A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to Southern New England


Author: Neil Jorgensen

Publisher: Sierra Club Books for Children

ISBN: 9780871561831

Category: Science

Page: 417

View: 2207

Identifies characteristic plants and animals in diverse ecological communities in New England, exploring the interrelationships among flora, fauna, and geology

A Sierra Club naturalist's guide to the North Atlantic coast

Cape Cod to Newfoundland


Author: Michael Berrill,Deborah Berrill,Sierra Club

Publisher: Random House (NY)


Category: Nature

Page: 464

View: 5541

As well as the general geology and climate of this region, there is extensive coverage on the marine habitats for animal and plant life that these coastlines contain.

A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Sierra Nevada


Author: Stephen Whitney

Publisher: Sierra Club Books for Children

ISBN: 9780871562166

Category: Science

Page: 526

View: 1043

Drawings, photographs, maps, and diagrams enhance a guide to the geology, climate, plants, and animals of the foothill, forest, and mountain zones of the Sierra Nevada

The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States


Author: Janine M. Benyus

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451602715

Category: Nature

Page: 336

View: 8376

A stunning picture of the wildlife in the eastern half of the United States. A noted outdoors expert and an acclaimed illustrator have banded together to create a stunning picture of the wildlife in the eastern half of the United States. Complete with observation tips.

Hikes in Southern New England

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont


Author: David Emblidge

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811748650

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 292

View: 9719

A guide to 27 great day hikes and overnight backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont Includes elevation profiles, topographic maps, itineraries, and full descriptions of the sights and landmarks along the trail Directions and information on available parking given for each hike Completely revised and updated to reflect recent trail changes

Hiking the Bigfoot country

exploring the wildlands of northern California and southern Oregon


Author: John Hart

Publisher: Sierra Club Books


Category: History

Page: 398

View: 7899

Changes in the Land, Revised Edition

Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England


Author: William Cronon

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0809016346

Category: History

Page: 257

View: 3183

[This book offers an] interpretation of the changing circumstances in New England's plant and animal communities that occurred with the shift from Indian to European dominance. [In the book, the author] constructs [an] interdisciplinary analysis of how the land and the people influenced one another, and how that complex web of relationships shaped New England's communities.-Back cover.

Trail Guide to the South Fork

With a Natural History


Author: Mike Bottini

Publisher: UNET 2 Corporation

ISBN: 0970703988

Category: Nature

Page: 268

View: 8859

Here it is! The first comprehensive guide to trails of the South Fork. For more than ten years the Group for the South Fork has been working with the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society and the Southampton Trails Preservation Society to preserve and define the trails, ancient and new, of the South Fork of Long Island. Mike Bottini not only helped to blaze these trails, for more than four years he has been describing them in his column in The Southampton Press. "South Fork Outdoors," which served as the basis for this book, won the award for best outdoors column from the New York Press Association in 2002. An accomplished naturalist, Mike offers a vivid picture of the local ecologies of the trails. From seashore to oak/pine woods, from salt-water wetlands to freshwater ponds and kettleholes, Mike describes the unique natural history of the remarkably diverse South Fork environments. Even if you are only an armchair nature-lover, you'll find this book enormously informative. If you like to hike, whether for a hundred yards or a hundred miles, this guide is essential. Each trail is meticulously mapped and described, with extensive comments on what to look for and why.

Sierra South

Backcountry Trips in Californias Sierra Nevada


Author: Kathy Morey,Mike White,Stacey Corless,Analise Elliot Heid

Publisher: Wilderness Press

ISBN: 0899974147

Category: Travel

Page: 320

View: 4818

This completely revised and updated 8th edition of Sierra South now covers an expanded region of the Sierra, from the southern boundary of Yosemite National Park to southern Golden Trout Wilderness. With new trips and old favorites, Sierra South is the classic guide to backpacking in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, Ansel Adams Wilderness, and Mt. Whitney.

Field Guide to the Piedmont

The Natural Habitats of America's Most Lived-in Region, From New York City to Montgomery, Alabama


Author: Michael A. Godfrey

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469607492

Category: Travel

Page: 536

View: 1982

America's most populous region is also home to some of the nation's most serenely beautiful country. Tracing a gentle, thousand-mile curve from New York City southwestward to Montgomery, Alabama, the Piedmont connects an arc of urban centers which includes five state capitals, America's largest city, and the national capital. Between the Atlantic coastal plain and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Piedmont's rolling hills span miles of farmland and forest. Michael Godfrey's Field Guide to the Piedmont--originally published by Sierra Club Books and here newly revised and updated--is an informative and entertaining guide to the entire region's habitats, ecosystems, and rich botanical communities. Focusing on plant succession, geology, soils, climate, and the plants and animals with which we share the land, Field Guide to the Piedmont also features 180 illustrations for easy identification of the Piedmont's principal flora and fauna. A chapter describing and providing directions to over fifty sites of special interest will inspire Piedmont residents to take this field guide in hand and explore their natural surroundings. Southern Gateways Guide is a registered trademark of the University of North Carolina Press

The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada


Author: N.A

Publisher: Heyday

ISBN: 9781597140522

Category: Nature

Page: 366

View: 5902

A conveniently sized reference by the author of Sierra Birds: A Hiker's Guide provides comprehensive coverage of more than 1,700 plant and animal species complemented by quick-reference tabs, range maps, coverage of lesser-known characteristics and more than 2,800 watercolor illustrations.

