An Introduction to American History, 1860-1990


Author: Alan Farmer,Vivienne Sanders

Publisher: Hodder Murray

ISBN: 9780340803264

Category: History

Page: 313

View: 3879

This title introduces the major political and social themes of this period of American history in an accessible and progressive way. The Access to History Context series covers core periods of European and American history. Each book covers a period of at least one hundred years, charting the key political, social, economic, religious and cultural themes and issues of that time. All texts include activities with comprehensive advice on tackling essay questions.

The Origins of the American Civil War, 1846-61


Author: Alan Farmer

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN: 9780340848906

Category: History

Page: 166

View: 3537

This second edition has been updated to take account of recently-published historical interpretations on the period. The text provides a detailed account of the causes of the American Civil War, identifying slavery as central to the dispute between Northern and Southern American states during the mid-nineteenth century.

An Introduction to Tudor England, 1485-1603


Author: Angela Anderson,Tony Imperato

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Educational Division

ISBN: 9780340683880

Category: History

Page: 242

View: 762

This title provides an introduction to the Tudor period. Key issues and important developments such as religious change, the changing social structure and the nature of government are examined and related to the wider European background. The Access to History Context series covers core periods of European and American history. Each book covers a period of at least one hundred years, charting the key political, social, economic, religious and cultural themes and issues of that time. All texts include activities with comprehensive advice on tackling essay questions.

Black Civil Rights in America


Author: Kevern Verney

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113455513X

Category: History

Page: 144

View: 7623

This book is the authoritative introduction to the history of black civil rights in the USA. It provides a clear and useful guide to the political, social and cultural history of black Americans and their pursuit of equal rights and recognition from 1865 through to the present day. From the civil war of the 1860s to the race riots of the 1990s, Black Civil Rights details the history of the modern civil rights movement in American history. This book introduces the reader to: * leading civil rights activists * black political movements within the USA * crucial legal and political developments * the portrayal of black Americans in the media. This a book no American history or cultural studies student will want to do without.

Major Problems in California History

Documents and Essays


Author: Sucheng Chan,Spencer C. Olin

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: History

Page: 496

View: 7447

This volume compiles carefully selected documents and essays to illuminate the most important controversies in the history of California from the precontact period to the present.

Crude Volatility

The History and the Future of Boom-Bust Oil Prices


Author: Robert McNally

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231543689

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 6407

As OPEC has loosened its grip over the past ten years, the oil market has been rocked by wild price swings, the likes of which haven't been seen for eight decades. Crafting an engrossing journey from the gushing Pennsylvania oil fields of the 1860s to today's fraught and fractious Middle East, Crude Volatility explains how past periods of stability and volatility in oil prices help us understand the new boom-bust era. Oil's notorious volatility has always been considered a scourge afflicting not only the oil industry but also the broader economy and geopolitical landscape; Robert McNally makes sense of how oil became so central to our world and why it is subject to such extreme price fluctuations. Tracing a history marked by conflict, intrigue, and extreme uncertainty, McNally shows how—even from the oil industry's first years—wild and harmful price volatility prompted industry leaders and officials to undertake extraordinary efforts to stabilize oil prices by controlling production. Herculean market interventions—first, by Rockefeller's Standard Oil, then, by U.S. state regulators in partnership with major international oil companies, and, finally, by OPEC—succeeded to varying degrees in taming the beast. McNally, a veteran oil market and policy expert, explains the consequences of the ebbing of OPEC's power, debunking myths and offering recommendations—including mistakes to avoid—as we confront the unwelcome return of boom and bust oil prices.

Modern America

The USA, 1865 to the Present


Author: Joanne De Pennington

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN: 9780719577444

Category: History

Page: 300

View: 1130

Modern America is a comprehensive core text covering the history of the USA from the end of the Civil War in 1865 to 1990. It examines three major themes througout this period: - Civil Rights, tracing the story of the black population from emancipation through to the 1960s. It asks of these and other minorities how far have different social groups in the USA achieved equality and freedom - Foreign policy, examining the reasons for and the results of the USAs transition from isolationism to worldwide involvement in many arenas. - Industrial growth and change, investigating the USA's development as an economic superpower and the problems and opportunities this has created at home and in the wider world. Modern America is written and edited by leading practitioners who have applied two decades of experience in history curriculum development to the challenge of helping students make the leap from middle to senior secondary schhol. It combines clear explanation with a source-based, enquiry-led approach. It offers a clear and penetrating narrative which gives students a deep insight into the issues required for understanding the development of the contemporary USA, thorough exam preparation through carefully designed tasks and a wide range of revision strategies including structured content summaries.

