An Education


Author: Lynn Barber

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141932260

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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When the journalist Lynn Barber was 16, she was picked up at a bus-stop by an attractive older man who drew up in his sports car - and her life was almost wrecked. A bright confident girl, on course to go to Oxford, she began a relationship which, incredibly, was encouraged by her conventional, suburban parents and which took her into the louche, semi-criminal world of west London just as the 1960s began. Ruin beckoned, until one day she made an important discovery. 'An Education', the opening piece of this fascinating memoir, was highly praised when first published in Granta magazine, and is currently being filmed by the BBC with a Nick Hornby script.

America 2000

An Education Strategy


Author: N.A

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9780788101427


Page: 80

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Offers a comprehensive description of America 2000 -- the long-range plan offered by then Pres. George Bush in 1991. Includes the national education goals and the joint statement from the historic Charlottesville education summit.

An Education

The Screenplay


Author: Nick Hornby

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141044748

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

View: 2993

Based on Lynn Barber's extraordinary memoir, An Education is set in the early 1960s and tells the story of a sixteen-year-old English girl's encounter and relationship with a charming older man who is much more, and much less, than he says he is. Taking this strange story as his starting point, Nick Hornby has scripted a film which is funny and shocking in equal measure - and which brilliantly captures a Britain emerging from the sleepy 50s and on the brink of a glittering new decade.

An Education


Author: Jane Revell

Publisher: Mary Glasgow

ISBN: 9781906861001

Category: Film novelizations

Page: 88

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Extensive reading improves fluency and there is a real need in the ELT classroom for contemporary graded material that will stimulate students. An Education is based on the 2009 hit British film of the same name. Set in 1960s' London, An Education is a coming-of-age story about sixteen-year-old Jenny, who yearns for a life far removed from that of her parents and their dull suburban values.

An Education in Politics

Four Years in the Iowa State Senate 2004-2008


Author: Dave Mulder,Frank B. Wood, Jr.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475947763

Category: Political Science

Page: 144

View: 5107

"Dave Mulder comes from an academic background, and his experience in the world of politics has been insightful. He has many timely observations as to how to strengthen the political system." Tom Osborne, Athletic Director, University of Nebraska, Lincoln "It's refreshing to see two Legislators from two opposite parties, both of great character and high moral values, who can work and cooperate together on issues important to Iowa and not just vote the party line, which in many cases truly fails the purpose of good law-making for the betterment of the great state of Iowa." Bernie Saggau, Retired Executive Secretary of the Iowa High School Athletic Assoc. "Dave and Frank's informative, lively discussion of their years in the Iowa Senate is a must read for anyone who wants to serve in an elected office. Their political philosophies, including faith-based life lessons, give readers, educators, and students a unique in-depth perspective on grass roots politics. It is my privilege to edit this book." Lianne Mercer, Author of Compassionate Witness: Before We Say Goodbye

An Education

How an outsider became an insider - and learned what really goes on in Irish government


Author: John Walshe

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241972523

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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'Fascinating' Fintan O'Toole, Irish Times 'It's a fascinating book. I ended up reading it till about four in the morning. It gives an incredible insight.' Shane Coleman, political editor, Newstalk 'Excellent' Sam Smyth, Irish Mail on Sunday 'A great read and I'd recommend it' Hugh Linehan, Irish Times 'One of the best journalists I ever worked with ... his tell-all book is absolutely fascinating' Matt Cooper, Today FM 'Like pulling back the curtains and getting a sneaky peak inside ... fascinating' Sinéad Desmond, Ireland AM, TV3 After over forty years in national journalism, John Walshe thought he had seen and heard it all. That was until he got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in government and see how decisions are really made ... Having spent most of his career as an education correspondent, Walshe did not have to think twice about accepting incoming education minister Ruairi Quinn's invitation to become his special adviser. So in a matter of weeks he found himself in the seat of power in Government Buildings and up close and personal with some of the country most powerful decision-makers. It was heady stuff. An Education is John Walshe's revealing, surprising and entertaining inside account of what it's like be part of a government trying to get to grips with a country and an economy in free-fall. It is an anatomy of how choices are made, particularly when the choices are between swingeing cuts and drastic savings. And it is a gripping description of the ferocious day-to-day territorial battles and face-offs between the coalition parties and their backroom staff. Ruairi Quinn knew this would be his last cabinet post and he was determined to leave a legacy. Walshe documents the triumphs and disasters of Quinn's mission to reshape Irish education. In doing so he gets to the heart of the mix of idealism, egotism and pragmatism that ultimately drives those who govern. John Walshe's forty-month education on the corridors of power him left him much wiser about those who set out to do the state some service. His conclusions are sometimes encouraging and sometimes dismaying. But they are always enlightening. An Education is both lively and essential reading for anyone who wants to understand Irish politics in the raw.

