A Nurse in Action


Author: Evelyn Prentis

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446490939

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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'We were quickly learning to live with war. We became very proficient at moving the patients who could walk quickly to the shelters when the sirens went. We were equally proficient at talking those who couldn't walk into believing that they would be safe where they were. Some believed us, others didn't.' Surprising Matron as well as herself, Evelyn Prentis managed to pass her Finals and become a staff-nurse. Encouraged, she took the brave leap of moving from Nottingham to London - brave not least because war was about to break. Not only did the nurses have to cope with stray bombs and influxes of patients from as far away Dunkirk, but there were also RAF men stationed nearby - which caused considerable entertainment and disappointment, and a good number of marriages ... But despite all the disruption to the hospital routine, Evelyn's warm and compelling account of a nurse in action, shows a nurse's life would always revolve around the comforting discomfort of porridge and rissoles, bandages and bedpans.

Evelyn Prentis Bundle: A Nurse in Time/A Nurse in Action


Author: Evelyn Prentis

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448146828

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 640

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Desperate circumstances were something Evelyn Prentis had to get very used to when she began her life as a nurse. It was in 1934 that Evelyn left home for the first time to enrol as a trainee at a busy Nottingham hospital in the hope of £25 a year. A Nurse in Time is Evelyn's affectionate and funny account of those days of dedication and hardship, when never-ending nightshifts, strict Sisters and permanent hunger ruled life, and joy was to be found in a late-night pass and a packet of Woodbines. The second memoir in this collection is A Nurse in Action. Surprising Matron as well as herself, Evelyn Prentis managed to pass her Finals and become a staff-nurse. Encouraged, she took the brave leap of moving from Nottingham to London - brave not least because war was about to break. Not only did the nurses have to cope with stray bombs and influxes of patients from as far away Dunkirk, but there were also RAF men stationed nearby - which caused considerable entertainment and disappointment, and a good number of marriages ... But despite all the disruption to the hospital routine, Evelyn's warm and compelling account of a nurse in action, shows a nurse's life would always revolve around the comforting discomfort of porridge and rissoles, bandages and bedpans.

Nursing in Action

Strengthening Nursing and Midwifery to Support Health for All


Author: Jane Salvage

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medical

Page: 123

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A practical, step-by-step guide to the introduction of changes intended to strengthen the role and status of nurses in Europe. Emphasis is placed on changes that lead to improved patient care in line with the principles of health for all. Noting that nurses are uniquely placed to perceive the need for change and then take the initiative, the book aims to help readers think through weaknesses in health care, understand how to introduce change, and take the appropriate action, whether to improve practices on a hospital ward or to change the way nurses are trained. The book opens with an overview of problems faced by the nursing profession at a time when dramatic changes in Europe call for expanded functions and responsibilities. Three conditions that influence the development of nursing throughout Europe are identified as a lack of power to influence decisions about health care, the low status and poor pay characteristic of a female-dominated profession, and the strong medical bias in European health systems. The second chapter considers how nursing practice can be changed. Adopting a step-by-step approach, the chapter helps readers think through the process of change, analyse situations, understand sources of resistance, and avoid common pitfalls. Advice on the development of a regulatory framework is considered in the next chapter, which shows how a well-designed regulatory system can work as an important strategy in efforts to create a well-informed, responsible profession equipped to provide effective services. The remaining chapters cover eight stages in the review and reorientation of curricula for nursing education, and consider ways to develop leadership qualities in nurse teachers and managers and during postbasic nursing education.

Becoming a Nurse

A Textbook for Professional Practice


Author: Derek Sellman,Paul Snelling

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780132389235

Category: Medical

Page: 468

View: 2305

The guidelines and skills required to become a nurse are always changing and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the current standards. This book has been specifically designed to address the main skills you need to meet NMC requirements. Becoming a Nurse will demystify what you need to know while preparing you to meet NMC standards and become a confident, practicing professional. This book is ideal for both pre-registration and practicing nurses. It is an excellent resource to prepare you for your programme or to refresh your knowledge of current NMC standards. User-friendly language describes the key NMC standards to Become a Nurse: · Personal and professional development · Professional and ethical practice · Care delivery · Care management · 17 overarching standards of the NMC. "More readable than texts on single topics such as ethics or management, it is also a better preparation for the accountability of Registration than clinically oriented books usually are. ... Would you recommend it? Resoundingly, yes." - Sue McBean, University of Ulster, THES, Feb 2010

Thought in Action

Expertise and the Conscious Mind


Author: Barbara Gail Montero

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019108171X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 304

