All Year Round


Author: Ann Druitt,Sue Fitzjohn,Minda Weston,Christine Fynes-Clinton,Judy Large,Marije Rowling

Publisher: Gryphon House

ISBN: 9781869890476

Category: Education

Page: 223

View: 7575

All Year Round is brimming with things to make, activities, stories, poems and songs to share with your family. It is full of well-illustrated ideas for fun and celebration: from Candlemas to Christmas and Midsummer's day to the Winter solstice.Observing the round of festivals is an enjoyable way to bring rhythm into children's lives and provide a series of meaningful landmarks to look forward to. Each festival has a special character of its own: participation can deepen our understanding and love of nature and bring a gift to the whole family. All Year Round invites you to start celebrating now!

Festivals, Family and Food


Author: Diana Carey,Judy Large,Cornelie Morris,Sylvia Mehta

Publisher: Floris Books

ISBN: 9780950706238

Category: Cooking

Page: 216

View: 8409

Contains stories, poems, songs, games, recipes, and crafts for holidays celebrated in Great Britain. Includes activities for birthday celebrations.

Holidays and Holy Nights

Celebrating Twelve Seasonal Festivals of the Christian Year


Author: Christopher Hill

Publisher: Quest Books

ISBN: 9780835608107

Category: Religion

Page: 201

View: 6708

This joyous, sparkling book opens the treasure chest of liturgical year to bring the creative power of the Divine into our ordinary lives here and now.

A Book of Feasts and Seasons


Author: Joanna Bogle

Publisher: Gracewing Publishing

ISBN: 9780852442173

Category: Cooking

Page: 193

View: 9031

"A Book of Feasts and Seasons" recaptures the lost traditions surrounding major feasts and festivals--every occasion of the Christian Year.

Seasons of the Witch

Celebrating the 8 Wiccan Festivals of the Year


Author: Gail Duff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781569753361

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 222

View: 8508

With decorating projects, menu suggestions, and group activities for each festival, this book is a Wiccan guide to eight celebrations in tune with the natural rhythm of the year and its changing seasons. Illustrations.

Celebrating Festivals with Children


Author: Freya Jaffke

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780863158322

Category: Festivals

Page: 150

View: 4021

Describes festival celebrations in relation to child development in the first seven years.

The Birthday Book

Celebrations for Everyone


Author: Ann Druitt,Christine Fynes-Clinton,Mary C. Rowling

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781903458013

Category: Social Science

Page: 244

View: 6172

The Birthday Bookÿis packed with recipes, stories, songs, games, and ideas for cards, decorations and presents. There are suggestions for 'oldies', for teenagers, 18th and 21st parties as well as children's parties. You will also find unusual celebrations for those celebrating birthdays on holiday, ill in bed, at Christmas or for rainy days.

Celebrating Irish Festivals

Calendar of Seasonal Celebrations


Author: Ruth Marshall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781903458235

Category: Social Science

Page: 210

View: 4289

Including new and inspiring ideas for celebrating festivals today, this yearbook of Irish traditions includes Imbolc, Bealaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain, with Church holy days, agricultural festivals and Celtic Saint's days. The book offers ways to engage children - within the tradition and outside it - so they anticipate each festival with excitement and pleasure. It also includes recipes, crafts and activities with easy-to-follow instructions. Well-loved traditions and modern interpretations blend into a reference book suitable for teachers, parents and others seeking a practical and original introduction to Irish festivals and celebrations.

The Children's Year

Crafts and Clothes for Children and Parents to Make


Author: Stephanie Cooper,Christine Fynes-Clinton,Marye Rowling

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781869890001

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 189

View: 7990

You don't need experience to create beautiful things! This step-by-step, illustrated book gives clear instructions to get you started. Children and parents are encouraged to try all sorts of handwork and projects related to the seasons. Includes designs and patterns for natural children's clothing; toys such as balancing birds, climbing gnomes, and horses; woolly caps; mobiles; and dolls. Here are more than a hundred fun projects for the whole year.

Halloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life


Author: Jack Santino

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 9780870498138

Category: Reference

Page: 280

View: 3376

Essays discuss Halloween and related holidays and their adaptation to the modern world, including customs in Ulster, Pennsylvania, Newfoundland, Texas, the Canadian prairie, Vermont, Greenwich Village, and other places

The Singing Year


Author: Candy Verney

Publisher: Festivals and The Seasons

ISBN: 9781903458396

Category: Children's songs

Page: 136

View: 8895

The Singing Yearÿfollows a child's journey through the cycle of the seasons with an exuberant collection of music, songs and poems about the birds, animals, plants and other highlights of each season. This delightful family songbook also offers suggestions for seasonal gardening, games and craft activities.

Origin and Transformation of the Ancient Israelite Festival Calendar


Author: Jan A. Wagenaar

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag

ISBN: 9783447052498

Category: History

Page: 225

View: 1611

The book focusses on the origin and transformation of the priestly festival calendar. Since the epoch-making work of Julius Wellhausen at the end of the 19th century the differences between the various ancient Israelite festival calendars have often been explained in terms of a gradual evolution, which shows an increasing historicisation, denaturalisation and ritualisation. The festivals were in Wellhausen's view gradually detached from agricultural conditions and celebrated more and more at fixed points in the year. This study tries to show that the changes in the priestly festival calendar reflect a conscious effort to adapt the ancient Israelite festival calendar to the semi-annual layout of the Babylonian festival year. The ramifications of the change only come to the fore after a careful study of the agricultural conditions of ancient Israel - and Mesopotamia - makes clear that passover and the festival of unleavened bread were originally celebrated in the second month of the year. The first month of the year envisaged by the priestly festival calendar for the celebration of passover and the festival of unleavened bread in turn mirrors the date of one of the two semi-annual Babylonian New Year festivals. The two Babylonian New Year festivals were celebrated exactly six months apart at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. In order to adapt the ancient Israelite festival calendar to the Babylonian scheme with two New Year festivals a year, the date of passover and the festival of unleavened bread had to be moved up by one month. The consequences for the origin of passover, the festival of unleavened bread, the festival of weeks and the festival of huts are charted and the relations between the various ancient Israelite festival calendars are determined anew.


Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2011


Author: Mark McWilliams

Publisher: Oxford Symposium

ISBN: 1903018897

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

View: 3506

Essays on Food and Celebration from the 2011 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. The 2011 meeting marked the thirtieth year of the Symposium.

Living the Christian Year

Time to Inhabit the Story of God


Author: Bobby Gross

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830866949

Category: Religion

Page: 336

View: 8462

Infuse your days with meaning. You are part of a larger Story. And the One who began the Story is at work today, in your life, in the midst of your meetings and bills and family activities that make the days rush by and blur together. In these pages Bobby Gross opens to you--and opens you to--the liturgical year, helping you inhabit God's Story every day. Remembering God's work, Christ's death and resurrection, and the Spirit's coming will change you, drawing you into deeper intimacy with God and pointing your attention to the work of the Father, Son and Spirit right now, in and around you. You'll be reminded daily that your life is bigger than just you, that you are part of God's huge plan that started before time and will continue into eternity. Whether you're familiar or unfamiliar with following the liturgical year, this book makes it easy to do, offering here the significance and history of each season, ideas for living out God's Story in your own life, and devotions that follow the church calendar for each day of the year. "The power that overshadowed Mary and raised Jesus from the dead also guarantees the final redemption of all things in him; that same power is at work in us now," Gross writes. "Keeping liturgical time, making it sacred, opens us further to this power as, year after year, we rehearse the Story of God--remembering with gratitude, anticipating with hope--and over time live more deeply the Story of our lives."

Celebrating the Jewish Year

The Spring and Summer Holidays: Passover, The Omer, Shavuot, Tisha B'Av


Author: Paul Steinberg,Janet Greenstein Potter

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

ISBN: 0827608500

Category: Religion

Page: 295

View: 411

Offers prayers, sources, rituals, and stories to help understand and celebrate the Jewish holidays.

