Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo

A Hyperion Read-Along


Author: Kevin Lewis

Publisher: Disney Electronic Content

ISBN: 1484717406

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 4948

This classic picture book is now available as an eBook read by the author! Come along for the ride as a busy toy locomotive makes its rounds through a bustling playroom. Featuring rhyming couplets and bright, bold illustrations brought to life by Kevin Lewis’s lively narration, this story is sure to be a hit with young train lovers.

The Disneyland Railroad

A Complete History in Words and Pictures


Author: Steve DeGaetano

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781941500569


Page: 308

View: 6234

A Grand Circle Tour. Noted rail expert Steve DeGaetano welcomes you aboard for this definitive, in-depth history of the Disneyland Railroad, with hundreds of vintage and current photos, and a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of how Disney operates its system of trains, stations, and roundhouse.

Stealing the General

the great locomotive chase and the first Medal of Honor


Author: Russell S. Bonds,Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company

Publisher: Westholme Pub Llc


Category: History

Page: 444

View: 6080

In April 1862, 20 Union soldiers crossed Confederate lines to steal a locomotive called the General and destroy a critical Confederate supply line. In the aftermath half the team was executed; the half that escaped received the newly established Medal ofH

The Train to Impossible Places: A Cursed Delivery


Author: P. G. Bell

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

ISBN: 1250189519

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 3566

A middle-grade fantasy and nonstop adventure, The Train to Impossible Places by debut author P. G. Bell is as fun as it is full of heart, and the first book of a trilogy. A train that travels through impossible places. A boy trapped in a snow globe. And a girl who’s about to go on the adventure of a lifetime. The Impossible Postal Express is no ordinary train. It’s a troll-operated delivery service that runs everywhere from ocean-bottom shipwrecks, to Trollville, to space. But when this impossible train comes roaring through Suzy’s living room, her world turns upside down. After sneaking on board, Suzy suddenly finds herself Deputy Post Master aboard the train, and faced with her first delivery—to the evil Lady Crepuscula. Then, the package itself begs Suzy not to deliver him. A talking snow globe, Frederick has information Crepuscula could use to take over the entire Union of Impossible Places. But when protecting Frederick means putting her friends in danger, Suzy has to make a difficult choice—with the fate of the entire Union at stake.


Trains of the Future-Now Arriving


Author: Dale Samuelson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780986249488


Page: 248

View: 4781

What do you think of when you hear the word MONORAIL? For many, a theme park, fair or zoo ride may come to mind. Perhaps you think of a silly cartoon and a song? Dig deeper into the topic, and you will find that each day monorails actually carry hundreds of thousands of passengers in non-entertainment transit applications. Monorails: Trains of the Future-Now Arriving focuses on them through stunning photography and with extensive information. Monorails: Trains of the Future-Now Arriving begins with a primer on what monorail is, followed by compelling arguments for its advantages. Monorail's rich and long history is next, along with a chapter of monorails that were proposed or planned, yet never built. The heart of the book follows with an eye-opening, two-chapter list of the world's transit monorails. Gorgeous color photography shows monorail in a wide variety of environments, along with descriptions, data and maps. The book ends with chapters on how monorail is built, the monorailists that promote them, and speculations on the future of monorail. Monorails: Trains of the Future-Now Arriving is the first hardbound book of its type in over fifty years and is a must-have for anyone interested in rail transit.

Maps of the Disney Parks

Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghai


Author: Vanessa Hunt,Kevin Neary,Susan Neary

Publisher: Disney Editions

ISBN: 9781484715475

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 9776

It all started with a map. . . . Maps of the Disney Parks are more than just atlases used by guests to find their way to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. They are snapshots of a place and time, relics treasured by collectors, and gorgeous pieces of artwork. In fact, it was a map-imagined by Walt Disney and drawn by Herbert Ryman-that was used to sell the idea of Disneyland to investors. Unfold this book bursting with beautiful maps from when the very first Disney Park opened in 1955 right up to today. Discover details on how and why the domestic and international parks have changed over time, and enjoy six decades worth of skillful creativity.

