Atomic Physics 14

Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics, Boulder, Colo., U.S.A., July 31-August 5, 1994


Author: David J. Wineland

Publisher: Amer Inst of Physics


Category: Science

Page: 488

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The 14th International Conference on Atomic Physics, ICAP XIV, was held in Boulder, Colorado, July 31 through August 5, 1994, and reflects recent progress and current trends in atomic physics. This book contains papers by the invited plenary speakers at the conference.

Atomic Physics 15

Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics, Zeeman-Effect Centenary


Author: H B van Linden van den Heuvell,J T M Walraven,M W Reynolds

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814545929


Page: 472

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Atomic Physics 15 extends the series of books containing the invited papers presented at each International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP). The ICAP, held every two years, provides the atomic physics community with an opportunity to review problems of current interest and to consider future directions in the field. This fifteenth meeting also celebrated the centenary of the discovery of the Zeeman effect. Contents:Generation of a “Schrödinger Cat” of Radiation and Observation of Its Decoherence (S Haroche et al)Synthesis of Entangled States and Quantum Computing (J I Cirac et al)Entangled States of Atomic Ions for Quantum Metrology and Computation (D J Wineland et al)Entanglement and Indistinguishability: Coherence Experiments with Photon Pairs and Triplets (A Zeilinger)Atom Optics as a Testing Ground for Quantum Chaos (C F Bharucha et al)Coherent Ultra-Bright XUV Lasers and Harmonics (J S Wark et al)The Creation and Study of Bose–Einstein Condensation in a Cold Alkali Vapor (C E Wieman et al)Doppler-Free Spectroscopy of Trapped Atomic Hydrogen (T C Killian et al)Towards Coherent Atomic Samples Using Laser Cooling (J Dalibard)Zeeman's Great Discovery (P F A Klinkenberg)The Zeeman Effect: A Tool for Atom Manipulation (C Cohen-Tannoudji)QED Effects in Few-Electron High-Z Systems (I Lindgren et al)Fundamental Constants of Nature (L B Okun)Quantum Decoherence and Inertial Sensing with Atom Interferometers (D E Pritchard et al)and other papers Readership: Condensed matter physicists. keywords:Atomic;Physics;ICAP;Zeeman;Quantum Computing;Entanglement;Condensation;Trap;Decoherence;Interferometer

Atomic Physics with Heavy Ions


Author: Heinrich F. Beyer,Viatcheslav P. Shevelko

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642585809

Category: Science

Page: 396

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This book is devoted to one of the most active domains of atomic physic- atomic physics of heavy positive ions. During the last 30 years, this terrain has attracted enormous attention from both experimentalists and theoreti cians. On the one hand, this interest is stimulated by rapid progress in the development of laboratory ion sources, storage rings, ion traps and methods for ion cooling. In many laboratories, a considerable number of complex and accurate experiments have been initiated, challenging new frontiers. Highly charged ions are used for investigations related to fundamental research and to more applied fields such as controlled nuclear fusion driven by heavy ions and its diagnostics, ion-surface interaction, physics of hollow atoms, x-ray lasers, x-ray spectroscopy, spectrometry of ions in storage rings and ion traps, biology, and medical therapy. On the other hand, the new technologies have stimulated elaborate theo retical investigations, especially in developing QED theory, relativistic many body techniques, plasma-kinetic modeling based on the Coulomb interactions of highly charged ions with photons and various atomic particles - electrons, atoms, molecules and ions. The idea of assembling this book matured while the editors were writ ing another book, X-Ray Radiation of Highly Charged Ions by H. F. Beyer, H. -J. Kluge and V. P. Shevelko (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg 1997) covering a broad range of x-ray and other radiative phenomena central to atomic physics with heavy ions.