An Education for Our Time


Author: Josiah Bunting

Publisher: Regnery Publishing

ISBN: 9780895262226

Category: Education

Page: 304

View: 2646

Dying of cancer at the age of 71, billionaire industrialist John Adams sets in motion the plans for endowing a brand new college with his entire fortune. Set in Wyoming, this ideal institution will train the future leaders of America in a way radically different from any other college. By focusing on building character, it will use principles based on moral and physical courage which guided America's Founding Fathers and will follow a vision shaped by Adams' own uniquely successful life.

An Education in Georgia

Charlayne Hunter, Hamilton Holmes, and the Integration of the University of Georgia


Author: Calvin Trillin

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820313887

Category: Education

Page: 180

View: 8543

In January 1961, following eighteen months of litigation that culminated in a federal court order, Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter became the first black students to enter the University of Georgia. Calvin Trillin, then a reporter for Time Magazine, attended the court fight that led to the admission of Holmes and Hunter and covered their first week at the university--a week that began in relative calm, moved on to a riot and the suspension of the two students "for their own safety," and ended with both returning to the campus under a new court order. Shortly before their graduation in 1963, Trillin came back to Georgia to determine what their college lives had been like. He interviewed not only Holmes and Hunter but also their families, friends, and fellow students, professors, and university administrators. The result was this book--a sharply detailed portrait of how these two young people faced coldness, hostility, and occasional understanding on a southern campus in the midst of a great social change.

An Education for Women

The Founding of Home Economics Education in Canadian Public Schools


Author: Linda Peterat,Mary Leah DeZwart

Publisher: Charlottetown, P.E.I. : Home Economics Pub. Collective


Category: Domestic education

Page: 264

View: 6239

An Education : Family Ties


Author: Kev Pickering

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1291572635

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3860

Three months have passed since the events of the previous book, and Cassie and Jenny Craig, along with their friends, are looking forward to new arrivals and new adventures. What they are not expecting to happen is for old family legends to be revealed, or new relationships and friendships to be forged, as the girls discover that family means everything when it comes to dealing with changes - and getting over some of the most shocking things they have ever experienced. The book contains five previously unseen stories, as well as the complete Sara trilogy as seen in online forums. By the end of this summer, for all of them, their lives will have changed completely.

An Education that Empowers

A Collection of Lectures in Memory of Lawrence Stenhouse


Author: Jean Rudduck

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781853592898

Category: Education

Page: 114

View: 4905

This book brings together five lectures given by eminent educationalists in memory of the work of Lawrence Stenhouse, an influential figure in the field of education during the 1970s and early 1980s. The lectures focus on different themes in his work, reviewing them in the light of recent policy changes. The lectures review issues to do with the school curriculum, teaching and learning, teacher education and teacher research. A strong theme across the papers is the authors' concern with the political context of educational change. Jean Rudduck has also published Innovation and Change, Dimensions of Discipline, and Developing a Gender Policy in Secondary Schools.

Democracy's Midwife

An Education in Deliberation


Author: Jack Crittenden

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739103296

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 7150

Jack Crittenden's excellent new study looks behind the modern democratic rhetoric to reveal a system of government that excludes citizens from participating directly in decision making. The book combines a thorough examination of the rhetorical underpinnings of democratic education with radical solutions for overhauling a system of civic education that dates back to the Founding Fathers.

An Education of Value

The Purposes and Practices of Schools


Author: Marvin Lazerson,Judith Block McLaughlin,Bruce McPherson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521315159

Category: Education

Page: 139

View: 4397

An Education of Value is about the problems involved in reforming American schools - in the past and in the decades to come. The authors consider the historical, political, and philosophical tensions between the perennial twin goals of American education: equality and excellence. They discuss the necessary preconditions for enduring progress: enhancing the conditions of teaching, improving the education and re-education of teachers, rethinking the curriculum, developing learning through the use of computers, and strengthening the leadership of schools. The issues raised in this book concern every modern society, and the authors' ideas will challenge a wide audience.

