A New Attitude


Author: Charlotte Hughes

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 1460361830

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 4357

Marilee Abernathy's life is a mess. Everyone in Chickpea, South Carolina, knows about her husband's affair with the town floozy. But when her dignified farewell—complete with pearls and impeccably applied Mary Kay cosmetics—turns into a spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to hang herself from a fake ceiling beam, Marilee figures there has to be a better way to cope. Marilee needs a new attitude—at least, that's what her neighbor Sam Brewer thinks. Between his demanding mother and his crazy ex-wife, though, the last thing he wants is another woman whose life is out of control. But Marilee's learning on her own that a little attitude can go a long way—suddenly she's taking charge and taking chances she'd never imagined. And watching her blossom reminds Sam of some long-forgotten dreams of his own. Now he's just got to convince her to turn some of that attitude his way….

She's Got A New Attitude and That's How She Found Love

How to Find, Keep, and Understand Your Soul Mate


Author: Dsheray Richards

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1456752960

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: N.A

View: 8615

Realizing the power that every woman possess is not being displayed. Dsheray took it upon herself to help women regain the love for self. The time has come for women to learn to use their emotions to get the guy of their dreams. That's right we may be emotional women, but God gave us those emotions for a reason. After meditating on all the conversation she's had with girlfriends she compiled a guide for women. A guide to your soul mates heart. The only way to truly find, and keep your soul mate. In She's got A new Attitude & That's How She Found Love Dsheray aims to show you how love can love you back. She will prepare you and give you solutions to questions, and quarries of the heart such as: Listening to the conversation in your head While understanding the conversation in you heart. If your tired of being confused about love you'll clear your head here. Dsheray helps you understand what's been holding you back from love. Guiding you to your life mate.

The Power of a New Attitude


Author: Alan E. Nelson,John Maxwell

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 0800787773

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 7421

Nelson says that many of us are our own worst enemy--without even knowing it. He helps readers recognize and overcome nineteen behaviors that sabotage all their best efforts.

A New Attitude & Life in 30 Days

EnJOY a Little Rhyme & a Smidgen of Time


Author: Nancy Dawn Spence

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

ISBN: 1489701079

Category: Self-Help

Page: 70

View: 6114

This is a playful, rhyming book to inspire anyone (age 5 to 105) to look at life more BRIGHTLY, so we can move away from experiencing things up-tightly. Do you want a new ATTITUDE, filled with more GRATITUDE, and a sweeter LIFE, with much less strife? What you focus on EXPANDS. Your actions are in YOUR hands. Join us for a little FUN. No need to frown or take off at a RUN. Read just one page every day to release your fear. And always remember, you ARE welcome HERE. Andy Dooley’s art makes this book a priceless treasure, And the smiles you receive will be difficult to measure. Savor the pages again and again And then pass the book on to a special friend.

A New Attitude

Achieving Personal and Professional Success by Keeping a Positive Mental Outlook


Author: Marian Thomas

Publisher: Career PressInc

ISBN: 9781564143587

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 120

View: 7879

Discover how to get your attitude to work for you rather than against you; attack your problems head-on; look for the bright side in any situation; and make the most of your job, your relationships, and your life.

New Attitude

A New Yorker's Way to Get Back on Track


Author: Marion Elizabeth Julius

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 1622129253

Category: Fiction

Page: 102

View: 5772

Krissy Worthington is an unemployed young New Yorker who is depressed, living alone, and still smarting from a string of failed relationships. With no job, no income and no visible prospects, Krissy looks to her childhood hobby of drawing fashion designs for inspiration, and decides to launch an online business selling clothes. Suddenly, by trusting her instincts and following her heart, Krissy finds a new level of success and more importantly . . .a new attitude. By changing her view of herself and the world, she also finally puts her bad relationships behind her and finds true love. More importantly, by changing her attitude, Krissy Worthington finally realizes what she was born to do. Empowered by her new relationship and the success of her online clothing business, Krissy decides to set her sights on pursuing her true dream: to become one of New York’s hippest new fashion designers. New Attitude is a novel about how changing the way you think can be the key to getting what you really want out of life.

Christian Witness Between Continuity and New Beginnings

Modern Historical Missions in the Middle East


Author: Martin Tamcke,Michael Marten

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825898540

Category: History

Page: 254

View: 8896

Missions to, from and within the Middle East have shaped the region in multitudinous ways since the 19th century. This collection of sixteen essays from a range of international scholars explores this immensely significant subject using a range of disciplines, including theology, history, and geography. This interdisciplinary approach helps to provide a thorough overview of the often complex and multi-layered topic of missions and the Middle East in contemporary research, and will be of interest to all who seek to improve their understanding of the role of religion in the Middle East. Martin Tamcke is professor of Theology at the Department of Theology at the Georg-August University, Goettingen (Germany). Michael Marten is affiliated with the Department of Politics and International Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, London (UK).