View: 6967

How does thinking affect doing? There is a widely held view — both in academia and in the popular press — that thinking about what you are doing, as you are doing it, hinders performance. Once you have acquired the ability to putt a golf ball, play an arpeggio on the piano, or parallel-park, it is believed that reflecting on your actions leads to inaccuracies, blunders, and sometimes even utter paralysis. Experts, accordingly, don't need to try to do it; they just do it. But is this true? After exploring some of the contemporary and historical manifestations of the idea that highly accomplished skills are automatic and effortless, Barbara Gail Montero develops a theory of expertise that emphasizes the role of the conscious mind in expert action. Along the way, she dispels various mythical accounts of experts who proceed without any understanding of what guides their action and analyzes research in both philosophy and psychology that is taken to show that conscious control impedes well practiced skills. She also explores real-life examples of optimal performance — culled from sports, the performing arts, chess, nursing, medicine, the military and elsewhere — and draws from psychology, neuroscience, and literature to create a picture of expertise according to which expert action generally is and ought to be thoughtful, effortful, and reflective.

Nursing Process in Action


Author: Pearl Gardner

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780766822252

Category: Medical

Page: 185

View: 8760

Nursing Process in Action promotes a better understanding of the relationship between the science of medicine and the delivery of care by showing how to effectively integrate all the components of the nursing process into an individualized care plan for each patient. Hands-on examples help users develop necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills. key words: Nursing, medicine, pathoflow diagram

Game-Based Teaching and Simulation in Nursing and Health Care


Author: Eric B. Bauman, PhD, RN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826109705

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 4592

"This is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in integrating gaming and simulation into a course or the entire curricula. It presents the theory and the associated practical application. The extensive reference list and resource/product list encourage and support readers with implementation." Score: 98, 5 Stars.--Doody's Medical Reviews "Game-Based Teaching and Simulation in Nursing and Healthcare is a timely, exhaustive look at how emerging technologies are transforming clinical education. Anyone looking for firsthand, direct account of how game-based learning technologies are reshaping clinical practice needs this book." Kurt Squire, PhD Associate Professor Games+Learning+Society [GLS] School of Education University Of Wisconsin - Madison This innovative text provides practical strategies for developing, integrating, and evaluating new and emerging technology, specifically game-based learning methods, useful in nursing and clinical health sciences education. The text draws upon existing models of experiential learning such as Benner's "thinking-in-action" and "novice-to-expert" frameworks, and introduces current theories supporting the phenomenon of the created learning environment. Chapters explain how simulation and game-based learning strategies can be designed, implemented, and evaluated to improve clinical educational thinking and outcomes and increase exposure to critical experiences to inform clinicians during the journey from novice to expert. The text also describes how game-based learning methods can support the development of complex decision-making and critical thinking skills. Case studies throughout demonstrate the practical application of harnessing technology as a teaching/learning device. Key Features: Provides strategies for developing, integrating, and evaluating game-based learning methods for nursing and healthcare educators Prepares teachers for the paradigm shift from static "e-learning" to dynamic distance experiential learning in virtual and game-based environments Illustrates how to integrate game-based learning into existing curricula Offers theoretical and practical examples of how game-based learning technologies can be used in nursing and clinical education

Critique, Resistance, and Action

Working Papers in the Politics of Nursing


Author: Janice L. Thompson,David Allen,Lorraine Rodrigues-Fisher

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780887375637

Category: Medical

Page: 192

View: 5802

This provocative book paved the way for nursing research informed by f eminist scholarship, critical theory, and post-modern thought. Controv ersial then, relevant today.

Community Health Nursing

Caring in Action


Author: Janice E. Hitchcock,Phyllis E. Schubert,Sue A. Thomas

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780766834972

Category: Medical

Page: 920

View: 3605

Cd contains: Terms and definitions in a question-and-answer format to aid in overall understanding of community health nursing.

The Nurse Professional

Leveraging Your Education for Transition Into Practice


Author: Deborah Dolan Hunt, PhD, MS, RN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826168787

