Issues in Human Rights Protection of Intellectually Disabled Persons


Author: Dr Andreas Dimopoulos

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409497054

Category: Law

Page: 264

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This book develops a legal argument as to how persons with intellectual disability can flourish in a liberal setting through the exercise of human rights, even though they are perceived as non-autonomous. Using Ronald Dworkin's theory of liberal equality, it argues that ethical individualism can be modified to accommodate persons with intellectual disability as equals in liberal theory. Current legal practices, the case law of the ECtHR on disability, the provisions of the UNCRPD and a comparative analysis of English and German law are discussed, as well as suggestions for positive measures for persons with intellectual disability. The book will interest academics, human rights activists and legal practitioners in the field of disability rights.

Health Care Law and Ethics in a Nutshell


Author: Mark A. Hall,Ira Mark Ellman,David Orentlicher

Publisher: West Academic

ISBN: 9780314209870

Category: Law

Page: 463

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Public policy responses to escalating medical costs and constrained access pose fundamental challenges to health care law. Profound medical advances also generate many ethical dilemmas. This authoritative discussion considers how law and ethics respond to these driving social, economic, and political forces of innovation, crisis and reform. Topics include health care finance and delivery structures, treatment relationships, facility and insurance regulation, corporate and tax law, refusal of life support, organ donation, and reproductive technologies.

Medical Transcription For Dummies


Author: Anne Martinez

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118461053

Category: Medical

Page: 360

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The fast and easy way to explore a medical transcriptioncareer Flexibility is one of the most enticing aspects of a career inmedical transcription. Perfect for in the office, at home, or onvacation, medical transcriptionists can often createlifestyle-appropriate schedules. The transcription field alsoappeals as a part-time, post-retirement income source forex-healthcare-industry workers. If you're interested in a career inthis growing field, Medical Transcription For Dummies servesas an accessible entry point. With guidance on getting through training and certification andexploring opportunities within the myriad different kinds ofemployment arrangements, Medical Transcription For Dummiesgives you everything you need to get started in medicaltranscription. Guides you on getting though medical transcription training andcertification Includes expert advice and tips on how to approach complexmedical jargon and understand procedures Plain-English explanations of medical terminology, anatomy andphysiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatmentassessments Whether used as a classroom supplement or a desk reference,students and professionals alike can benefit from MedicalTranscription For Dummies.

The Power of Geography (RLE Social & Cultural Geography)

How Territory Shapes Social Life


Author: Jennifer Wolch,Michael Dear

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317819918

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

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This book illuminates the profound influence of geography on everyday life. Concentrating on the realm of social reproduction – gender, family, education, culture and tradition, race, ethnicity the contributors provide both an articulation of a theory of territory and reproduction and concrete empirical analyses of the evolution of social practices in particular places. At the core of the book’s contribution is the concept of society as a ‘time-space’ fabric, upon which are engraved the processes of political, economic and socio-cultural life. A second distinctive feature of the book is its substantive focus on the relation between territory and social practice. Thirdly, it represents a significant step in the redefinition of the research agenda in human geography.

Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management

A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, 4th Edition


Author: Steven Berger

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118801741

Category: Medical

Page: 448

View: 2189

Learn the essentials of finance theory and practice with thetools needed in day-to-day practice In this thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition ofFundamentals of Health Care Financial Management, consultantand educator Steven Berger offers a practical step-by-step approachto understanding the fundamental theories and relationships guidingfinancial decisions in health care organization. Using cases set ina fictional mid-sized hospital, the book takes the reader into theinner workings of the finance executive's office. As in the previous editions, this book introduces students tokey practical concepts in fundamental areas of financialmanagement. This innovative introduction to the most-used tools andtechniques includes health care accounting and financialstatements; managing cash, billings and collections; making majorcapital investments; determining cost and using cost information indecision-making; budgeting and performance measurement; andpricing. Also covered in depth are the financial implications of PatientProtection and Affordable Care Act, which will increase patientvolume, reduce bad debt, factor quality and patient satisfactioninto the financial picture, and significantly affect how hospitalsand physicians are paid for services. Students focusing on the business side of health care will findFundamentals of Health Care Financial Management: A PracticalGuide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, 4th Edition avaluable text for understanding the workings of the health carefinancial system.