Activate Human Capital

A New Attitude


Author: Richard N. Morrison

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480840696

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 132

View: 7150

Over the last half century, college textbooks on management have taught the importance of valuing the human assets of a business, and they have also focused on how to effectively and appropriately manage those assets. And yet, we look around and rarely see it practiced. In Activate Human Capital, author Richard N. Morrison outlines the eight People-Focused Principles of Management, and he explains them in terms of the values that motivate people to want to do the work given to them. And even more, he shows how these values will actually get employees to initiate their work because they will see how it contributes to the overall purpose of the business. Each principlesuch as giving people a purpose, communicating widely, accommodating change, creating a culture of worth and hope, and rewarding performance, to name a fewis linked to a component of human fulfillment, and then through research, personal experience, and shared stories, Morrison discusses how to activate each principle and demonstrates what it should look like in the workplace. Eight simple principles can help enhance all business relationships and improve efficiency, productivity, and profitabilityif only managers are willing to change. People-focused management has been done, is being done, and will be done increasingly more often as more business leaders comprehend the potential in this empowering form of leadership. When employees feel valued, respected, encouraged, and fulfilled, they will work harder and be more invested in their workand in the success of the business.

Hi, Can We Be Friends?

A new attitude for the common friendship journey


Author: Tekena Ikoko

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467895822

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 120

View: 1204

“Hi, can we be friends?” How have you handled this common question so far? Friendship is a journey. Strangers of yesterday can become best of friends tomorrow. However, after these strangers become casual friends, they may migrate into closer friendships. This journey for some cumulates into cordial business relationships, others into bubbling love and romance, but sadly, most of them end up in shock and regret. “I didn't know that she was that kind of person,” the guys would often say. “He was only looking for sex,” the ladies would often conclude. How do we choose friends, especially those of the opposite sex? How can we maintain godly relationships, avoid heart breaks and handle platonic friendships? Many promising relationships are destroyed for lack of intelligent foresight, misplaced ideology about male/female sexuality, and abuse of human intimacy. Hi, Can we be friends? peels out layer by layer the complex process of defining the reason why a particular guy or girl comes into your life. It empowers you to harvest the potentials of relationships while putting your excesses in check. This book provides practical answers to a growing nagging nightmare of how to stand for purity amidst a sex-hyped generation. It's practical, friendly and dynamic approach makes it a must-read for all.

A New Math Attitude

(Changing How You Think About Your Math Success)


Author: Jacquinita A. Rose, Ph.D.

Publisher: Grown Folks' Publishing

ISBN: 0985419954

Category: Self-Help

Page: 6

View: 2353

A New Math Attitude is the beginning of a series called Strategies for Your Math Success. The goal is to provide short but thorough informational pieces about different ways you can improve your success in mathematics courses.These strategies are geared to be straightforward, not complicated, but to help you improve your understanding, improve your retention, and most of all improve your success and learning. Leave your predetermined outcomes at the door. Let go of the “I just want to pass this class” mentality and raise your expectations.Everyone starts with an A, including you!

A New Dating Attitude

Getting Ready for the Mate God Has for You


Author: Suzan D. Johnson Cook

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0310235324

Category: Religion

Page: 195

View: 5238

A woman must become "Ms. Right" before she can find "Mr. Right." These spiritual teachings and life lessons learned by the author and others in her life show how healing and victory can come for those who are willing to wait on God, receive God's teaching, and develop new attitudes toward themselves and in their relationships.

A New Attitude


Author: Debby Mayne

Publisher: Montlake Romance

ISBN: 9780803494558

Category: Fiction

Page: 183

View: 4871

Post-White House Conference on Aging reports, 1973

towards a new attitude on aging--April 1973, a report on the Administration's continuing response to the recommendations of the delegates to the 1971 White House Conference on Aging, together with final report of the Post-Conference on Aging--June 1973, prepared for the Subcommittee on Aging of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare and the ...September 1973


Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee on Aging

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medical

Page: 859

View: 3906

Thimbleberries Quilts With a New Attitude

23 Tried and True Quilt Designs Made in Both Traditional and Modern Fabrics


Author: Lynette Jensen

Publisher: Landauer (IL)

ISBN: 9781935726920

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 5429

New Thimbleberries(R) patterns with a contemporary twist! Best-selling designer Lynette Jensen showcases pairs of projects made with her own classic fabrics and Cotton + Steel fabrics - the results are stunning! Lynette returns with over 20 new Thimbleberries(R) patterns and a mission to unite fabric lovers everywhere with a whole new way of presenting quilt patterns. Thimbleberries(R) with a New Attitude will feature her own timeless, traditional designs and fabrics as well as presenting them made with fabric by Cotton + Steel, the exciting collaboration of five young designers whose contemporary fabric designs have taken the quilting world by storm. There is something for everyone in the book where tried and true meets new!

A New Eusebius

Documents Illustrating the History of the Church to AD 337


Author: J. Stevenson,W. H. C. Frend

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441237798

Category: Religion

Page: 490

View: 3578

This sourcebook of primary texts illustrates the history of Christianity from the first century to the death of Constantine. It covers all major persons and topics in early Christian life and thought and includes Gnostic texts and anti-Christian polemic. Now available to a wider North American audience, it remains a standard after fifty years in print.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance


Author: Joshua Harris

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 1588601579

Category: Religion

Page: 238

View: 1008

Joshua Harris's first book, written when he was only 21, turned the Christian singles scene upside down...and people are still talking. More than 800,000 copies later, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, with its inspiring call to sincere love, real purity, and purposeful singleness, remains the benchmark for books on Christian dating. Now, for the first time since its release, the national #1 bestseller has been expanded with new content and updated for new readers. Honest and practical, it challenges cultural assumptions about relationships and provides solid, biblical alternatives to society's norm.Clear, stylish typeset, with user-friendly links to referenced Scripture.