Walt Disney World Railroads Part 1 Fort Wilderness Railroad


Author: David Leaphart

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781500805227

Category: Transportation

Page: 146

View: 2379

Travel with me to visit and learn about the former Fort Wilderness Railroad. This unique steam railroad traveled the Walt Disney World campground resort back in the 1970's. The first half of the book covers reasons why Walt Disney loved railroading followed by the history and people of the railroad and Fort Wilderness. The second half covers the track plans and the engineering behind the railroad. Please note: This book is an independent work of history and commentary. This is not a Disney product or associated with The Walt Disney Company.

Together in the Dream

The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early Decades of Walt Disney World


Author: Suzanne Ogren,R. J. Ogren

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781941500675


Page: 186

View: 3394

Our Careers in the Magic Kingdom. R.J. painted Animatronic figures and "plussed" attractions. Suzanne drove monorails, marched in parades, and entertained as Sleepy the dwarf. Together, the Ogrens brought their unique skills to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom during its formative years.

Project Future

The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World


Author: Chad Denver Emerson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615347776

Category: Travel

Page: 185

View: 816

The Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida is one of the world's most famous vacation destinations. This iconic resort is now located in what once was thousands of acres of swamp and marshland. Through spy-like moves and innovative strategies, Walt Disney and his cadre of creative leaders turned this massive swamp land into today's Disney World. This books shares the amazing behind the scenes story of how Disney's Florida resort, code-named Project Future, rose from the marshes of Central Florida to become one of the world's most popular theme park resorts.

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments


Author: David Foster Wallace

Publisher: Back Bay Books

ISBN: 9780316090520

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 368

View: 9719

In this exuberantly praised book - a collection of seven pieces on subjects ranging from television to tennis, from the Illinois State Fair to the films of David Lynch, from postmodern literary theory to the supposed fun of traveling aboard a Caribbean luxury cruiseliner - David Foster Wallace brings to nonfiction the same curiosity, hilarity, and exhilarating verbal facility that has delighted readers of his fiction, including the bestselling Infinite Jest.

The Tree of Life


Author: Justin Stumvoll

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1942306245

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8487

Through an act of providence, Oakie the acorn is buried in an apple orchard by an eccentric adventurer, Otis the wild-eyed squirrel. Oakie finds himself in an unfamiliar world, wrestling with who he is and whether or not he should stay. After a thrilling adventure exploring life outside of the orchard, Oakie returns home to an unexpected nemesis, Joshua, “the people". When tragedy strikes, Oakie and Joshua go on the most crucial journey of their lives, changing their destiny forever. The Tree of Life is an allegory that chronicles the journey each of us must embark upon to find healing from the bumps and bruises incurred through life. The invitation resounding from The Tree of Life is for adults to return to the joys of imaginative innocence and it’s a promise to children that everything they need to fulfill their dreams is within them. The message for everyone is that we must learn how to come alive wherever we find ourselves planted!

Standing in the Rainbow

A Novel


Author: Fannie Flagg

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780345478634

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

View: 3654

Good news! Fannie’s back in town—and the town is among the leading characters in her new novel. Along with Neighbor Dorothy, the lady with the smile in her voice, whose daily radio broadcasts keep us delightfully informed on all the local news, we also meet Bobby, her ten-year-old son, destined to live a thousand lives, most of them in his imagination; Norma and Macky Warren and their ninety-eight-year-old Aunt Elner; the oddly sexy and charismatic Hamm Sparks, who starts off in life as a tractor salesman and ends up selling himself to the whole state and almost the entire country; and the two women who love him as differently as night and day. Then there is Tot Whooten, the beautician whose luck is as bad as her hairdressing skills; Beatrice Woods, the Little Blind Songbird; Cecil Figgs, the Funeral King; and the fabulous Minnie Oatman, lead vocalist of the Oatman Family Gospel Singers. The time is 1946 until the present. The town is Elmwood Springs, Missouri, right in the middle of the country, in the midst of the mostly joyous transition from war to peace, aiming toward a dizzyingly bright future. Once again, Fannie Flagg gives us a story of richly human characters, the saving graces of the once-maligned middle classes and small-town life, and the daily contest between laughter and tears. Fannie truly writes from the heartland, and her storytelling is, to quote Time, "utterly irresistible."