Claiming an Education

Feminism and Canadian Schools


Author: Jane Gaskell,Arlene McLaren,Myra Novogrodsky,Our Schools/Our Selves Education Foundation

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 9780921908029

Category: Education

Page: 106

View: 7019

Claiming an Education offers a balanced presentation of the central issues facing education planners as they struggle to define the place of feminism in Canadian schools.

Badiou and Plato: An Education by Truths

An Education by Truths


Author: A.J. Bartlett

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748643761

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 1160

An interrogation of Plato's entire work using the concepts and categories of Alain Badiou. This is the first book to critically address and draw consequences from Badiou's claim that his work is a 'Platonism of the multiple' and that philosophy today requires a 'platonic gesture'. Examining the relationship between Badiou and Plato, Bartlett radically transforms our perception of Plato's philosophy and rethinks the central philosophical question: 'what is education?'

An Education in Politics

The Origins and Evolution of No Child Left Behind


Author: Jesse H. Rhodes

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801464668

Category: Education

Page: 264

View: 2748

Since the early 1990s, the federal role in education—exemplified by the controversial No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)—has expanded dramatically. Yet states and localities have retained a central role in education policy, leading to a growing struggle for control over the direction of the nation’s schools. In An Education in Politics, Jesse H. Rhodes explains the uneven development of federal involvement in education. While supporters of expanded federal involvement enjoyed some success in bringing new ideas to the federal policy agenda, Rhodes argues, they also encountered stiff resistance from proponents of local control. Built atop existing decentralized policies, new federal reforms raised difficult questions about which level of government bore ultimate responsibility for improving schools. Rhodes’s argument focuses on the role played by civil rights activists, business leaders, and education experts in promoting the reforms that would be enacted with federal policies such as NCLB. It also underscores the constraints on federal involvement imposed by existing education policies, hostile interest groups, and, above all, the nation’s federal system. Indeed, the federal system, which left specific policy formation and implementation to the states and localities, repeatedly frustrated efforts to effect changes: national reforms lost their force as policies passed through iterations at the state, county, and municipal levels. Ironically, state and local resistance only encouraged civil rights activists, business leaders, and their political allies to advocate even more stringent reforms that imposed heavier burdens on state and local governments. Through it all, the nation’s education system made only incremental steps toward the goal of providing a quality education for every child.

An Education in Facebook?

Higher Education and the World's Largest Social Network


Author: Mike Kent,Tama Leaver

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134676085

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 1988

An Education in Facebook? examines and critiques the role of Facebook in the evolving landscape of higher education. At times a mandated part of classroom use, at others an informal network for students, Facebook has become an inevitable component of college life, acting alternately as an advertising, recruitment and learning tool. But what happens when educators use a corporate product, which exists outside of the control of universities, to educate students? An Education in Facebook? provides a broad discussion of the issues educators are already facing on college campuses worldwide, particularly in areas such as privacy, copyright and social media etiquette. By examining current uses of Facebook in university settings, this book offers both a thorough analytical critique as well as practical advice for educators and administrators looking to find ways to thoughtfully integrate Facebook and other digital communication tools into their classrooms and campuses.

An Education System Worthy of Malaysia


Author: Bakri Musa

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595265901

Category: Education

Page: 324

View: 5953

Malaysia's highly centralized and tightly controlled system of education fails in educating and integrating the young. It is also ill suited for a plural society. Instead of the present rigid and uniform system, the writer calls for one that is flexible and diverse, but with a core of commonality. There should also be private sector participation to provide competition and spur innovation. Achieving this requires radically changing the ministry of education from one obsessed with strict top-down command, to a more democratized model with power and responsibilities delegated to the periphery. The minister is less a drill sergeant barking out orders to his raw recruits but more of a symphony conductor coaxing the best out of his skilled musicians. The reforms suggested here will make Malaysians fluently bilingual in Malay and English, science literate, and mathematically competent, as well as foster a common Malaysian identity.

“An” Education

das Drehbuch ; [das Buch zum Film]


Author: Nick Hornby,Stephan Klapdor

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783462042290


Page: 222

View: 4753

An Education in People


Author: Steve Seepersaud

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595195660

Category: Fiction

Page: 179

View: 5651

When young adults head off to college, they're usually focused on academics and the social scene on campus. How can I get the best grades without going to class? Will I get into the fraternity/sorority of my choice? Who will I hook up with at the party?Spirituality is often the last thing that comes to mind. "An Education In People" tells how college can be a religious awakening for some students.