An Introduction to IMS

Your Complete Guide to IBM Information Management System


Author: Barbara Klein,Richard Alan Long,Kenneth Ray Blackman

Publisher: IBM Press

ISBN: 0132886871

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 593

View: 6768

IBM's one-stop guide to the newest versions of IMS: the database used by the world's largest companies for their most mission-critical data * *The ideal resource for every IT professional who is new to IMS or upgrading to a current or recent version. *Updated, authoritative coverage of IMS Versions 12, 11, and 10: components, architecture, database and transaction managers, application development, system administration, security, recovery, tools, and more. *95% of Fortune 1000 companies rely on IMS. Over four decades, IBM's Information Management System (IMS) has consistently earned the trust of the world's largest enterprises. Thanks to its reliability, security, and performance, nearly 95% of Fortune 1000 companies rely on IMS for their most critical IBM System z data management needs: 50,000,000,000+ transactions run through IMS databases every day. What's more, IBM continues to upgrade IMS to meet new challenges more flexibly at lower cost. In An Introduction to IMS, leading IMS experts offer the definitive introduction to the latest versions: IMS 12, 11, and 10. This edition reflects major recent enhancements, including dynamic information generation capabilities; new access, interoperability and development tools; improved SOA support, and more. Not just a complete tutorial, this book provides examples, cases, problems, solutions, glossaries, and more: everything database professionals need to succeed with IMS, regardless of experience.

Patterns of Information Management


Author: Mandy Chessell,Harald Smith

Publisher: IBM Press

ISBN: 0133155528

Category: Computers

Page: 736

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Use Best Practice Patterns to Understand and Architect Manageable, Efficient Information Supply Chains That Help You Leverage All Your Data and Knowledge In the era of “Big Data,” information pervades every aspect of the organization. Therefore, architecting and managing it is a multi-disciplinary task. Now, two pioneering IBM® architects present proven architecture patterns that fully reflect this reality. Using their pattern language, you can accurately characterize the information issues associated with your own systems, and design solutions that succeed over both the short- and long-term. Building on the analogy of a supply chain, Mandy Chessell and Harald C. Smith explain how information can be transformed, enriched, reconciled, redistributed, and utilized in even the most complex environments. Through a realistic, end-to-end case study, they help you blend overlapping information management, SOA, and BPM technologies that are often viewed as competitive. Using this book’s patterns, you can integrate all levels of your architecture–from holistic, enterprise, system-level views down to low-level design elements. You can fully address key non-functional requirements such as the amount, quality, and pace of incoming data. Above all, you can create an IT landscape that is coherent, interconnected, efficient, effective, and manageable. Coverage Includes Understanding how a pattern language can help you address key information management challenges Defining information strategy and governance for organizations and users Creating orderly information flows you can reuse and synchronize as needed Managing information structure, meaning, and lifecycles Providing for efficient information access and storage when deploying new IT capabilities Moving information efficiently and reliably to support your processes Determining how information should be processed and maintained Improving quality and accessibility, and supporting higher-value analytics Protecting information via validation, transformation, enrichment, correction, security, and monitoring Planning new information management projects in the context of your existing IT resources

Mastering XPages

A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language


Author: Martin Donnelly,Mark Wallace,Tony McGuckin

Publisher: IBM Press

ISBN: 0133373401

Category: Computers

Page: 1168

View: 7392

IBM's Best-Selling Guide to XPages Development–Now Updated and Expanded for Lotus Notes/Domino 9.0.1 XPages instantly revolutionized Notes/Domino application development, and the newest versions deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility. Now, the popular insider's guide to XPages development has been updated and expanded to reflect all these improvements, through IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 and beyond. Three key members of the IBM XPages team have brought together comprehensive knowledge for delivering outstanding solutions. They have added several hundred pages of new content, including four new chapters. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience, they present new tips, samples, and best practices reflecting the platform's growing maturity. Writing for both XPages newcomers and experts, they cover the entire project lifecycle, including problem debugging, performance optimization, and application scalability. This second edition of Mastering XPages fully addresses enhancements to the XPages data sources for Domino views and documents; the latest XPages mobile library; the new Domino Designer Server-Side JavaScript debugger; and improvements to integrated technologies such as Dojo and CKEditor. Nearly every chapter contains at least one downloadable sample application, offering extensive hands-on practice. This guide concludes with complete references to XSP tags, relevant Java/JavaScript classes, and XSP style classes. Coverage includes * Understanding XPages' development paradigm, tooling, runtime framework, and application architecture * Configuring Domino Designer and integrating XPages Extension Library * Constructing application logic and using data binding controls * Reading/writing Notes documents: from use cases to design properties * Using Views, including examples of accessing calendars via REST * Making the most of Notes/Domino 9.0's new DataView control * Coding: from the basics to fully customized behavior * Advanced scripting: AJAX, Dojo, @Functions, managed beans, and more * Extending the Rich Text Editor's functionality * Building and consuming new controls with Extensibility APIs * Taking web applications offline in the Notes client * Building mobile apps: controls, design patterns, and best practices * Debugging Server-Side JavaScript with Domino Designer 9.0 * Creating apps that look and work great–for local and global audiences * Systematically optimizing performance and scalability * Protecting data and users: leveraging Domino and Notes security models

Disciplined Agile Delivery

A Practitioner's Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise


Author: Scott W. Ambler,Mark Lines

Publisher: IBM Press

ISBN: 0132810131

Category: Computers

Page: 513

View: 2602

The authoritative guide to DAD, IBM's disciplined approach to applying agile practices in enterprise scale projects. Integrate enterprise discipline with powerful, widely-used agile practices into a proven solution for the entire software lifecycle. Scale agile strategies for complex development challenges, without compromising agile's advantages.