United States 1740-1919


Author: Derrick Murphy,Mark Waldron,Kathryn Cooper

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007268742


Page: 200

View: 3551

This book includes coverage from the causes of the American Revolutionary War to the end of the First World War. With historical interpretations, document source questions, explanation of difficult words and concepts, a study skills section for exam preparation and visuals to support learning available online.

Introduction to Information Retrieval


Author: Christopher D. Manning,Prabhakar Raghavan,Hinrich Schütze

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139472100

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

View: 8616

Class-tested and coherent, this textbook teaches classical and web information retrieval, including web search and the related areas of text classification and text clustering from basic concepts. It gives an up-to-date treatment of all aspects of the design and implementation of systems for gathering, indexing, and searching documents; methods for evaluating systems; and an introduction to the use of machine learning methods on text collections. All the important ideas are explained using examples and figures, making it perfect for introductory courses in information retrieval for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in computer science. Based on feedback from extensive classroom experience, the book has been carefully structured in order to make teaching more natural and effective. Slides and additional exercises (with solutions for lecturers) are also available through the book's supporting website to help course instructors prepare their lectures.

The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History


Author: Jeremy Black

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317554558

Category: History

Page: 174

View: 5119

In The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History, Jeremy Black presents a compact yet comprehensive survey of slavery and its impact on the world, primarily centered on the Atlantic trade. Opening with a clear discussion of the problems of defining slavery, the book goes on to investigate the Atlantic slave trade from its origins to abolition, including comparisons to other systems of slavery outside the Atlantic region and the persistence of modern-day slavery. Crucially, the book does not ask readers to abandon their emotional ties to the subject, but puts events in context so that it becomes clear how such an institution not only arose, but flourished. Black shows that slavery and the slave trade were not merely add-ons to the development of Western civilization, but intimately linked to it. In a vital and accessible narrative, The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History enables students to understand this terrible element of human history and how it shaped the modern world.

Life in Classrooms


Author: Philip Wesley Jackson

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807770054

Category: Education

Page: 183

View: 9363

Since its first appearance, Life in Classrooms has established itself as a classic study of the educational process at its most fundamental level.

Bless Me, Ultima


Author: Rudolfo Anaya

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 1455521329

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 5058

Stories filled with wonder and the haunting beauty of his culture have helped make Rudolfo Anaya the father of Chicano literature in English, and his tales fairly shimmer with the lyric richness of his prose. Acclaimed in both Spanish and English, Anaya is perhaps best loved for his classic bestseller ... Antonio Marez is six years old when Ultima comes to stay with his family in New Mexico. She is a curandera, one who cures with herbs and magic. Under her wise wing, Tony will test the bonds that tie him to his people, and discover himself in the pagan past, in his father's wisdom, and in his mother's Catholicism. And at each life turn there is Ultima, who delivered Tony into the world-and will nurture the birth of his soul. (68,000 words)

The Gilded Age

a tale of to-day, volume two


Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Harper & Brothers



Page: 360

View: 6938

Access to History: The Witchcraze of the 16th and 17th Centuries


Author: Alan Farmer

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN: 1471838390

Category: Study Aids

Page: 160

View: 9396

Give your students the best chance of success with this tried and tested series, combining in-depth analysis, engaging narrative and accessibility. Access to History is the most popular, trusted and wide-ranging series for A-level History students. This title: - Supports the content and assessment requirements of the 2015 A-level History specifications - Contains authoritative and engaging content - Includes thought-provoking key debates that examine the opposing views and approaches of historians - Provides exam-style questions and guidance for each relevant specification to help students understand how to apply what they have learnt This title is suitable for a variety of courses including: - Edexcel: The Witchcraze in Britain, Europe and North America c1580-c1750 - OCR: Popular Culture and the Witchcraze of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Flagship History - Italy 1815-1943


Author: Derrick Murphy,Terry Morris

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007268696

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 136

View: 4561

This new title offers factual and interpretive material from the Vienna Settlement to the fall of Mussolini. Includes historical interpretations, document source questions, explanation of difficult words and concepts, a study skills section for exam preparation and a companion website with visuals to support learning.