A Naturalist's Guide to the Santa Barbara Region


Author: Joan Easton Lentz

Publisher: Heyday Books

ISBN: 9781597142410

Category: Nature

Page: 485

View: 2905

"A comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and deeply felt guide to one of the world's most beautiful and varied regions. Santa Barbara and the neighboring counties of San Luis Obispo and Ventura comprise a transitional zone where the plants and animals of Northern California mix with those of the south, creating diverse and dynamic habitats. Lucid explications of the geological and ecological forces that continue to shape and reshape the area are interspersed with personal accounts, as the author delights in the salty breath of a two-hundred-ton whale near the Channel Islands, the antics of beach hoppers along the shoreline, the explosion of wildflowers on the Carrizo Plain, memories of exploring the chaparral with her father, excursions into oak woodlands, and hikes to lofty peaks and canyons cloaked with pinyon pine and juniper. Enhanced with ample, specially commissioned photographs, maps, and charts, this book will broaden our understanding and deepen our enjoyment of a unique and constantly surprising region."--Back cover.

John Muir's Last Journey

South To The Amazon And East To Africa: Unpublished Journals And Selected Correspondence


Author: John Muir

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781597266086

Category: Nature

Page: 400

View: 5672

"I am now writing up some notes, but when they will be ready for publication I do not know... It will be a long time before anything is arranged in book form." These words of John Muir, written in June 1912 to a friend, proved prophetic. The journals and notes to which the great naturalist and environmental figure was referring have languished, unpublished and virtually untouched, for nearly a century. Until now. Here edited and published for the first time, John Muir's travel journals from 1911-12, along with his associated correspondence, finally allow us to read in his own words the remarkable story of John Muir's last great journey. Leaving from Brooklyn, New York, in August 1911, John Muir, at the age of seventy-three and traveling alone, embarked on an eight-month, 40,000-mile voyage to South America and Africa. The 1911-12 journals and correspondence reproduced in this volume allow us to travel with him up the great Amazon, into the jungles of southern Brazil, to snowline in the Andes, through southern and central Africa to the headwaters of the Nile, and across six oceans and seas in order to reach the rare forests he had so long wished to study. Although this epic journey has received almost no attention from the many commentators on Muir's work, Muir himself considered it among the most important of his life and the fulfillment of a decades-long dream. John Muir's Last Journey provides a rare glimpse of a Muir whose interests as a naturalist, traveler, and conservationist extended well beyond the mountains of California. It also helps us to see John Muir as a different kind of hero, one whose endurance and intellectual curiosity carried him into far fields of adventure even as he aged, and as a private person and family man with genuine affections, ambitions, and fears, not just an iconic representative of American wilderness. With an introduction that sets Muir's trip in the context of his life and work, along with chapter introductions and a wealth of explanatory notes, the book adds important dimensions to our appreciation of one of America's greatest environmentalists. John Muir's Last Journey is a must reading for students and scholars of environmental history, American literature, natural history, and related fields, as well as for naturalists and armchair travelers everywhere.

The California Naturalist Handbook


Author: Greg de Nevers,Deborah Stanger Edelman,Adina Merenlender

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520274806

Category: Nature

Page: 261

View: 5146

The California Naturalist Handbook provides a fun, science-based introduction to California’s natural history with an emphasis on observation, discovery, communication, stewardship and conservation. It is a hands-on guide to learning about the natural environment of California. Subjects covered include California natural history and geology, native plants and animals, California’s freshwater resources and ecosystems, forest and rangeland resources, conservation biology, and the effects of global warming on California’s natural communities. The Handbook also discusses how to create and use a field notebook, natural resource interpretation, citizen science, and collaborative conservation and serves as the primary text for the California Naturalist Program.

Birds of Maine Field Guide


Author: Stan Tekiela

Publisher: Adventure Publications

ISBN: 9781885061461

Category: Nature

Page: 316

View: 4576

Each entry includes family, Latin, and common names, description, habitat, range, and origin/age.

A Field Guide to Eastern Forests, North America


Author: John C. Kricher,Gordon Morrison,National Audubon Society,National Wildlife Federation,Roger Tory Peterson Institute

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780395928950

Category: Nature

Page: 488

View: 9285

Identifies birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, trees, and flowers