Strategy Safari

eine Reise durch die Wildnis des strategischen Managements


Author: Henry Mintzberg,Bruce Ahlstrand,Joseph Lampel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783636013293

Category: Strategisches Management

Page: 455

View: 3711

SQL/XML:2006- Evaluierung der Standardkonformit„t ausgew„hlter Datenbanksysteme


Author: Michael Wagner

Publisher: Diplomica Verlag

ISBN: 3836696096

Category: Computers

Page: 100

View: 1213

Die eXtensible Markup Language (XML) hat sich als grundlegende Technologie im elektronischen Datenaustausch etabliert. Eine Vielzahl an Daten ist jedoch historisch bedingt in Datenbanksystemen (DBS) abgespeichert und wird dort von vielen Anwendungen genutzt. Nachdem beide Konzepte aus heutiger Sicht nicht mehr wegzudenken sind, werden Techniken ben tigt, die die beiden kombinieren. Beinahe alle DBS-Hersteller haben auf diese Entwicklung reagiert und verschiedenste M glichkeiten zur Handhabung von XML in DBS entwickelt. Auch die International Organization for Standards (ISO) widmet XML einen eigenen Part im SQL-Standard, ISO 9075-14: XML Related Specification, kurz SQL/XML. Die Hersteller von DBS orientieren sich in unterschiedlichem Ausma an diesem Standard. Aus Gr nden der Migration ist zu hinterfragen bzw. zu berpr fen, inwiefern verschiedene DBS diesen Standard unterst tzen. Dies stellt gleichzeitig das grundlegende Ziel dieses Buches dar. Dazu wird die SQL/XML:2006-Spezifikation n her erl utert und ein Kriterienkatalog, mit Hilfe dessen die XML-Unterst tzung eines beliebigen DBS evaluiert werden kann, entwickelt. Im Rahmen dieses Buches findet der entwickelte Kriterienkatalog an drei ausgew hlten DBS der Hersteller Oracle, Microsoft und Sun Anwendung.

REXX in the TSO Environment


Author: Gabriel F. Gargiulo

Publisher: QED Information Sciences


Category: REXX (Computer program language)

Page: 471

View: 3879

Instant productivity increases are guaranteed with this book. It shows how to use REXX with TSO, the ISPF Dialogue Manager, the ISPF Editor, Netview, DB2, SQL, and the QMF forms panels. This revised edition provides more detailed information on how to get the most of the ISPF Dialogue Manager and includes a comprehensive quick reference guide as an appendix.


Developing the Data Warehouse


Author: William H. Inmon,Chuck Kelley

Publisher: QED Information Sciences

ISBN: 9780894354298

Category: Data warehousing

Page: 225

View: 2940

Practical Model Management Using Case Tools


Author: Debra L. Hudson

Publisher: QED Information Sciences

ISBN: 9780894354403

Category: Computer-aided software engineering

Page: 216

View: 2150

Hudson combines hard-earned practical experience with the expert grasp of theory to explain the principles of business model and system model management needed in organizations implementing computer-added system engineering (CASE) toolsets.



Author: Paul Albitz,Cricket Liu

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 9783897212909

Category: BIND server

Page: 645

View: 6601

Big Data

Die Revolution, die unser Leben verändern wird


Author: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger,Viktor; Cukier Mayer-Schönberger

Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft

ISBN: 3864144590

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 2712

Ob Kaufverhalten, Grippewellen oder welche Farbe am ehesten verrät, ob ein Gebrauchtwagen in einem guten Zustand ist – noch nie gab es eine solche Menge an Daten und noch nie bot sich die Chance, durch Recherche und Kombination in der Daten¬flut blitzschnell Zusammenhänge zu entschlüsseln. Big Data bedeutet nichts weniger als eine Revolution für Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik. Es wird die Weise, wie wir über Gesundheit, Erziehung, Innovation und vieles mehr denken, völlig umkrempeln. Und Vorhersagen möglich machen, die bisher undenkbar waren. Die Experten Viktor Mayer-Schönberger und Kenneth Cukier beschreiben in ihrem Buch, was Big Data ist, welche Möglichkeiten sich eröffnen, vor welchen Umwälzungen wir alle stehen – und verschweigen auch die dunkle Seite wie das Ausspähen von persönlichen Daten und den drohenden Verlust der Privatsphäre nicht.