Category: Medical

Page: 384

View: 7884

“Nursing school did not adequately prepare me for this role” and “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this when I was a student?” are commonly heard complaints from new nurses during their first two “rite of passage” years following graduation. But this transition to professional practice—fraught with challenges, anxiety, triumphs, and tears—does not have to be so difficult. The Nurse Professional helps novices prepare for their transition into a “real world” role from being a student through graduation, NCLEX success, job search, first job, and beyond. It is the only book to cover all of the steps that new nurses must take to ensure a smooth transition into the professional role. The author is a nurse educator and mentor with extensive experience in recruiting and orienting nurses. Dr. Hunt is also co-founder of the Nurse Advocacy Forum, providing advocacy, support, networking, professional development, leadership, and mentoring to students and new graduate nurses. She offers sound advice regarding the most current issues facing new nurses and practical strategies for obtaining a job of one’s choice, describes steps to take well before graduation to ensure a smooth transition to professional practice, and addresses the various indicators of academic achievement that are required for employment at some nursing facilities. She also discusses the benefits of externships, internships, professional development, and networking, how to develop a winning portfolio, and how to successfully transition into professional practice. This book provides information on workplace bullying and how to deal with it; the importance of self-care, self-advocacy, and networking; writing a résumé; interview skills; and much more. “Top 10 Tips” in each chapter concisely highlight important topics. Samples of useful forms and documents are available in chapter appendices. A PowerPoint presentation and templates for role play/simulation scenarios for faculty use are also available. Key Features: • “Top 10 Tips” in chapters concisely highlight important topics • Samples of useful forms and documents are available in chapter appendices • Delivers specific, practical strategies and exercises for a successful transition and entry into practice • Written by an experienced nurse/educator and nurse mentor who has extensive experience regarding how new nurses transition into practice

Life Worth Living

How Someone You Love Can Still Enjoy Life in a Nursing Home : the Eden Alternative in Action


Author: William H. Thomas

Publisher: Publisher:VanderWyk&Burnham

ISBN: 9780964108967

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

View: 9497

The grassroots handbook for Edenizing nursing homes.

The Research Process in Nursing


Author: Desmond Cormack

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118522583

Category: Medical

Page: 632

View: 9074

This comprehensive introduction to nursing research covers the foundations of research, finding and appraising evidence and preparing the project, selecting the right methodology, collecting data, interpreting the data, and putting research into practice.

Self- Care Theory in Nursing

Selected Papers of Dorothea Orem


Author: Katherine Renpenning, MScN,Susan Gebhardt Taylor, MSN, PhD, FAAN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826117267

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 5187

Few have approached the fundamental questions of nursing in such an insightful, systematic, and clearsighted way as Dorothea Orem. This book is a collection of many of the presentations and writings that are not included in her previous books. It presents a fascinating view of the development of Orem's theory of self care deficit over a forty-year period, along with its ramifications for nursing education and practice.

Nursing Leadership and Management in Action


Author: Patricia A. Jamerson,Cynthia A. Hornberger,Eleanor J. Sullivan

Publisher: Prentice Hall Health

ISBN: 9780805372311

Category: Leadership

Page: 183

View: 8480

Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing provides users with the necessary skills to make sound management decisions in a dynamic health care environment. Used worldwide, this award-winning book is now offered in an updated, revised edition to reflect the many changes in health care and nursing. Using case studies with a manager's checklist, critical thinking questions, key terms, an easy-to-read format, and a link to online instruction for professionals in the field, complete coverage is provided for nurses in the ever-changing health care field--and they have never needed this information more. Targeted to both practicing nurses and those in management, this book provides the tools for using the skills presented in each chapter.

Bioethical Decision Making in Nursing, Fifth Edition


Author: James H. Husted,Gladys Husted, PhD, MSN, RN,Carrie Scotto, PhD, MSN, RN,Kimberly Wolf, PhD, MS, PMHCNS-BC

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826171443

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 1266

FOURTH EDITION NAMED A 2013 DOODY’S CORE TITLE! “This book provides a systematic approach to bioethical decision making, a process that can help clarify situations where right and wrong are not clearly defined. This [is] a valuable book for ethics and theory courses.” Score: 100, ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ —Doody’s More relevant today than ever, Husted’s classic nursing ethics text provides a practical framework to help nurses engage with patients to make difficult ethical decisions. It delivers a systematic approach to bioethical decision making that can help clarify situations where “right” and “wrong” are not clearly defined. An abundance of case studies provides practice in bioethical decision making, with nearly 45 bioethical dilemmas analyzed in detail. The fifth edition has been reorganized and rewritten to facilitate increased readability and to engage readers more fully in learning. It includes two new chapters, Moral Distress and Nursing Practice Intersections: Legal Decision Making Within a Symphonological Ethical Perspective, additional case studies, and abundant tables, diagrams, and graphics that reinforce the text discussion. Instructor resources are also available for adopters of the text. The book is grounded in the concept of “symphonia,” which, within the health care arena, is the study of agreements between health care professionals and patients and the ethical implications of these agreements. It is intended to promote the welfare of both patient and health care provider. The new chapter on moral distress discusses futile care among other causes of moral distress and offers coping techniques for situations in which a nurse has an ethical issue with a standard of care but is powerless to change that care. The other new chapter, Nursing Practice Intersections: Legal Decision Making Within a Symphonological Ethical Perspective, focuses on situations that can be interpreted as either moral and illegal, or immoral and legal. The fifth edition also features a new section on ethical colleagueship, providing support to relieve common dilemmas among health care professionals. NEW TO THE FIFTH EDITION: Reorganized and rewritten for ease of comprehension and increased reader engagement Includes two new chapters, Moral Distress and Nursing Practice Intersections: Legal Decision Making Within a Symphonological Ethical Perspective Provides more tables, diagrams, and graphics to clarify text discussion Provides objectives at the beginning of each chapter Expanded study guide at the end of each chapter Delivers new case studies that are analyzed in depth Includes four humorous scenarios in which the humor easily reveals the obvious from the obscure Addresses ethical colleagueship

