Bad Soldier

Danny Black Thriller 4


Author: Chris Ryan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444783351

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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'first rate set operational pieces' - Sunday Times A migrant boat battles through the rough Mediterranean. Its passengers are desperate, starving and scared. They are also being ruthlessly targeted by the SAS. Islamic State militants are smuggling themselves into Europe using these boats. Only by locating such men before they make it into the UK can the Regiment stop them committing their acts of terror on British soil. When one of these migrants reveals plans for a sickening Christmas Day atrocity in London, SAS operative Danny Black is tasked with infiltrating the most dangerous theatre of war in the world: Islamic State heartland. There, he and his team must lift a brutal IS commander - the only man who knows all the details of the London attack. The commander surrounds himself with vicious militants and a harem of sex slaves whom he treats in the most sadistic ways imaginable. And his jihadi wife is, if possible, even more abominable than him. As Danny pits himself against the violent thugs of the Islamic State, he learns that it is not just the UK that is under threat. His very presence on the mission has put at risk the safety of those closest to him. And he discovers that there are greater forces at work here, who do not care if the innocent live or die. Now there is nothing Danny will not do, no line he will not cross, to protect his family. Whether that makes him a good soldier or a bad soldier he neither knows nor cares. Because as he is fast learning, it is sometimes impossible to tell the difference between the two. And as every SAS soldier is trained to understand, the worst threats often come from the most unexpected places...

Good Cop, Bad Soldier


Author: Michael A. Novak

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781490476018

Category: Fiction

Page: 124

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In this book we will learn of Sgt. Dalton's struggles with himself and love after returning from a military assignment in 1995. He finds himself assigned to a Secret Team that is investigating the murder of his girlfriend. With his struggles personally, can he find love again? This book is the first in a series which is setting the stage for some more adventures to come.

Agent 21


Author: Chris Ryan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783570308363


Page: 319

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Ein sympathischer Held und eine hochbrisante Mission Ein Jahr ist vergangen, seitdem Zak zum Agenten wurde, und es gibt kein Zurück in sein altes Leben. Schon führt sein nächster Auftrag ihn nach Westafrika. Dort soll er das Schiff der Black Wolfs ausspionieren und ausser Gefecht setzen - einer Gruppe von Terroristen, die sich an den Diamantenvorkommen des kriegsgebeutelten Landes bereichern. Als jugendlicher Entwicklungshelfer getarnt, erreicht Zak sein Ziel. Doch was ihn dort erwartet ist grauenvoller, als er sich hätte träumen können ... Und was Zak nicht ahnt: Seine alten Feinde sind ihm auf der Spur! Chris Ryan wurde 1961 in Newcastle, England, geboren. Zehn Jahre lang war er für die SAS, die britische Eliteteinsatztruppe, tätig. Er war an verschiedenen militärischen und verdeckten Operationen beteiligt und Leiter eines Anti-Terror-Teams. Im Golfkrieg war er das einzige Mitglied eines achtköpfigen Teams, dem die Flucht aus dem Irak gelang, und erhielt dafür eine Ehrenmedaille. In den letzten Jahren verfasste er mehrere Actionthriller, die sofort Einzug in die Bestsellerlisten hielten.

Nacht ohne Gesicht



Author: Rennie Airth

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641152240

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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England im Sommer 1921: Dunkle Schatten ziehen über einem idyllischen Dorf in Surrey auf, als im Herrenhaus Colonel Fletchers vier Leichen gefunden werden. Die Polizei glaubt zunächst an einen Raubmord, doch Inspektor John Madden von Scotland Yard ist anderer Ansicht. Denn er hat dem Schrecken des Ersten Weltkriegs ins Gesicht gesehen, und diese Tat trägt Züge jenes Wahnsinns, den er aus den Schützengräben kennt. Madden ist überzeugt, dass der Täter erneut zuschlagen wird – und er soll Recht behalten ...

Bad Boy Soldier

The Bad Boy Series: Book Three


Author: S. E. Lund

Publisher: S. E. Lund

ISBN: 1988265207

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Our Chronicle

Published Monthly by the 67th (South Hants) Regiment


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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The Blind Men and the Elephant: Mastering Project Work (Large Print 16pt)


Author: David Schmaltz


ISBN: 145962663X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 266

View: 9473

Using a familiar metaphor, the creator of True North's Mastering Projects Workshop and Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Project Sun Workshop shows readers how anyone can transform a fuzzy project assignment into a meaningful, satisfying experience.