Quotations for All Occasions


Author: Catherine Frank

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231112912

Category: Reference

Page: 300

View: 3666

A collection of quotes for every conceivable moment and passage in life includes words of wisdom by Plato, John Donne, Woody Allen, Betty Ford, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Frederick Douglass, Martina Navartilova, Holden Caulfield, Susan Sontag, and many others. Original. (Reference)

Heaven on Earth

A Handbook for Parents of Young Children


Author: Sharifa Oppenheimer

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 0880109955

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 2248

As we see a shift of old forms that were once the foundations of our daily lives, parents--who must prepare the next generation to meet the changing world--have more questions today than ever before. Although our cultural values and family structures may change, it is the atmosphere in the home that continues to form the foundation of a child's life. In Heaven on Earth, parent and educator Sharifa Oppenheimer reveals how parents can make the home environment warm, lively, loving, and consistent with their highest ideals. Heaven on Earth balances a theoretical understanding of child development with practical ideas, resources, and tips that can transform family life. Readers will learn how to create the regular life rhythms needed to establish a foundation for learning; how to design indoor play environments that allow children the broadest development of skills; and how to create outdoor play spaces that encourage vigorous movement and a wide sensory palette. Through art, storytelling, and the festival celebrations, this book is an invaluable guide to building a "family culture" based on the guiding principle of love--a culture that supports children and encourages the free development of each unique soul. Sharifa Oppenheimer offers a gift from the heart. Heaven on Earth is a practical, inspiring resource that brings the author's informed, intuitive understanding of young children into the heart of the home. "Sharifa Oppenhiemer has given the world a great gift in the pages of this book. The important child-development information is exquisitely combined with the best 'How-to's' I have seen in any book for parents. Her book, is a ready guide that insures joyful, enthusiastic children who learn easily and contribute to their families and society for a lifetime. I have delighted in every page and feel this is absolutely A must read for parents, grandparents, teachers, and perhaps everyone who will ever touch the life of a child." --Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., biologist and international educational consultant to 32 countries and author of Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head and Awakening the Child Heart, Handbook for Global Parenting "This delightful book will be a wonderful resource for parents. They will certainly appreciate its warm, friendly, personal, and reassuring tone. I would have loved such a book when I was a young mother! For those whose children already attend Waldorf programs, it provides a helpful resource for creating a bridge between home and kindergarten. For others, this lovely book offers wonderful glimpses into the wise and nurturing practices of Waldorf early childhood education. In a world where childhood is increasingly 'media'ted and 'adult'erated, this book offers much-needed support for the protection of childhood. " --Susan Howard, chairperson, Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America and coordinator, International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education "Being a parent is a challenging assignment, but with the help of Sharifa Oppenheimer's book, Heaven on Earth, our work immediately becomes easier. This book is both heartfelt and practical. It offers sound parenting principles with down-to-earth examples of how to raise children with both insight and grace." --Jack Petrash, director, Nova Institute, and author, Navigating the Terrain of Childhood: A Guidebook for Meaningful Parenting and Heartfelt Discipline

All Around the Year

Holidays and Celebrations in American Life


Author: Jack Santino

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252065163

Category: Social Science

Page: 227

View: 3863

Whether they're decorating Easter trees or celebrating Wagner's birthday by playing recordings of his Ring cycle operas and incinerating a model of Valhalla on an outdoor barbecue to the closing strains of "Gotterdämerung," Americans know both how to create and how to celebrate holidays! Jack Santino's guide to such frivolity is a wonderfully readable exploration of holidays, periods of festivity, and life-cycle rituals and celebrations. Santino draws on history, anthropology, popular culture, and folklore to show the intricate relationships between holidays and the roles that celebrations and rituals play in people's lives. Jack Santino, a professor of popular culture at Bowling Green University, is the author of Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle: Stories of Black Pullman Porters and Halloween and Other Festivities of Death and Life.