Deficits in EU and US Mandatory Environmental Information Disclosure

Legal, Comparative Legal and Economic Facets of Pollutant Release Inventories


Author: Dirk Bünger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642227578

Category: Law

Page: 490

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It is the publicity about the Pollutant Release Inventory’s data which creates an incentive for firms to achieve emission reductions. Accordingly, public access to environmental information constitutes a core characteristic of the aforementioned inventory. Here, in essence, two facets arise. First, with regard to the collection, it is disputed whether such information, which may comprise confidential commercial and industrial information in the EU as well as trade secrets in the US, can be protected under fundamental and constitutional property rights respectively. Second, in the context of dissemination and utilisation, it is arguable whether the information indeed impacts polluters and produces an outcome that secures a certain level of environmental protection. The author responds to the first issue by taking the EU and US jurisdictions into account and strives to analyse how this novel form of Internet disclosure liberates market mechanisms in the quest for effective and efficient emission reductions.

Correctional law

an updated bibliography of selected books and articles


Author: David A. Rapoport,American Correctional Association. Correctional Law Project,Jeffrey Curtis

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 20

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Ein Essay


Author: Ivan Krastev

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518752189

Category: Political Science

Page: 143

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Nach 1989 waren Landkarten plötzlich nicht länger in Mode. Die Grenzen sollten geöffnet werden für Menschen, Güter, Kapital und Ideen. An die Stelle der alten Karten traten Graphiken, welche die ökonomische Verflechtung innerhalb der EU illustrierten. Heute erleben wir einen ideologischen Gezeitenwechsel: Wo die Mehrheit der Europäer noch vor einigen Jahren optimistisch auf die Globalisierung blickte, empfinden sie Migration und die Rückkehr der Geopolitik als Quelle der Unsicherheit. Ivan Krastev untersucht die Ursachen für diesen Wandel und erörtert, welche Formen die europäische Desintegration annehmen könnte. Ein Zerfall der EU, so Krastev, wäre eine Tragödie, die den Kontinent zu internationaler Bedeutungslosigkeit verurteilen würde.

West's Law Finder, 1991 Edition


Author: West Publishing Company, College & School Division

Publisher: West Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780314920546

Category: Law

Page: 80

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Prinzipien, Verfahren, Produkte


Author: Owen P. Ward

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540567233

Category: Science

Page: 259

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1.1 Fermentation - eine alte Kunst 1m weiteren Sinne wird bei einer Fermentation organische Materie mit Hilfe von Mikroorganismen einer enzymkatalysierten Stoffumwandlung unterwor fen. Die Giirung wurde iiber die Jahrhunderte regelrecht zu einer Kunst wei terentwickelt. Wein ist seit mindestens 10000 v. Chr. bekannt, und die Hi storiker nehmen an, daB die .Agypter bereits zwischen 5000 und 6000 v. Chr. Bier brauten. Sie lie£en Gerste in irdenen Gefa£en ankeimen, zerkleinerten sie, teigten an, buken den Brei und trankten schlief31ich alles mit Wasser. Aus diesem Ansatz entstand dann das Bier. Etwa 4000 v. Chr. verwendeten die .Agypter Brauhefe, um bei der Teigsauerung die Bildung von Kohlen dioxid zu erreichen. Die Azteken in Mexiko ernteten Spirulina Algen aus Teichen mit alkalis chen pH-Werten und verwendeten sie als Lebensmittel. Viele lokal bekannte, fermentativ gewonnene Nahrungsmittel und Saucen in Asien und iiberall auf der Welt werden eindeutig schon seit Tausenden von Jahren hergestellt. Heute wei£ man, daB sie durch Garung, Enzymproduk tion und enzymatische Hydrolyse unter Mithilfe von Oberflachenkulturen gebildet werden. Uber die Umwandlung von Milch in Kase wurde schon 5000 v. Chr. berichtet, als man beobachtete, daB Milch, die in Kalbetmagen transportiert wurde, zum Ausflocken neigte (Kalbermagen enthalten En zyme, die die Milch ausflocken lassen). Essig ist vermutlich bekannt seit Wein hergestellt wird, obgleich die friihesten Zeugnisse tiber Essig aus dem Alten und Neuen Testament stammen. Die friihesten Berichte iiber destil lierte alkoholische Getranke stammen aus China etwa 1000 v. Chr.

Books in Print


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