A.P.C. Transmission


Author: Jean Touitou

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714874760

Category: Design

Page: 544

View: 2500

The fascinating inside story behind the cult French fashion label A.P.C. A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Création) was created as a reaction to the excesses of the 1980s, and the minimalist designs of founder Jean Touitou now have a cult following. This compelling book, published on the occasion of A.P.C.'s 30th anniversary, carries the same minimal aesthetic - yet it's packed with never-before-seen illustrations and ephemera. Part retrospective of the brand and part personal scrapbook and visual diary, the book includes invitations, postcards, ad campaigns, images of their stores, and collaborations with other designers.

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing


Author: Saeid Mokhatab,William A. Poe,James G. Speight

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080466972

Category: Science

Page: 672

View: 3343

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing gives engineers and managers complete coverage of natural gas transmission and processing in the most rapidly growing sector to the petroleum industry. The authors provide a unique discussion of new technologies that are energy efficient and environmentally appealing at the same time. It is an invaluable reference on natural gas engineering and the latest techniques for all engineers and managers moving to natural gas processing as well as those currently working on natural gas projects. * Provides practicing engineers critical information on all aspects of gas gathering, processing and transmission * First book that treats multiphase flow transmission in great detail * Examines natural gas energy costs and pricing with the aim of delivering on the goals of efficiency, quality and profit


Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols


Author: Radia Perlman

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 9780201634488

Category: Computers

Page: 537

View: 3810

Perlman, a bestselling author and senior consulting engineer for Sun Microsystems, provides insight for building more robust, reliable, secure and manageable networks. Coverage also includes routing and addressing strategies, VLANs, multicasting, IPv6, and more.

APC Understanding Information Technology 2


Author: Tushar Gupta,Arnav Gupta

Publisher: Arya Publishing Company



Page: 80

View: 8590

Understanding Information Technology series aims to cater to the needs of the students and enable them to gradually build up their interest, knowledge and skills in the subject. Key features of Understanding Information Technology for Class II are: • Written in a lucid language, with plenty of pictures and screenshots for better understanding. • Try it Out covers a quick revision of the subject matter learnt in previous classes. • Know More gives additional information about computers. • Activity is given after every main topic to reinforce learning. • Computer Alert keeps learners on their toes while working on computers. • My Computer Lab provides exercises to perform in computer lab. • Recap.com helps in summarizing the chapter. • Pen Paper Test contains a variety of questions to test theoretical understanding of the chapter. • Term Test Paper given at the end of each term helps in evaluation process.

Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection

An Intelligent Use of Process Data


Author: Dr. Shankar Narasimhan, Ph.D. (Ch.E.),Dr. Cornelius Jordache, Ph.D. (Ch.E)

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080503714

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 350

View: 8930

This book provides a systematic and comprehensive treatment of the variety of methods available for applying data reconciliation techniques. Data filtering, data compression and the impact of measurement selection on data reconciliation are also exhaustively explained. Data errors can cause big problems in any process plant or refinery. Process measurements can be correupted by power supply flucutations, network transmission and signla conversion noise, analog input filtering, changes in ambient conditions, instrument malfunctioning, miscalibration, and the wear and corrosion of sensors, among other factors. Here's a book that helps you detect, analyze, solve, and avoid the data acquisition problems that can rob plants of peak performance. This indispensable volume provides crucial insights into data reconciliation and gorss error detection techniques that are essential fro optimal process control and information systems. This book is an invaluable tool for engineers and managers faced with the selection and implementation of data reconciliation software, or for those developing such software. For industrial personnel and students, Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection is the ultimate reference.

Investment in Electricity Generation and Transmission

Decision Making under Uncertainty


Author: Antonio J. Conejo,Luis Baringo Morales,S. Jalal Kazempour,Afzal S. Siddiqui

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319295012

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 849

This book provides an in-depth analysis of investment problems pertaining to electric energy infrastructure, including both generation and transmission facilities. The analysis encompasses decision-making tools for expansion planning, reinforcement, and the selection and timing of investment options. In this regard, the book provides an up-to-date description of analytical tools to address challenging investment questions such as: How can we expand and/or reinforce our aging electricity transmission infrastructure? How can we expand the transmission network of a given region to integrate significant amounts of renewable generation? How can we expand generation facilities to achieve a low-carbon electricity production system? How can we expand the generation system while ensuring appropriate levels of flexibility to accommodate both demand-related and production-related uncertainties? How can we choose among alternative production facilities? What is the right time to invest in a given production or transmission facility? Written in a tutorial style and modular format, the book includes a wealth of illustrative examples to facilitate comprehension. It is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of electric energy systems, operations research, management science, and economics. Practitioners in the electric energy sector will also benefit from the concepts and techniques presented here.

