edition is adapted from Fodor’s France 2011 but differs in some content. Additionally, the ebook edition includes photographs and maps that will appear on black-and-white devices but are optimized for devices that support full-color images.

Menace sur La Baule


Author: Jean-François PRÉ

Publisher: 12-21

ISBN: 2823810536

Category: Fiction

Page: 21

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Menace sur La Baule Après sa mésaventure parisienne, direction La Baule pour le commissaire Langsamer. Là, grâce à un ami sénateur, il compte bien assister à un événement exceptionnel : la Tosca, joué en plein air sur la plage, par l'orchestre israëlo-palestinien de Daniel Barenboïm. Mais c'est sans compter sur les criminels de l'été qui, décidément, ne lui laissent aucun répit.

Baise-ball à La Baule



Publisher: 12-21

ISBN: 2265091758

Category: Fiction

Page: 203

View: 835

" Si tu n'as jamais vu le prince Charles d'Angleterre complètement mort, le nez dans une salade de homard, lis ce book. Si tu n'as jamais vu Béru propulser deux nonnes dans des cageots de tomates, lis ce bouquin. Si tu n'as jamais vu San-A aux prises avec un couple mystérieux qui le ridiculise, lis ce polar. Mais si tu as le palpitant qui déconne, l'ami, alors ne lis pas ce chef-d'œuvre , il te tuerait ! "