Bose-Einstein Condensation

From Atomic Physics to Quantum Fluids


Author: Craig M Savage,Mukunda P Das

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814491985

Category: Science

Page: 316

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Bose-Einstein condensation of dilute gases is an exciting new field of interdisciplinary physics. The eight chapters in this volume introduce its theoretical and experimental foundations. The authors are lucid expositors who have also made outstanding contributions to the field. They include theorists Tony Leggett, Allan Griffin and Keith Burnett, and Nobel-Prize-winning experimentalist Bill Phillips. In addition to the introductory material, there are articles treating topics at the forefront of research, such as experimental quantum phase engineering of condensates, the “superchemistry” of interacting atomic and molecular condensates, and atom laser theory. Contents: Topics in the Theory of the Ultracold Dilute Alkali Gases (A J Leggett)Statistical Mechanics of Bosonic Systems (J Oitmaa)Condensate Oscillations, Kinetic Equations and Two-Fluid Hydrodynamics in a Bose Gas (A Griffin)Finite Temperature Effects in Bose-Einstein Condensates (K Burnett)The Theory of Atom Lasers (R J Ballagh & C M Savage)Vortices and Solitons in Bose-Condensates (P D Drummond)Cooling, Trapping and Manipulation of Neutral Atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensates by Electromagnetic Fields (K Helmerson & W D Phillips)Experimental Aspects of Bose-Einstein Condensation (A C Wilson & C R McKenzie) Readership: Graduate students and researchers in quantum physics. Keywords:

Atomic Physics 3

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Atomic Physics, August 7–11, 1972, Boulder, Colorado


Author: Stephen Smith

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1468429612

Category: Science

Page: 676

View: 9940

Session A.- Status of QED Experiments.- Status of Quantum Electrodynamics Theory.- Atomic Physics and Quantum Electrodynamics in the Infinite Momentum Frame.- Theories of the Fine Structure Constant?.- gJ(H)/gS(e) Determination: Preliminary Results.- Session B.- Exotic Atoms.- Highly Excited States of Helium and Neon.- Theoretical Study of Atomic Rydberg States.- Inner-Shell Ionization by Heavy Charged Particles.- Fine Structure and Hyperfine Structure of the Helium Negative Ion.- Statistical Theory of Atom and Ion Polarizabilities.- Session C.- Ab Initio Calculations of Atomic Energy Spectra.

Atomic And Nuclear Physics


Author: Sharma

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131719244


Page: 620

View: 8937

The Book Describes The Basics Of Atomic And Nuclear Physics, Related Phenomena, And The Physics Of Nuclear Reactors And The Instruments And Applications For The Same. The Flow Of The Chapters In The Book Gradually Moves From Atomic Physics, Then To Quantum Physics, And Finally To Nuclear Physics.

Modern Physics

for Scientists and Engineers


Author: John Morrison

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128008288

Category: Science

Page: 448

View: 7067

The second edition of Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers is intended for a first course in modern physics. Beginning with a brief and focused account of the historical events leading to the formulation of modern quantum theory, later chapters delve into the underlying physics. Streamlined content, chapters on semiconductors, Dirac equation and quantum field theory, as well as a robust pedagogy and ancillary package, including an accompanying website with computer applets, assist students in learning the essential material. The applets provide a realistic description of the energy levels and wave functions of electrons in atoms and crystals. The Hartree-Fock and ABINIT applets are valuable tools for studying the properties of atoms and semiconductors. Develops modern quantum mechanical ideas systematically and uses these ideas consistently throughout the book Carefully considers fundamental subjects such as transition probabilities, crystal structure, reciprocal lattices, and Bloch theorem which are fundamental to any treatment of lasers and semiconductor devices Clarifies each important concept through the use of a simple example and often an illustration Features expanded exercises and problems at the end of each chapter Offers multiple appendices to provide quick-reference for students

Quantum Electronics for Atomic Physics and Telecommunication


Author: Warren Nagourney

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191643378

Category: Science

Page: 496

View: 946

Quantum Electronics for Atomic Physics provides a course in quantum electronics for researchers in atomic physics and other related areas such as telecommunications. The book covers the usual topics, such as Gaussian beams, lasers, nonlinear optics and modulation techniques, but also includes a number of areas not usually found in a textbook on quantum electronics. Among the latter are such practical matters as the enhancement of nonlinear processes in a build-up cavity or periodically polled waveguide, impedance matching into a cavity, laser frequency stabilization (including servomechanism theory), astigmatism in ring cavities, and frequency locking a laser to an atomic or molecular line. The second edition includes a new complete chapter on optical waveguide theory, fiber optic components and fiber lasers. Other updates include new coverage of mode locked fiber lasers, comb generation in a micro-resonator, and periodically poled optical waveguides.