Viktor&Rolf Cover Cover


Author: Viktor & Rolf,Irma Boom

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714876054

Category: Design

Page: 520

View: 8183

A celebration of the quirky, surprising, and often spectacular work of Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf Conceived and designed by acclaimed graphic designer Irma Boom, this book brings to life the legendary conceptual creations of Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf. Entirely made up of covers, each of which relates to a specific show, with images, sketches, and quotes showcasing that particular collection, it elevates bookmaking to an entirely new level while referencing the dramatic layers that feature in the designers' work. Exploring Viktor & Rolf's signature stunning style, this book is the ultimate homage to the spectacle of fashion.


The Mysterious Past and Terrifying Future of the World's Most Dangerous Disease


Author: Wendy Orent

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451699212

Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 7955

Plague is a terrifying mystery. In the Middle Ages, it wiped out 40 million people -- 40 percent of the total population in Europe. Seven hundred years earlier, the Justinian Plague destroyed the Byzantine Empire and ushered in the Middle Ages. The plague of London in the seventeenth century killed more than 1,000 people a day. In the early twentieth century, plague again swept Asia, taking the lives of 12 million in India alone. Even more frightening is what it could do to us in the near future. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian scientists created genetically altered, antibiotic-resistant and vaccine-resistant strains of plague that can bypass the human immune system and spread directly from person to person. These weaponized strains still exist, and they could be replicated in almost any laboratory. Wendy Orent's Plague pieces together a fascinating and terrifying historical whodunit. Drawing on the latest research in labs around the world, along with extensive interviews with American and Soviet plague experts, Orent offers nothing less than a biography of a disease. Plague helped bring down the Roman Empire and close the Middle Ages; it has had a dramatic impact on our history, yet we still do not fully understand its own evolution. Orent's retelling of the four great pandemics makes for gripping reading and solves many puzzles. Why did some pandemics jump from person to person, while others relied on insects as carriers? Why are some strains more virulent than others? Orent reveals the key differences among rat-based, prairie dog-based, and marmot-based plague. The marmots of Central Asia, in particular, have long been hosts to the most virulent and frightening form of the disease, a form that can travel around the world in the blink of an eye. From its ability to hide out in the wild, only to spring back into humanity with a terrifying vengeance, to its elusive capacity to develop suddenly greater virulence and transmissibility, plague is a protean nightmare. To make matters worse, Orent's disturbing revelations about the former Soviet bioweapon programs suggest that the nightmare may not be over. Plague is chilling reading at the dawn of a new age of bioterrorism.

Betak: Fashion Show Revolution


Author: Alexandre de Betak,Sally Singer

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714873534

Category: Design

Page: 292

View: 6577

Enter the world of high fashion with the creative legend who designed and directed the greatest spectacles in fashion with hundreds of unpublished behind-the-scenes images. The New York Times describes Alexandre de Betak as 'the Fellini of fashion and the Cecil B. DeMille of the runways'. For 25 years, Betak has produced many of the fashion world's most memorable shows and events for brands as diverse as Dior and Victoria's Secret. This stunning, lavishly produced volume celebrates his career via set and show photography, as well as hundreds of unpublished behind-the-scenes images. Structured thematically to bring readers inside Betak's creative process, the book provides unrivalled insight into how fashion becomes art as well as commerce.

Jil Sander


Author: Matthias Wagner

Publisher: Prestel

ISBN: 9783791357515


Page: 240

View: 694

Published in a book for the first time: Jil Sander, one of the most influential fashion designers of her generation! Jil Sander is known for designing well sculptured, high quality clothes in subdued colors. This comprehensive book presents her work from the late 1960s to 2014. Challenging the styles of flamboyant femininity, her collections delighted the fashion world with their purity. She proposed a modernity which did away with senseless ornaments, while dynamizing the individual. This lavishly illustrated book will showcase the ingenuity and creative power of a designer who aimed at underlining a person's personality. More than 150 illustrations present the Jil Sander vision which had a huge impact not only on fashion, but on product design, advertising campaigns, and store architecture as well.

