Anthropological Perspectives on Student Futures

Youth and the Politics of Possibility


Author: Amy Stambach,Kathleen D. Hall

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137547863

Category: Education

Page: 178

View: 8643

This book examines diverse ways in which young people from around the world envision and prepare for their future education, careers, and families. The book features cutting-edge anthropological essays including ethnographic accounts of schooling in India, South Africa, the US, Bhutan, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Each chapter focuses on today’s generation of students and on students' use of education to create new possibilities for themselves. This volume will be of particular interest to practicing teachers and anthropologists and to readers who seek an ethnographic understanding of the world as seen through the eyes of students.

Taking Care of the Future

Moral Education and British Humanitarianism in South Africa


Author: Oliver Pattenden

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319698265

Category: Social Science

Page: 459

View: 4972

Taking Care of the Future examines the moral dimensions and transformative capacities of education and humanitarianism through an intimate portrayal of learners, volunteers, donors, and educators at a special needs school in South Africa and a partnering UK-based charity. Drawing on his professional experience of “inclusive education” in London, Oliver Pattenden investigates how systems of schooling regularly exclude and mishandle marginalized populations, particularly exploring how “street kids” and poverty-afflicted young South Africans experience these dynamics as they attempt to fashion their futures. By unpacking the ethical terrains of fundraising, voluntourism, Christian benevolence, human rights, colonial legacies, and the post-apartheid transition, Pattenden analyzes how political, economic and social aspects of intervention materialize to transform the lives of all those involved.

A Companion to the Anthropology of Education


Author: Bradley A. Levinson,Mica Pollock

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444396706

Category: Social Science

Page: 529

View: 5494

A Companion to the Anthropology of Education presents a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the field, exploring the social and cultural dimension of educational processes in both formal and nonformal settings. Explores theoretical and applied approaches to cultural practice in a diverse range of educational settings around the world, in both formal and non-formal contexts Includes contributions by leading educational anthropologists Integrates work from and on many different national systems of scholarship, including China, the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Colombia, Mexico, India, the United Kingdom, and Denmark Examines the consequences of history, cultural diversity, language policies, governmental mandates, inequality, and literacy for everyday educational processes

International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education


Author: Robert B. Stevenson,Michael Brody,Justin Dillon,Arjen E.J. Wals

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136699309

Category: Education

Page: 592

View: 6259

The environment and contested notions of sustainability are increasingly topics of public interest, political debate, and legislation across the world. Environmental education journals now publish research from a wide variety of methodological traditions that show linkages between the environment, health, development, and education. The growth in scholarship makes this an opportune time to review and synthesize the knowledge base of the environmental education (EE) field. The purpose of this 51-chapter handbook is not only to illuminate the most important concepts, findings and theories that have been developed by EE research, but also to critically examine the historical progression of the field, its current debates and controversies, what is still missing from the EE research agenda, and where that agenda might be headed. Published for the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Politics of the Womb

Women, Reproduction, and the State in Kenya


Author: Lynn Thomas

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520936647

Category: History

Page: 316

View: 4501

In more than a metaphorical sense, the womb has proven to be an important site of political struggle in and about Africa. By examining the political significance—and complex ramifications—of reproductive controversies in twentieth-century Kenya, this book explores why and how control of female initiation, abortion, childbirth, and premarital pregnancy have been crucial to the exercise of colonial and postcolonial power. This innovative book enriches the study of gender, reproduction, sexuality, and African history by revealing how reproductive controversies challenged long-standing social hierarchies and contributed to the construction of new ones that continue to influence the fraught politics of abortion, birth control, female genital cutting, and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Neoliberalism, Pedagogy, and Human Development

Exploring Time, Mediation, and Collectivity in Contemporary Schools


Author: Michalis Kontopodis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415516765