Ion Storage Rings for Atomic Physics Research

A Report to CAMOS


Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Panel on Atomic Physics with Stored Cooled Heavy Ion Beams,Ronald J. W. Henry

Publisher: National Academies


Category: Heavy ion collisions

Page: 30

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Angewandte Radioaktivität


Author: Karl E. Zimen

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642532721

Category: Science

Page: 128

View: 8545

Neben den vielen klassischen Büchern über die 1Wtürliche Radioaktivität (z. B. MEYER und SCHWEIDLER, HEVESY und PA NE TH, RUTHERFORD, CURIE) und neben den modernen Einführungen in die Kernphysik (z. B. RIEZLER, HEISENBERG) gab es bisher in deutscher Sprache keine moderne Darstellung der angewandten Radioaktivität. Zu den etwa fünfzig 1Wtürlich radioaktiven Atomarten kommen ja heute mehrere Hundert künstlich radioaktive Atomarten hinzu, und viele von diesen lassen sich in Aktivitäten gewinnen, denen gegenüber die Aktivität selbst starker Radiumpräparate verschwindend klein ist. So ist es nicht zu verwundern, daß die Anwendung vor allem der künstlich radioaktiven Isotope der Elemente, zunächst in der biologischen, chemischen und physi kalischen Forschung, aber auch schon in der medizinischen Praxis und in der Technik, eine geradezu stürmische Entwicklung genommen hat. Eine ausführliche Darstellung alles dessen, was über die Anwendungen radioaktiver Atomarten auf den genannten Gebieten heute schon vorliegt, würde den Rahmen einer zusammenfassenden Übersicht bei weitem über schreiten und bereits ein umfangreiches Handbuch und die Zusamme1Wrbeit vieler Forscher erfordern. So hat sich der Verfasser darauf beschränkt, einen Überblick über die prinzipiellen Möglichkeiten zu geben und damit die Wege anzugeben, auf denen weitergearbeitet werden kann.

Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids

Volume 1: Structure and Dynamics


Author: Jenö Sólyom

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540726004

Category: Science

Page: 697

View: 5750

This book is the first of a three-volume series written by the same author. It aims to deliver a comprehensive and self-contained account of the fundamentals of the physics of solids. In the presentation of the properties and experimentally observed phenomena together with the basic concepts and theoretical methods, it goes far beyond most classic texts. The essential features of various experimental techniques are also explained. The text provides material for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses. It will also be a valuable reference for researchers in the field of condensed matter physics.

Perfect/Complete Scattering Experiments

Probing Quantum Mechanics on Atomic and Molecular Collisions and Coincidences


Author: Hans Kleinpoppen,Bernd Lohmann,Alexei N. Grum-Grzhimailo

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642405142

Category: Science

Page: 340

View: 3386

The main goal of this book is to elucidate what kind of experiment must be performed in order to determine the full set of independent parameters which can be extracted and calculated from theory, where electrons, photons, atoms, ions, molecules, or molecular ions may serve as the interacting constituents of matter. The feasibility of such perfect' and-or `complete' experiments, providing the complete quantum mechanical knowledge of the process, is associated with the enormous potential of modern research techniques, both, in experiment and theory. It is even difficult to overestimate the role of theory in setting of the complete experiment, starting with the fact that an experiment can be complete only within a certain theoretical framework, and ending with the direct prescription of what, and in what conditions should be measured to make the experiment `complete'. The language of the related theory is the language of quantum mechanical amplitudes and their relative phases. This book captures the spirit of research in the direction of the complete experiment in atomic and molecular physics, considering some of the basic quantum processes: scattering, Auger decay and photo-ionization. It includes a description of the experimental methods used to realize, step by step, the complete experiment up to the level of the amplitudes and phases. The corresponding arsenal includes, beyond determining the total cross section, the observation of angle and spin resolved quantities, photon polarization and correlation parameters, measurements applying coincidence techniques, preparing initially polarized targets, and even more sophisticated methods. The `complete' experiment is, until today, hardly to perform. Therefore, much attention is paid to the results of state-of-the-art experiments providing detailed information on the process, and their comparison to the related theoretical approaches, just to mention relativistic multi-configurational Dirac-Fock, convergent close-coupling, Breit-Pauli R-matrix, or relativistic distorted wave approaches, as well as Green's operator methods. This book has been written in honor of Herbert Walther and his major contribution to the field but even to stimulate advanced Bachelor and Master students by demonstrating that obviously nowadays atomic and molecular scattering physics yields and gives a much exciting appreciation for further advancing the field.