The Ward Kimball

The Story of Disneyland Engine No. 5


Author: Steve DeGaetano

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781941500583


Page: 118

View: 2214

From Plantation to Theme Park. For Disneyland's 50th anniversary, the company had a great idea: add a fifth train to the Disneyland Railroad and name it after Ward Kimball, a Disney Legend and, like Walt himself, a railfan. This is the story of how a locomotive built in 1902 became part of the Happiest Place on Earth.

Travels with Walt Disney

A Photographic Voyage Around the World


Author: Jeff Kurtti

Publisher: Disney Editions

ISBN: 9781484737682

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 7093

From his earliest years, Walt Disney aimed to expand his boundaries: physical, creative, and intellectual. Throughout his life, Walt was a frequent and enthusiastic "tourist," visiting destinations around the United States of America and across the globe. Whether attending a premiere, supervising a film production, or simply vacationing with his family, the "All-American" Walt became a citizen of the world. From Denmark to Argentina, England to Greece, Austria, Chile, Canada, France . . . all of them welcomed Walt as an emissary of his good name, good works, and good reputation. In Travels with Walt Disney: A Photographic Voyage Around the World, seldom-seen and never-before-published photographs are showcased along with eyewitness recollections and enlightening anecdotes, arranged into a one-of-a-kind "travel journal" as if Walt himself might have documented these exciting excursions in one special place to keep the memories alive and to share with readers.

Food on the Rails

The Golden Era of Railroad Dining


Author: Jeri Quinzio

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442227338

Category: Cooking

Page: 194

View: 1733

Food on the Rails traces the rise and fall of food on the rails from its rocky start to its glory days to its sad demise. Looking at the foods, the service, the rail station restaurants, the menus, the dining accommodations and more, Jeri Quinzio brings to life the history of cuisine and dining in railroad cars from the early days through today.

How to Be Like Walt

Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life


Author: Pat Williams,Jim Denney

Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

ISBN: 0757394469

Category: Self-Help

Page: 384

View: 3269

An inspiring biography of one of the most influential and beloved figures of the 21st century, based on more than a thousand interviews. "I've read every book that has ever been written about Walt Disney, going back to some that were published in the 1930s. [How to Be Like Walt] is by far the most enjoyable to read of them all!" Tim O'Day, Disney Scholar "How to Be Like Walt is a fitting tribute to Walt's memory and an important contribution to the Disney legacy . . . Now more than ever, we need people with the qualities Walt had: optimism, imagination, creativity, leadership, integrity, courage, boldness, perseverance, commitment to excellence, reverence for the past, hope for tomorrow, and faith in God." Art Linkletter How to Be Like is a "character biography" series: biographies that also draw out important lessons from the life of their subjects. In this new book-by far the most exhaustive in the series-Pat Williams tackles one of the most influential people in recent history. While many recent biographies of Walt Disney have reveled in the negative, this book takes an honest but positive look at the man behind the myth. For the first time, the book pulls together all the various strands of Disney's life into one straightforward, easy-to-read tale of imagination, perseverance, and optimism. Far from a preachy or oppressive tome, this book scrapes away the minutiae to capture the true magic of a brilliant maverick.

Drinking at Disney: A Tipsy Travel Guide to Walt Disney World's Bars, Lounges & Glow Cubes


Author: Daniel Miller,Rhiannon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780991007967

Category: Travel

Page: 330

View: 2894

Join Drunky, your tipsy tour guide, and Rhiannon, his begrudging editor, as they bring you on a magical journey to every themed bar and lounge on Walt Disney World property. Over 100 in-depth bar reviews, full-color photos and maps, customized Drinking Plans, and all the tips, tricks, advice, and selfies you can shake a booze-filled pineapple at!

Disney A to Z

the updated official encyclopedia


Author: Dave Smith

Publisher: Disney Editions


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 633

View: 5372

Thousands of entries and hundreds of photographs combine to provide a comprehensive reference to the world of Disney, providing coverage of the history of Disney, park attractions, television shows, songs, animated features and shorts, and films