Category: Education

Page: 137

View: 4271

In most Western developed countries, adult life is increasingly organized on the basis of short-term work contracts and reduced social security funds. In this context it seems that producing efficient job-seekers and employees becomes the main aim of educational programs for the next generation. Through case studies of young people from urban and countryside marginalized populations in Germany, USA and Brazil, this book investigates emerging educational practices and takes a critical stance towards what can be seen as neoliberal educational politics. It investigates how mediating devices such as CVs, school reports, school files, photos and narratives shape the ways in which those marginalized students reflect about their past as well as imagine their future. By building on process philosophy and time theory, post-structuralism, as well as on Vygotsky's psychological theory, the analysis differentiates between two discrete modes of human development: development of concrete skills (potential development) and development of new societal relations (virtual development, which is at the same time individual and collective). The book outlines an innovative relational account of learning and human development which can prove of particular importance for the education of marginalized students in today's globalized world.

Methode und Wahrheit in der Islamwissenschaft



Author: Marco Schöller

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag

ISBN: 9783447043359

Category: Religion

Page: 148

View: 4189

Seit geraumer Zeit wird die Islamwissenschaft, wie die meisten Kultur- und Geisteswissenschaften, von einer Methodendebatte beherrscht. Im Zentrum dieser Debatte steht die Frage nach der Theoretizitat der islamwissenschaftlichen Forschung und ihrer Methode. Viele der ins Feld gefuhrten Modelle und theoretischen Ansatze sind allerdings kaum ins Allgemeine gewendet worden und blieben spezifischen Fragestellungen verhaftet. Dieses Buch versucht deshalb den Horizont aufzuzeigen, vor dem eine grundsatzliche Neuorientierung der Islamwissenschaft denkbar und sinnvoll erscheint.Die drei Hauptteile des Buches behandeln die weitreichenden Folgen des historistischen und positivistisch-szientifischen Denkens fur die Entwicklung und Auspragung der Orientalistik, die Problematik des interkulturellen Vergleichs und der Interdisziplinaritat, die Diskursanalyse samt anderer, verwandter Ansatze, wie z. B. Mentalitatsgeschichte und Wissenssoziologie in ihrer Bedeutung fur die zukunftige islamwissenschaftliche Forschung und die dadurch mogliche Entscharfung oder Uberwindung des oft zitierten Gegensatzes von Philologie und Sozialwissenschaft auf der Grundlage einer kulturalistisch und konstruktiv ausgerichteten Hermeneutik.

Genre et savoir


Author: Dominique Grisard,Christina Späti

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sex role

Page: 432

View: 8166

Humanizing Research

Decolonizing Qualitative Inquiry With Youth and Communities


Author: Django Paris,Maisha T. Winn

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452225397

Category: Science

Page: 277

View: 5170

What does it mean to conduct research for justice with youth and communities who are marginalized by systems of inequality based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, citizenship status, gender, and other categories of difference? In this collection, editors Django Paris and Maisha Winn have selected essays written by top scholars in education on humanizing approaches to qualitative and ethnographic inquiry with youth and their communities. Vignettes, portraits, narratives, personal and collaborative explorations, photographs, and additional data excerpts bring the findings to life for a better understanding of how to use research for positive social change.

Handbook of Theories of Aging, Second Edition


Author: Merril Silverstein PhD,Vern L. Bengtson PhD,Norella Putney PhD,Daphna Gans PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826112347

Category: Medical

Page: 816

View: 5137

The field of gerontology has often been criticized for being "data-rich but theory-poor." The editors of this book address this issue by stressing the importance of theory in gerontology. While the previous edition focused on multidisciplinary approaches to aging theory, this new edition provides cross-disciplinary, integrative explanations of aging theory: The contributors of this text have reached beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to partner with researchers in adjacent fields in studying aging and age-related phenomena. This edition of the Handbook consists of 39 chapters written by 67 internationally recognized experts in the field of aging. It is organized in seven sections, reflecting the major theoretical developments in gerontology over the past 10 years. Special Features: Comprehensive coverage of aging theory, focusing on the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging A section dedicated to discussing how aging theory informs public policy A concluding chapter summarizing the major themes of aging, and offering predictions about the future of theory development Required reading for graduate students and post doctoral fellows, this textbook represents the current status of theoretical development in the study of aging.