Australia and the Olympic Games


Author: Harry Gordon

Publisher: University of Queensland Press(Australia)


Category: Athletes

Page: 540

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Official history of Australia's involvement with the Olympics - All the Australian teams - Australian medal winners at every Olympic Games.

Australians at the Olympic Games


Author: Rachel Dixon

Publisher: Redback Publishing

ISBN: 192563017X

Category: Athletes

Page: 32

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Although Australia has a small population when compared with many other countries that have competed at the Olympic Games, our athletes have performed remarkably well, consistently winning medals for their country. Find out about the first Olympic Games in which Australia had a competitor and what the result was. Who was the first woman to compete and did she win a medal? With historic photographs and a complete list of medal winners, this book will be an inspiration to all the aspiring young athletes who dream of competing for their country. There are also sections on the two Olympic Games held in Australia and details on the economic, political and sustainability issues that they faced. Famous Australians presents short biographies of people who have made notable contributions to society, and who have helped make sport and children's literature such important and popular aspects of Australian culture.

Dangerous Games

Australia at the 1936 Nazi Olympics


Author: Larry Writer

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 192526758X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

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'Larry Writer has delivered a gem in Dangerous Games.' - Roland Perry, author of Bill the Bastard 'Writer has faithfully recreated the 1936 Olympics - the most controversial in history.' - Harry Gordon, author of Australia and the Olympic Games This is a tale of innocents abroad. Thirty-three athletes left Australia in May 1936 to compete in the Hitler Olympics in Berlin. Believing sporting competition was the best antidote to tyranny, they put their qualms on hold. Anything to be part of the greatest show on earth. Dangerous Games drops us into a front row seat at the 100,000-capacity Olympic stadium to witness some of the finest sporting performances of all time - most famously the African American runner Jesse Owens, who eclipsed the best athletes the Nazis could pit against him in every event he entered. The Australians, with their antiquated training regimes and amateur ethos, valiantly confronted the intensely focused athletes of Germany, the United States and Japan. Behind the scenes was cut- throat wheeling and dealing, defiance of Hitler, and warm friendships among athletes. What they did and saw in Berlin that hot, rainy summer influenced all that came after until their dying days.

Australia at the Olympic Games


Author: Melanie Guile

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781740703741

Category: Athletes

Page: 32

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The history of Australia's involvement with the Olympic Games - Background to the Olympic Games - Timeline - Australia at the Beijing Olympic Games.

The Compendium

Official Australian Olympic Statistics 1896-2002


Author: Australian Olympic Committee

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 9780702234255

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 328

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The only complete statistics of Australia's participation in the Olympic Games from 1896 to 2002. Contains updated and never-before published statistics such as: A complete list of the results for every Australian competitor at every Olympic Games up to Athens in 2004 Australia's medal tally from every Olympics Fascinating Olympic facts Family relationships between every Australian competitor (e.g. brothers/sisters or multiple generations who have competed) Published to be the perfect companion to Harry Gordon's new book on the Sydney Olympics, The Time of our Lives(UQP, October 03). This is an essential handbook to have at your side when watching the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

The 1896 Olympic Games

Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary


Author: Bill Mallon,Ture Widlund

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476609500

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 168

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During the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, much of the world watched and celebrated as athletes broke world records and took home medals, fulfilling their Olympic dreams. The athletes' scores were available instantaneously and are now easily accessible, but what about the performance records of the first modern Olympic athletes? The Modern Olympic Games began in 1896 in Athens, Greece, but an official record of these Olympic games does not exist. This work is the first in a series of comprehensive reference works giving the results of the Olympic Games, beginning in 1896. Based primarily on 1896 sources, the sites, dates, events, competitors, and nations as well as the event results are compiled herein for track and field, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, shooting, swimming, tennis (lawn), weightlifting, wrestling and other sports and events. Although mainly a statistical analysis, this work does include a short synopsis of the Sorbonne Congress and reprints of famous articles about the Olympics.

The 1900 Olympic Games

Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary


Author: Bill Mallon

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786489529

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 351

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The 1900 Olympic Games have been termed "The Farcical Games." The events were poorly organized and years later many of the competitors had no idea that they had actually competed in the Olympics. They only knew that they had competed in an international sporting event in Paris in 1900. No official records of the 1900 Olympics exist. Based primarily on 1900 sources, the sites, dates, events, competitors, and nations as well as the event results are compiled herein for all of the 1900 Olympic events, including archery, track and field, cricket, equestrian, fencing, soccer, pelota basque, water polo, and rowing, among other sports.

A Sporting Nation

Celebrating Australia's Sporting Life


Author: Paul Cliff

Publisher: National Library Australia

ISBN: 0642107041

Category: Popular culture

Page: 130

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A Sporting Nation will appeal equally to the serious sports enthusiast and mainstream reader. Its main text comprises excerpts from the Library's oral history recordings, with additional features by Olympian Marlene Mathews, and Eric Rolls and Marion Halligan.Twenty-six richly illustrated features present a broad and popular sweep through the nation's sporting culture, opening with a recollection of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and a survey of the Sydney 2000 Games by Marlene Mathews.

Lina at the Games

Our Australian Girl


Author: Sally Rippin

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0857971433

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 132

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It's 1956 and the Melbourne Olympic Games have finally arrived! The whole city is buzzing with excitement and Lina can't wait to go along as a reporter for the school magazine. Now is her chance to prove to everyone that she's a real writer, and nothing could be more important - until Lina makes a new friend, who changes the way she sees the world... Follow Lina on her adventure in the third of four exciting books about a passionate girl finding a place to belong.