The Nurse Educator's Guide to Assessing Learning Outcomes


Author: Mary E. McDonald

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449665969

Category: Medical

Page: 362

View: 6248

The new edition of this award winning text helps address the increased pressure that the NCLEX and other certification exams are placing on nursing students and faculty. The Nurse Educator’s Guide to Assessing Learning Outcomes, 2nd Edition guides classroom educators through the process of developing effective classroom exams and individual test items.

Public Health in Action: Practicing in the Real World


Author: Carney

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763734473

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 277

View: 8637

Nothing more needs to be said about the high visibility of public health in this day and age. This is the first book that looks at public health as art as much as science. How do you actually put public health programs and policies into action in the real world? How do you juggle current crises and chronic problems, how do you set priorities, put science into practice all in the context of limited resources, day to day demands and intense public and media scrutiny? From a wealth of experience, the author draws on real examples with a "behind the scenes" look at the strategy and action that must be undertaken to make public health really work.

Nursing Research Using Participatory Action Research

Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing


Author: Mary De Chesnay, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826126146

Category: Medical

Page: 247

View: 1276

"PAR is the ultimate in social justice practice. I suggest that PAR should be the basis for all nursing research. This book will provide you with the basics for getting started." óPatricia J. Kelly, PhD, MPH, APRN University of MissouriñKansas City (From the Foreword) Participatory action research is a qualitative research method conducted in collaboration with a community of people in order to effect changes in the community that are relevant to the residents. This is a practical, "how-to" resource for conducting participatory action research that guides readers, step by step, through planning, conducting, and disseminating nursing research using this qualitative design. It is part of a unique series of seven books devoted to nursing research using qualitative designs and methods. Examples from actual research along with author commentary illustrate potential pitfalls and challenges that may occur during the process and how to resolve them. Written by a leading scholar of nursing research and nurse experts in participatory action research, the book describes its philosophical underpinnings and state-of-the-art techniques, and provides a concrete road map for planning and conducting studies. It considers why this particular research method is best suited for a particular study, ethical considerations, and potential obstacles. The book also discusses how to ensure rigor during a study, providing examples from scholarly literature and the authorsí own work. Each case example features a description of the study, including why the investigator decided to use participatory action rather than another research design, how he or she solved gatekeeper and access-to-sample issues, and institutional review board concerns. Also included is a discussion of how to collect and analyze data and how to disseminate findings to both the scientific community and research participants. With a focus on practical problem solving throughout, the book will be of value to novice and experienced nurse researchers, graduate teachers, in-service educators, students, and nursing research staff at health care institutions. Key Features: Describes, step by step, how to plan, conduct, and disseminate participatory action research Delivers new designs and methods Focuses on solving practical problems related to the conduct of research Features rich nursing exemplars in a variety of health/mental health clinical conditions in the United States and internationally

Introduction to Concept Mapping in Nursing


Author: Patricia Schmehl

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449679005

Category: Medical

Page: 323

View: 5390

Introduction to Concept Mapping in Nursing provides the foundation for what a concept map is and how to create a map that applies theory to practice. This excellent resource addresses how students will think about applying nursing theory as it relates to concept mapping. This book is unique because it focuses on a broad application of concept mapping, and ties concept mapping closely to critical thinking skills. Furthermore, this book will prepare nursing students to learn how to map out care plans for patients as they talk with patients. Key Features & Benefits • Demonstrates how students can think through every aspect of care by using compare and contrast tactics, critical thinking skills, and experiences a nursing student may encounter • Includes thought-provoking questions to guide the reader through the text • Provides a section on nursing theory complete with exercises and rationales that include concept maps so that students can understand how theory is applied to practice • Written for students with various learning styles, so a broad range of learning activities are included to help readers understand the material