A Toolkit of Motivational Skills

Encouraging and Supporting Change in Individuals


Author: Catherine Fuller,Phil Taylor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470753730

Category: Psychology

Page: 306

View: 1609

How do you motivate someone to change a pattern of behaviour? This is an issue faced daily by professionals working in healthcare and criminal justice systems. Motivational interviewing is a style of communication developed for working with substance abuse, but found to be effective for work with a variety of people who are struggling with the idea of behaviour change. This workbook is a complete guide to the motivational approach for any professional who needs to help others to change.

Behandlung von Straftätern

Sozialtherapie, Maßregelvollzug, Sicherungsverwahrung


Author: Bernd Wischka,Willi Pecher,Hilde van den Boogaart

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3862268497

Category: Social Science

Page: 632

View: 4508

Der Sammelband verfolgt das Ziel, Praktiker in den sozialtherapeutischen Einrichtungen des Justizvollzugs und des Maßregelvollzugs über Standards bei der Behandlung von Straftätern und über Ergebnisse aus der Behandlungsforschung zu informieren. Dabei bilden die gerade im Zusammenhang mit "Psychopathy" und Persönlichkeitsstörungen diskutierten Schwierigkeiten in Diagnostik, Prognostik und Therapie besonders rückfallgefährdeter Straftäter einen Schwerpunkt. Mehrere Beiträge gehen auf das besonders in diesen Gefangenengruppen vorhandene Problem der Motivierung für therapeutische Veränderungen ein. Darüber hinaus werden neuere Erkenntnisse aus der Neurobiologe berichtet. Die in dem Band vereinten Erkenntnisse werden auch von Bedeutung sein für die konzeptionelle Neuausrichtung einer behandlungsorientierten Unterbringung von Sicherungsverwahrten auf der Basis des Urteils des Bundesverfassungsgerichts vom Mai 2011. Die Autoren stammen aus der Praxis, der kriminologischen Forschung und der Behandlungsforschung. Renommierte Fachleute aus dem angloamerikanischen Raum kommen ebenfalls zu Wort. Die Autoren im Einzelnen: Michel Behnke, Gerd Bielenberg, Adam J. Carter, Niels Birbaumer, Maike M.Breuer, Rita Demmerling, Christina Döhla, Fritz Feulner, Rudolf Egg, Johannes Lohner, Elisabeth Foppe, Audrey Gordon, DeQiang Gu, Gernot Hahn, Robert D. Hare, Sabine Hüdepohl, Lilian Konicar, Franziska Lamott, Claudia Lindemann, Joannes Lohner, Ruth Mann, Regine Mößle, Craig S. Neumann, Susanne Niemz, Willi Pecher, Martin Petelkau, Friedemann Pfäfflin, Maike Pucks, Udo Rauchfleisch, Ulrich Rehder, Gerhard Rehn, Nahlah Saimeh, Falk Sakewitz, Florian Schwanengel, Alex Stark, Stefan Suhling, Hilde van den Boogaart, Ralf Veit, Bernd Wischka, Stephen C.P. Wong.

Motivational Interviewing

Helping People Change


Author: William R. Miller,Stephen Rollnick

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1609182278

Category: Psychology

Page: 482

View: 6916

This is the authoritative, bestselling guide that professionals and students turn to for a complete introduction to motivational interviewing (MI), the powerful approach to facilitating change. The book elucidates the four processes of MI -- engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning -- and vividly demonstrates what they look like in action. A wealth of vignettes and interview examples illustrate the "dos and don'ts" of successful implementation in diverse contexts. Highly accessible, the book is infused with respect and compassion for clients. The companion Web page provides additional helpful resources, including reflection questions, an extended bibliography, and annotated case material. New to This Edition: Reflects major advances in understanding and teaching MI. Fully restructured around the new four-process model. All chapters now authored by Miller and Rollnick. Additional case examples and counseling situations. Reviews the growing evidence base and covers ways to assess MI fidelity. Pedagogical Features Include: Online reflection questions and annotated cases, ideal for classroom discussion. Bulleted key points at the end of each chapter. Engaging boxes with special topics and personal reflections. Extended bibliography and quick-reference glossary. This title is part of the Applications of Motivational Interviewing Series, edited by Stephen Rollnick and William R. Miller.