Modern Atomic and Nuclear Physics


Author: Fujia Yang,Joseph H. Hamilton

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814277169

Category: Science

Page: 797

View: 1529

"The textbook itself is the culmination of the authors' many years of teaching and research in atomic physics, nuclear and particle physics, and modern physics. It is also a crystallization of their intense passion and strong interest in the history of physics and the philosophy of science. Together with the solution manual which presents solutions to many end-of-chapter problems in the textbook, they are a valuable resource to the instructors and students working in the modern atomic field."--Publisher's website.

Quantum Mesoscopic Phenomena and Mesoscopic Devices in Microelectronics


Author: NATO Advanced Study Institute on Quantum Mesoscopic Phenomena and Mesoscopic Devices in Microelectronics

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792366256

Category: Medical

Page: 498

View: 4521

Quantum mechanical laws are well documented at the level of a single or a few atoms and are here extended to systems containing 102 to 1010 electrons - still much smaller than the usual macroscopic objects, but behaving in a manner similar to a single atom. Besides the purely theoretical interest, such systems pose a challenge to the achievement of the ultimate microelectronic applications. The present volume presents an up-to-date account of the physics, technology and expected applications of quantum effects in solid-state mesoscopic structures. Physical phenomena include the Aharonov-Bohm effect, persistent currents, Coulomb blockade and Coulomb oscillations in single electron devices, Andreev reflections and the Josephson effect in superconductor/normal/superconductor systems, shot noise suppression in microcontacts and contact resistance quantisation, and overall quantum coherence in mesoscopic and nanoscopic structures related to the emerging physics of quantum computation in the solid-state environment.

Atomic Physics: 8th Edition


Author: Max Born

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486318583

Category: Science

Page: 544

View: 7086

Nobel Laureate's lucid treatment of kinetic theory of gases, elementary particles, nuclear atom, wave-corpuscles, atomic structure and spectral lines, much more. Over 40 appendices, bibliography.

Advances In Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

Subject and Author Cumulative Index


Author: Benjamin Bederson,Herbert Walther

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780120038398

Category: Reference

Page: 480

View: 1479

This series, established in 1965, is concerned with recent developments in the general area of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. The field is in a state of rapid growth, as new experimental and theoretical techniques are used on many old and new problems. Topics covered also include related applied areas, such as atmospheric science, astrophysics, surface physics, and laser physics.

Concepts of Simultaneity

From Antiquity to Einstein and Beyond


Author: Max Jammer

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801884221

Category: Science

Page: 308

View: 1068

Max Jammer's Simultaneity offers a comprehensive and fully documented account of how the concept of simultaneity evolved throughout the centuries, from its use in ancient Egypt and the Bible, to its presence in Pre-Socratic, Aristotelian, Hellenistic and medieval philosophy, to its significance in Newtonian physics and in the philosophies of Leibniz and Kant. He discusses its function in the special and general theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, and provides insight into the ongoing present-day discourse on the conventionality thesis of distant simultaneity.

Modern physics

the quantum physics of atoms, solids, and nuclei


Author: Robert L. Sproull

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Science

Page: 630

View: 7887

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics: Charged Particles


Author: N.A

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080860176

Category: Science

Page: 463

View: 8838

With this volume, Methods of Experimental Physics becomes Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences, a name change which reflects the evolution of todays science. This volume is the first of three which will provide a comprehensive treatment of the key experimental methods of atomic, molecular, and optical physics; the three volumes as a set will form an excellent experimental handbook for the field. The wide availability of tunable lasers in the pastseveral years has revolutionized the field and lead to the introduction of many new experimental methods that are covered in these volumes. Traditional methods are also included to ensure that the volumes will be a complete reference source for the field.