Author: Jason Hurlburt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479729612

Category: Fiction

Page: 255

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Herstory was a vampire novel, a Hitler Wins novel, also a horror science fiction novel, and science fiction novel. The first unofficial Norma Shearer novel was the second released one. In this novel, Norma Shearer, the former Mrs. Irving Thalberg, has a romance with Eddie Gein, the first serial killer. They are sybarites, indulging in hedonism and many other pleasures.

The Shorter Logical Investigations


Author: Edmund Husserl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134548419

Category: Philosophy

Page: 508

View: 4641

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Napoleon: On War


Author: Bruno Colson

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191508772

Category: History

Page: 560

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This is the book on war that Napoleon never had the time or the will to complete. In exile on the island of Saint-Helena, the deposed Emperor of the French mused about a great treatise on the art of war, but in the end changed his mind and ordered the destruction of the materials he had collected for the volume. Thus was lost what would have been one of the most interesting and important books on the art of war ever written, by one of the most famous and successful military leaders of all time. In the two centuries since, several attempts have been made to gather together some of Napoleon's 'military maxims', with varying degrees of success. But not until now has there been a systematic attempt to put Napoleon's thinking on war and strategy into a single authoritative volume, reflecting both the full spectrum of his thinking on these matters as well as the almost unparalleled range of his military experience, from heavy cavalry charges in the plains of Russia or Saxony to counter-insurgency operations in Egypt or Spain. To gather the material for this book, military historian Bruno Colson spent years researching Napoleon's correspondence and other writings, including a painstaking examination of perhaps the single most interesting source for his thinking about war: the copy-book of General Bertrand, the Emperor's most trusted companion on Saint-Helena, in which he unearthed a Napoleonic definition of strategy which is published here for the first time. The huge amount of material brought together for this ground-breaking volume has been carefully organized to follow the framework of Carl von Clausewitz's classic On War, allowing a fascinating comparison between Napoleon's ideas and those of his great Prussian interpreter and adversary, and highlighting the intriguing similarities between these two founders of modern strategic thinking.

Memorial de Sainte Hélène

Journal of the private life and conversations of the emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena


Author: Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné comte de Las Cases

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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From Criminal to Courtier

The Soldier in Netherlandish Art 1550-1672


Author: David Kunzle

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004123694

Category: History

Page: 662

View: 3344

At once military, social and art history, this book elucidates various visual media, much of it little known, that denounce military cruelty in the Netherlands of the 16th and 17th century. This unique Netherlands specialty contrasts with Rubens' glorification of war, and its justification in patriotic siege prints, Scipio Africanus, and the "courtiers" of the civic guard groups and Ter Borch.

Memoriale de Sainte Hélène

Journal of the Private Life & Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena


Author: Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné comte de Las Cases

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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Houses with Names

The Italian Immigrants of Highwood, Illinois


Author: Adria Bernardi

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252015816

Category: History

Page: 274

View: 3098

Interviews with Italian immigrants create a portrait of a working-class neighborhood.

British Military History For Dummies


Author: Bryan Perrett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470061916

Category: History

Page: 464

View: 9374

A plain-English guide to Britons in battle, from the Roman invasion to the ongoing Iraqi war Charging through the Britain's military past, this accessible guide brings to life the battles and wars that shaped the history of Britain-and the world. The book profiles commanders, explains strategies and tactics, and covers key developments in weaponry and technology.


Reflections on War, Sex, and Church


Author: Stan Goff

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630878537

Category: Religion

Page: 472

View: 4516

What if the sanctification of war and contempt for women are both grounded in a fear that breeds hostility, and a hostility that rationalizes conquest? The anti-Gospel Christian history of war-loving and women-hating are not merely similar but two aspects of the same dynamic, argues Stan Goff, in an "autobiography" that spans millennia. Borderline is the historical and conceptual autobiography of a former career army veteran transformed by Jesus into a passionate advocate for nonviolence, written by a man who narrates his conversion to Christianity through feminism.

What You Need to Know About Spiritual Growth in 12 Lessons

The What You Need To Know Study Guide Series


Author: Max Anders

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418589535

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 3111

Learn the ways God wants us to grow as Christians and how to cooperate with Him through the disciplines of grace. Spiritual Growth shows you how to grow and the many resources God provides to nurture you.