Motivational Interviewing, Third Edition

Helping People Change


Author: William R. Miller,Stephen Rollnick

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1462507573

Category: Psychology

Page: 482

View: 9311

This bestselling work for professionals and students is the authoritative presentation of motivational interviewing (MI), the powerful approach to facilitating change. The book elucidates the four processes of MI--engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning--and vividly demonstrates what they look like in action. A wealth of vignettes and interview examples illustrate the "dos and don'ts" of successful implementation in diverse contexts. Highly accessible, the book is infused with respect and compassion for clients. The companion Web page provides additional helpful resources, including reflection questions, an extended bibliography, and annotated case material. This book is in the Applications of Motivational Interviewing series, edited by Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller, and Theresa B. Moyers. New to This Edition:*Reflects major advances in understanding and teaching MI.*Fully restructured around the new four-process model.*Additional case examples and counseling situations.*Reviews the growing evidence base and covers ways to assess MI fidelity. Pedagogical Features Include:*Online reflection questions and annotated cases, ideal for classroom discussion.*Key points at the end of each chapter.*Engaging boxes with special topics and personal reflections.*Extended bibliography and quick-reference glossary.

Counselling for Alcohol Problems


Author: Richard Velleman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446209881

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

View: 1656

Counselling for Alcohol Problems, third edition, is a practical and bestselling guide to working with people who have problems with their use of alcohol. It is the key book recommended by most alcohol counselling courses in the UK, including the Scottish national alcohol counsellors training scheme. The author provides clear guidance for counsellors and demonstrates the need to treat every client as an individual, attempting to understand and therefore enable the client to understand, what they are doing and why. This new edition includes: - New content on the current political, social and counselling context surrounding alcohol use - A wider range of case-studies - New ideas that help students and trainees develop the skills and strategies they need for working with their clients - Further guidance for generic or non-alcohol counsellors who face alcohol problems with their clients. This third edition is an invaluable resource for practitioners, both those specialising in work with alcohol misusers and those who encounter problem drinkers in the context of a more general counselling practice.

The Strategic Quality Manager

A handbook for navigating quality management roles in health and aged care.


Author: Cathy Balding

Publisher: Arcade Custom Publishing

ISBN: 0987171410

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 185

View: 7528

Are you a quality professional working in health and aged care (or other service industry) who wants to: design and implement quality systems that make a real, positive difference to consumers? • develop your role to be more strategic and influential? • create sustained change and improvement? • build your credibility and expertise? • play a key role in your organisation’s strategic direction? • increase your job satisfaction? The Strategic Quality Manager synthesises theory, research and real world experience into a handbook developed specifically for those in quality management roles. As the pressure on our health and aged care services grows, so do the demands on the quality professional and continuing to increase the quality and transparency of healthcare will require new and savvier ways of working. If you have looked for assistance within this challenging environment, you’ll know that there is no shortage of material on quality management, but very little on being a quality manager. The Strategic Quality Manager contains theory, tips, step by step models and practical examples to assist every quality professional to more easily and proactively navigate the many of challenges of their roles – and to enjoy the journey!

Southern Innovator Magazine Issue 4: Cities and Urbanization

The Global South's Increasing Urbanization: Challenges to City Living


Author: David South, Editor and Writer

Publisher: DSConsulting

ISBN: 0992021707

Category: Architecture

Page: 60

View: 6446

Launched in May 2011, the new global magazine Southern Innovator is about the people across the global South shaping our new world, eradicating poverty and working towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). They are the innovators. Issue 1 covered the theme of mobile phones and information technology. Issue 2 covered the theme of youth and entrepreneurship. Issue 3 covered the theme of agribusiness and food security. Issue 4 covers the theme of cities and urbanization.

Motivierende Gesprächsführung

Übersetzung des völlig neu überarbeiteten Standardwerks Motivational Interviewing, 3. Auflage


Author: William R. Miller,Stephen Rollnick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783784125459


Page: 500

View: 1307

Rheumatology E-Book

Evidence-Based Practice for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists


Author: Krysia Dziedzic,Alison Hammond

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702050652

Category: Medical

Page: 376

View: 6624

Rheumatology is an indispensable resource for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals, offering practical approaches to the treatment and management of rheumatic musculoskeletal conditions. The text focuses on applying evidence-based understanding of these conditions to clinical context. The specific disease chapters cover: incidence and prevalence of the condition; clinical presentation and diagnosis; red flags; clinical assessment; important first treatments, early intermediate and long term management; prognosis and long term outcomes. Supporting case histories of increasing complexity and study activities illustrate the clinical relevance of the treatment and management approaches. • Multidisciplinary team approach • Practical solutions to management of conditions supported by the latest research • Case histories of increasing complexity consolidate understanding and develop clinical reasoning • Highlighted boxes throughout contain study tasks and key messages

Teaching Information Skills

Theory and Practice


Author: Jo Webb,Chris Powis

Publisher: Library Assn Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781856045131