American Art to 1900

A Documentary History


Author: Sarah Burns,John Davis

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520245261

Category: Art

Page: 1082

View: 5714

American Art to 1900 presents an astonishing variety of unknown, little-known, or undervalued documents to convey the story of American art through the many voices of its contemporary practitioners, consumers, and commentators. The volume highlights such critically important themes as women artists, African American representation and expression, regional and itinerant artists, Native Americans and the frontier, and more. With its hundreds of explanatory headnotes, this book reveals the documentary riches of American art and its many intersecting histories.-back cover.

Unequal Gains

American Growth and Inequality since 1700


Author: Peter H. Lindert,Jeffrey G. Williamson

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400880343

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 424

View: 9142

Unequal Gains offers a radically new understanding of the economic evolution of the United States, providing a complete picture of the uneven progress of America from colonial times to today. While other economic historians base their accounts on American wealth, Peter Lindert and Jeffrey Williamson focus instead on income—and the result is a bold reassessment of the American economic experience. America has been exceptional in its rising inequality after an egalitarian start, but not in its long-run growth. America had already achieved world income leadership by 1700, not just in the twentieth century as is commonly thought. Long before independence, American colonists enjoyed higher living standards than Britain—and America's income advantage today is no greater than it was three hundred years ago. But that advantage was lost during the Revolution, lost again during the Civil War, and lost a third time during the Great Depression, though it was regained after each crisis. In addition, Lindert and Williamson show how income inequality among Americans rose steeply in two great waves—from 1774 to 1860 and from the 1970s to today—rising more than in any other wealthy nation in the world. Unequal Gains also demonstrates how the widening income gaps have always touched every social group, from the richest to the poorest. The book sheds critical light on the forces that shaped American income history, and situates that history in a broad global context. Economic writing at its most stimulating, Unequal Gains provides a vitally needed perspective on who has benefited most from American growth, and why.

History of the Australian Vegetation

Cretaceous to Recent


Author: Robert S. Hill

Publisher: University of Adelaide Press

ISBN: 1925261476

Category: Science

Page: 443

View: 8081

The Australian vegetation is the end result of a remarkable history of climate change, latitudinal change, continental isolation, soil evolution, interaction with an evolving fauna, fire and most recently human impact. This book presents a detailed synopsis of the critical events that led to the evolution of the unique Australian flora and the wide variety of vegetational types contained within it. The first part of the book details the past continental relationships of Australia, its palaeoclimate, fauna and the evolution of its landforms since the rise to dominance of the angiosperms at the beginning of the Cretaceous period. A detailed summary of the palaeobotanical record is then presented. The palynological record gives an overview of the vegetation and the distribution of important taxa within it, while the complementary macrofossil record is used to trace the evolution of critical taxa. This book will interest graduate students and researchers interested in the evolution of the flora of this fascinating continent.


America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877


Author: Eric Foner

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062035868

Category: History

Page: 736

View: 683

Newly Reissued with a New Introduction: From the "preeminent historian of Reconstruction" (New York Times Book Review), a newly updated edition of the prize-winning classic work on the post-Civil War period which shaped modern America. Eric Foner's "masterful treatment of one of the most complex periods of American history" (New Republic) redefined how the post-Civil War period was viewed. Reconstruction chronicles the way in which Americans—black and white—responded to the unprecedented changes unleashed by the war and the end of slavery. It addresses the ways in which the emancipated slaves' quest for economic autonomy and equal citizenship shaped the political agenda of Reconstruction; the remodeling of Southern society and the place of planters, merchants, and small farmers within it; the evolution of racial attitudes and patterns of race relations; and the emergence of a national state possessing vastly expanded authority and committed, for a time, to the principle of equal rights for all Americans. This "smart book of enormous strengths" (Boston Globe) remains the standard work on the wrenching post-Civil War period—an era whose legacy still reverberates in the United States today.