M113 APC 1960–75

US, ARVN, and Australian variants in Vietnam


Author: Jamie Prenatt

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472817486

Category: History

Page: 48

View: 6440

The M113 is the most widely used and versatile armoured vehicle in the world. Fielded in 1960 as a simple 'battlefield taxi', over 80,000 M113s would see service with 50 nations around the world and 55 years later, many thousands are still in use. In addition to its original role of transporting troops across the battlefield, specialized versions perform a multitude of other functions including command and control, fire support, anti-tank and anti-aircraft defence, and casualty evacuation. This new fully illustrated study examines the service record of the M113 from its initial fielding through to the end of the Vietnam War. It will also describe the many US, South Vietnamese, and Australian variants of the M113 used in the Vietnam War as well as information on tactics, unit tables of organization and equipment, and a selection of engagements in which the M113 played a decisive role.

Ideas from Massimo Osti


Author: Daniela Facchinato,Massimo Osti

Publisher: Damiani Editore

ISBN: 9788862082358

Category: Design

Page: 432

View: 3839

'Ideas from Massimo Osti' tells the story of the birth and development of the formal and textile innovations of the creator of the clothing brands C.P. Company and Stone Island, one of the most respected and imitated designers of his generation.

Molecular Biology of the Cell


Author: Bruce Alberts

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 1317563743

Category: Science

Page: 1464

View: 1417

As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise principles and enduring concepts.As with previous editions, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Sixth Edition accomplishes this goal with clear writing and beautiful illustrations. The Sixth Edition has been extensively revised and updated with the latest research in the field of cell biology, and it provides an exceptional framework for teaching and learning. The entire illustration program has been greatly enhanced.Protein structures better illustrate structure–function relationships, icons are simpler and more consistent within and between chapters, and micrographs have been refreshed and updated with newer, clearer, or better images. As a new feature, each chapter now contains intriguing openended questions highlighting “What We Don’t Know,” introducing students to challenging areas of future research. Updated end-of-chapter problems reflect new research discussed in the text, and these problems have been expanded to all chapters by adding questions on developmental biology, tissues and stem cells, pathogens, and the immune system.

The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

Ideas for Meaningful Work


Author: Nathan Williams

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 1579658245

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 6783

In The Kinfolk Entrepreneur, author Nathan Williams introduces readers to 40 creative business owners around the globe, offering an inspiring, in-depth look behind the scenes of their lives and their companies. Pairing insightful interviews with striking images of these men and women and their workspaces, The Kinfolk Entrepreneur makes business personal. The book profiles both budding and experienced entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries (from fashion designers to hoteliers) in cities across the globe (from Copenhagen to Dubai). Readers will learn how today’s industry leaders handle both their successes and failures, achieve work-life balance, find motivation in the face of adversity, and so much more.

Grace: The American Vogue Years


Author: Grace Coddington

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714871974

Category: Design

Page: 408

View: 8508

The second and final volume of the collected best work of Vogue editor and international fashion icon Grace Coddington This handsome slipcased edition showcases work of the last fifteen years by legendary Vogue editor Grace Coddington. The book celebrates seventeen of the master photographers with whom Coddington has collaborated - including Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Craig McDean, David Sims, Mario Testino, and Marcus Piggot and Mert Alas - in a sumptuous compilation of Coddington's most beloved fashion stories.

Fundamentals of Multimedia


Author: Ze-Nian Li,Mark S. Drew,Jiangchuan Liu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 331905290X

Category: Computers

Page: 727

View: 3978

This textbook introduces the “Fundamentals of Multimedia”, addressing real issues commonly faced in the workplace. The essential concepts are explained in a practical way to enable students to apply their existing skills to address problems in multimedia. Fully revised and updated, this new edition now includes coverage of such topics as 3D TV, social networks, high-efficiency video compression and conferencing, wireless and mobile networks, and their attendant technologies. Features: presents an overview of the key concepts in multimedia, including color science; reviews lossless and lossy compression methods for image, video and audio data; examines the demands placed by multimedia communications on wired and wireless networks; discusses the impact of social media and cloud computing on information sharing and on multimedia content search and retrieval; includes study exercises at the end of each chapter; provides supplementary resources for both students and instructors at an associated website.