Olympics in Athens 1896

The Invention of the Modern Olympic Games


Author: Michael Llewellyn Smith

Publisher: Profile Business

ISBN: 9781861973429

Category: History, Ancient

Page: 290

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Published in the year that The Olympics returned to Athens this is the illuminating story of the making of the modern games, the multinational group of intriguing characters who re-invented them and the first generation of new sporting heroes. 'On 5 April 1896 James B. Connolly of the Suffolk Athletic Club, Boston, projected himself 13 m and 71 cm through the Attic air in the newly restored Panathenaic Stadium of Athens, in the hop, step and jump, and became the first Olympic victor for more than 1500 years.' That opening sentence gives the flavour of a rich and often entertaining work of history that brings together the following intriguing strands: the rise of amateur athletics in Britain, the US, France, Germany and other western countries, each with its own particular stamp; the enormous interest aroused by the excavation of ancient Olympia, the site of the ancient Games; the determination of the eccentric French aristocrat Baron Pierre de Coubertin to embody the amateur athletic ideal in a revival of the Games; and a perception by politicians and the Greek royal family that hosting Coubertin's Games could help to put the young Greek state on the European map.

Historical Dictionary of Australia


Author: Norman Abjorensen,James C. Docherty

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442245026

Category: History

Page: 608

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This fourth edition of Historical Dictionary of Australia covers its history through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 500 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

Australia's Sporting Success

The Inside Story


Author: John Bloomfield

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9780868405827

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 263

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The extraordinary performances of Australian athletes, and the awareness of the system that fostered them, came to the world's attention during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Bloomfield traces the development of Australian sport from the early 19th century to the modern day institutions that drive our sporting success.

Australian Children's Authors


Author: Rachel Dixon

Publisher: Redback Publishing

ISBN: 1925630161

Category: Authors, Australian

Page: 32

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The short biographies in Australian Children's Authors are arranged alphabetically. They include a brief description of the genre and style of each author, and a select bibliography of their publications. Children can browse through the list and look for an author whose work they would like to read. They can also find out about the history of writing for children in Australia. Included are tips for writing your own books and explanations that reveal how a writer turns thoughts into a finished book. Famous Australians presents short biographies of people who have made notable contributions to society, and who have helped make sport and children's literature such important and popular aspects of Australian culture.

Cold War Games

Espionage, Spies and Secret Operations at the 1956 Olympic Games


Author: Harry Blutstein

Publisher: Echo Publishing

ISBN: 9781760405687

Category: Cold War

Page: 348

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Cold War Games shows vividly how the USSR and US exploited the Melbourne Olympic Games for propaganda, turning athletic fields, swimming pools and other sporting venues into battlefields in which each fought for supremacy.

Ghost Empire


Author: Richard Fidler

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

ISBN: 1460706919

Category: History

Page: 512

View: 7894

'A brilliant reconstruction of the saga of power, glory, invasion and decay that is the one-thousand year story of Constantinople. A truly marvellous book.' - Simon Winchester In 2014, Richard Fidler and his son Joe made a journey to Istanbul. Fired by Richard's passion for the rich history of the dazzling Byzantine Empire - centred around the legendary Constantinople - we are swept into some of the most extraordinary tales in history. The clash of civilisations, the fall of empires, the rise of Christianity, revenge, lust, murder. Turbulent stories from the past are brought vividly to life at the same time as a father navigates the unfolding changes in his relationship with his son. GHOST EMPIRE is a revelation: a beautifully written ode to a lost civilization, and a warmly observed father-son adventure far from home.

In a Sunburned Country


Author: Bill Bryson

Publisher: Anchor Canada

ISBN: 0385674538

Category: Travel

Page: 376

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Deliciously funny, fact-filled and adventurous, In a Sunburned Country takes us on a grand tour of Australia. It's a place where interesting things happen all the time, from a Prime Minister lost — yes, lost — while swimming at sea, to Japanese cult members who may (entirely unnoticed) have set off an atomic bomb on their 500,000 acre property in the great western desert. Australia is the only island that is also a continent, and the only continent that is also a country. Its aboriginal people, a remote and mysterious race with a tragic history, have made it their home for millennia. And despite the fact that it is the most desiccated, infertile and climatically aggressive of all inhabited continents, it teems with life. In fact, Australia has more things that can kill you in extremely nasty ways than anywhere else: sharks, crocodiles, the planet's ten most deadly poisonous snakes, fluffy yet toxic caterpillars, sea shells that actually attack you, and the unbelievable box jellyfish (don't ask). The dangerous riptides of the sea and the sun-baked wastes of the outback both lie in wait for the unwary. Australia is an immense and fortunate land, and it has found in Bill Bryson its perfect guide. In a Sunburned Country offers the best of all possible introductions to what may well be the best of all possible nations. Even with those jellyfish. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Born to Run


Author: Cathy Freeman

Publisher: Penguin Group Australia

ISBN: 1742282490

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 156

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Hi guys, Ever since I was little I only had one dream – to win a gold medal at the Olympics. When I was twenty-seven years old, my dream came true. I'll never forget that night at the Sydney 2000 Games – as I crossed the finish line, it was as if the whole of Australia was cheering for me. Sometimes I still wonder how it happened. When I was growing up, I felt no different to anyone else. I loved having fun with my brothers, sleeping over at nanna's and going horse riding with my dad. But I especially loved to run. With the help of my family, coaches and teachers, I became the best female 400-metre runner in the world. I hope you enjoy my story, and that it inspires you to chase after your dreams too!