Category: Education

Page: 223

View: 997

Teaching information skills is now a crucial part of most librarians' jobs, but very few have been formally trained in how to teach. This timely book, with an introduction by Margaret Watson, Past President of CILIP (the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) will show the reader how to implement vital teaching skills in their role as librarian.This invaluable new book covers both the theory and the practice of library instruction. Each of the main chapters is based around one of the key elements of successful learning and teaching, but specifically applied to the library context.Each chapter has two parts - an explanatory section explaining the theories and principles, and a second part comprising case studies of containing descriptions and critical discussions of learning and teaching activities, rooted in personal experience. The book draws best practice examples and case studies from a broad range of sectors and organizations.

The Coaching at Work Toolkit


Author: Suzanne Skiffington,Perry Zeus

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company Australia


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 5073

Recent studies show that life skills coaching, executive coaching and business coaching are all effective ways of achieving sustainable growth, change and development in an individual, group or organisation. The Coaching at Work Toolkit is the first comprehensive, practical resource for coaches in the use of the theories, tools, techniques and practices that affect learning and change. This book offers coaching tools and psychology-based techniques and is a much-needed guide to understanding the practice of coaching and applying the theories and language associated with it. The employment of life skills coaching, executive coaching and business coaching is being heralded as the way to create organisations of the future. Anyone interested in achieving their best and staying ahead of the competition should read this book. Through the use of case studies, practical instructions and application guidelines, the authors have provided models, principles and techniques that enable professional coaches to achieve breakthrough results. For the past ten years the authors, first as practitioners and then as educators, have worked closely with colleagues across the globe to develop coaching techniques that produce positive, measurable, lasting change. This book builds upon the success of the authors' first general coaching reference The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work. This title focused on the nature of coaching, coaching models and frameworks, and the competencies for successful coaches. Suzanne Skiffington and Perry Zeus have trained hundreds of coaches around the world. Through their internationally renowned coach training school, 1 to 1 Coaching School they have worked with established and new coaches, professionals and managers/leaders of organisations, consultants, groups and the academic community.

The Road to Information Literacy

Librarians as Facilitators of Learning


Author: Roisin Gwyer,Ruth Stubbings,Graham Walton

Publisher: De Gruyter


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 343

View: 3154

Information literacy has been identified as a necessary skill for life, work and citizenship - as well as for academic study - for all of us living in today's information society. This international collection brings together practitioner and research papers from all sectors of information work. It includes case studies and good practice guides, including how librarians and information workers can facilitate information literacy from pre-school children to established researchers, digital literacy and information literacy for citizens.


Was Sie wirklich motiviert


Author: Daniel H. Pink

Publisher: Ecowin

ISBN: 3711050786

Category: Political Science

Page: 284

View: 7906

Sind wir nicht alle davon überzeugt, dass wir am besten mit äußeren Anreizen wie Geld und Prestige oder durch "Zuckerbrot und Peitsche" zu motivieren sind? "Alles falsch", sagt Daniel H. Pink in seinem provokanten und zukunftsweisenden Buch. Das Geheimnis unseres persönlichen Erfolges ist das zutiefst menschliche Bedürfnis, unser Leben selbst zu bestimmen, zu lernen, Neues zu erschaffen und damit unsere Lebensqualität und unsere Welt zu verbessern. Daniel H. Pink enthüllt die Widersprüche zwischen dem, was die Wissenschaft weiß, und dem, was die Wirtschaft tut – und wie genau dies jeden Aspekt unseres Lebens beeinflusst. Er demonstriert, dass das Prinzip von Bestrafung und Belohnung exakt der falsche Weg ist, um Menschen für die Herausforderungen von Heute zu motivieren, egal ob in Beruf oder Privatleben. In "Drive" untersucht er die drei Elemente der wirklichen Motivation – Selbstbestimmung, Perfektionierung und Sinnerfüllung – und bietet kluge sowie überraschende Techniken an, um diese in die Tat umzusetzen. Daniel H. Pink stellt uns Menschen vor, die diese neuen Ansätze zur Motivation bereits erfolgreich in ihr Leben integriert haben und uns damit entschlossen einen außergewöhnlichen Weg in die Zukunft zeigen.

Enterprising nonprofits

a toolkit for social entrepreneurs


Author: J. Gregory Dees,Jed Emerson,Peter Economy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 330

View: 6219

"A hands-on resource that shows nonprofits how to adopt entrepreneurial behaviors and techniques ... learn how to use practical business techniques to dramatically improve the performance of your nonprofit."--from bublisher description.