Cellular and Molecular Immunology E-Book


Author: Abul K. Abbas,Andrew H. H. Lichtman,Shiv Pillai

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323286453

Category: Medical

Page: 544

View: 696

Popular for its highly visual, straightforward approach, Cellular and Molecular Immunology delivers an accessible yet thorough understanding of this active and fast-changing field. Drs. Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, and Shiv Pillai present key updates in this new edition to cover the latest developments in antigen receptors and signal transduction in immune cells, mucosal and skin immunity, cytokines, leukocyte-endothelial interaction, and more. With additional online features, this is an ideal resource for medical, graduate and undergraduate students of immunology who need a clear, introductory text for immunology courses. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Develop a thorough, clinically relevant understanding of immunology through a clear overview of immunology with a distinct focus on the management of human disease. Visualize immunologic processes more effectively. Meticulously developed and updated illustrations, 3-dimensional art, and all-new animations provide a detailed, visual description of the key immunologic and molecular processes. Grasp the details of experimental observations that form the basis for the science of immunology at the molecular, cellular, and whole-organism levels and draw the appropriate conclusions. Find information more quickly and easily through an organized chapter structure and a more logical flow of material. Glean all essential, up-to-date, need-to-know information about immunology and molecular biology through extensive updates that cover cytokines, innate immunity, leukocyte-endothelial interactions, signaling, costimulation, and more. Benefit from numerous new figures and tables that facilitate easier retention of the material; quick summaries of each chapter; and nearly 400 illustrations that clarify key concepts.

Principles and Applications of GSM


Author: Vijay Kumar Garg,Joseph E. Wilkes

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780139491245

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 481

View: 6958

The first complete guide to designing GSM wireless systems! GSM and its derivatives have become the world's #1 wireless technology, enabling users to roam across most of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, and even much of the U.S. -- all with one number and one bill. Principles & Applications of GSM is the first complete technical guide to this remarkable technology. Best-selling wireless experts Vijay K. Garg and J.E. Wilkes begin by introducing basic principles that apply to any wireless technology. Next, they present GSM in depth, covering everything you need to know to design and implement a GSM system, including: GSM architecture. Radio link operations: APC, DTX, SFH, channel borrowing, and smart antennae. Logical channel structure and framing. Speech coding and Linear-Prediction based Analysis-by-Synthesis (LPAS). Physical, data link, and network layers. Message flows among mobile stations, base stations, MSCs, HLRs and VLRs. Garg and Wilkes systematically address planning and sizing GSM wireless systems, managing GSM networks via TMN, and working with SS7 -- key issues often ignored in GSM texts. You'll find detailed coverage of modulation, along with valuable Matlab source files on diskette. The book's practical traffic engineering coverage is supplemented by powerful WErlangB Windows software for analyzing loads and blocking. There are detailed chapters on implementing wireless data and low-mobility adjuncts in a GSM network. You'll also learn how GSM achieves security via cryptographic algorithms, SIM cards and authentication. The authors present differences between GSM and other TDMA-based wireless technologies and close with a preview ofnext-generation wireless systems made possible by the UMT-2000 standards effort. Whether you're a wireless communications engineer, faculty member or student, you won't find a more thorough, insightful guide to GSM wireless technology.

True Print

Dafi Kühne


Author: Dafi Kühne

Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers

ISBN: 9783037785096


Page: 192

View: 4433

Dafi K�hne is a Swiss designer who works with analog and digital ways to produce fresh and unique letterpress-printed posters. Using very different kinds of instruments, from a MacBook to a pantograph, for his compositions, he pushes the boundaries of design. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty in his creative workshop, K�hne embraces the labor involved in the entire process of creating a poster from initial idea to finished product. Fusing modern means with the century-old tradition of the letterpress, he forms a new vocabulary on how to communicate through type and form in a truly un-nostalgic way. Never retro, his work is a clever response to the search for new ways of graphic expression: true print.