A Different Kind of Teacher

Solving the Crisis of American Schooling


Author: John Taylor Gatto

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781893163409

Category: Education

Page: 230

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"In A Different Kind of Teacher, John Gatto opens readers' eyes to what the American system of education really is, what it ought to be, and what steps can be taken to reach that goal."--BOOK JACKET.

A Different Kind of Discipline

Help others to learn to control themselves


Author: Tony Humphreys

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717160165

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 216

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Discipline is a topical issue. It safeguards our rights as individuals and, without appearing to, impacts all our relationships. In this ground-breaking book, bestselling author and psychologist Dr Tony Humphreys addresses the many issues surrounding discipline in both the broad and immediate sense. With his usual clarity he helps define areas that have become confused in our rapidly changing and expanding society. A common misconception is that discipline applies only to children, but it is as much an issue for adults as it is for young people. It is not about controlling others, Dr Humphreys points out, instead it is about helping others to learn to control themselves. Discipline demands creativity, commitment and time. It is about parents, teachers, carers and communities working as partners. True discipline is not abusive, aggressive, cynical or manipulative. It is about clear communication, consistent application, adaptability, support and co-operation. Most of all it is about respect, acceptance and love. In ‘A Different Kind of Discipline’, Dr Humphreys guides us through steps to create a positive environment in homes, schools and communities where mutual respect and thus discipline all have their place.

A Different Kind of Classroom

Teaching with Dimensions of Learning


Author: Robert J. Marzano

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 9780871201928

Category: Education

Page: 191

View: 7283

A guide to the Dimensions of Learning program covers such topics as instruction planning, curriculum design, and performance assessment.

The Role of the University in the Preparation of Teachers


Author: the late Robert Roth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135707588

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 8000

Addresses a subject of common interest in developed countries - the apparently diminishing role of universities in the education of teachers. There is pressure to redesign teacher education, an on-going struggle between those who see the need to strengthen the knowledge base of teachers and those who favour learning on the job; there is a perceived need to define precisely what teachers need to know and be able to do and at the same time there is relaxation of entry standards for students entering the profession in an attempt to relieve the chronic shortage of teachers. This situation is prevalent in the USA, in the UK, Europe and Australia. The struggle over who should control the preparation of teachers is the significant emerging issue in education, and could change the whole structure of the teacher preparation.

The Professional Identity of Teacher Educators

Career on the Cusp?


Author: Ronnie Davey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415536405


Page: 196

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"The Professional Identity of Teacher Educators offers a contemporary study of teacher education in a period of huge international, institutional and professional change. The book explores the experiences, understandings, and beliefs that guide the professional practices of teacher educators, and paints a picture of a profession that offers huge rewards, alongside challenges and frustrations. What are the responsibilities of the job and how does it re-shape the professional identity of those who do it, day in, day out? Drawing on the findings of a phenomenological study of the professional self-image and identities of pre-service teacher educators, this book provides an account of how a number of teacher educators have come to terms with their own identities as professionals at a time of considerable institutional turmoil. Moving beyond these individual stories, broader theoretical issues are also addressed: are there some distinctive but common elements that might distinguish the professional identity of the particular group we call teacher educators; and if there are, what might those characteristics be? Included in the book: - identity and professional identity in teaching and teacher education - investigating a professional identity - the process of becoming a teacher educator - teacher educators' self-image - teacher educators as a community of practice. Ronnie Davey provides a unique and compelling report on cutting edge teacher education research, encapsulating the major issues associated with being a teacher educator, and how that influences and shapes teacher educators' identity. This book will be invaluable reading for teacher educators and researchers with an interest in professional identity and teaching in Higher Education"--

Making Sense of Mathematics Teacher Education


Author: Fou-Lai Lin,T COONEY

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792369868

Category: Education

Page: 335

View: 1424

This is a research-based book that deals with a broad range of issues about mathematics teacher education. It examines teacher education programs from different societies and cultures as it develops an international perspective on mathematics teacher education. Practical situations that are associated with related theories are studied critically. It is intended for teacher educators, mathematics educators, graduate students in mathematics education, and mathematics teachers.

Dumbing Us Down

The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling


Author: John Taylor Gatto

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 9780865714489

Category: Education

Page: 144

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This radical treatise on public education has been a New Society Publishers' bestseller for 10 years! Thirty years of award-winning teaching in New York City's public schools led John Gatto to the sad conclusion that compulsory governmental schooling does little but teach young people to follow orders as cogs in the industrial machine. In celebration of the ten-year anniversary of Dumbing Us Down and to keep this classic current, we are renewing the cover art, adding new material about John and the impact of the book, and a new Foreword.

Connecting Policy and Practice

Challenges for Teaching and Learning in Schools and Universities


Author: Michael Kompf,Pam Denicolo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134232225

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 6329

Written by members of the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching, the papers in this volume were presented at an international teaching conference on the issues of theory and practice. Using these contributions from experienced researchers, most of whom are practising teachers, this single volume is international in scope and context, demonstrating differences and similarities between and within countries. This detailed book is clearly split into five sections focusing on the following themes: * teacher education – professional identity, professional research, and quality of teacher education * teacher practice – basic values, ethics, and cultural scaffolding * higher education – academic motivation, discourse dissonance concerning intellectual property, self studies of teacher education practice * teacher development – the challenge to be the best teacher, the link between policy and practice, personal theory and practice in tertiary development * research and theory – reflective practice, shared democratic values, teachers as researchers.

Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms


Author: Jack C. Richards,Charles Lockhart

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052145803X

Category: Education

Page: 218

View: 4302

This text introduces techniques for teachers to explore their classroom experiences and for critical reflection on teaching practices. This book introduces teachers to techniques for exploring their own classroom experiences. Numerous books deal with classroom observation and research, but this is the first to offer a carefully structured approach to self-observation and self-evaluation. Richards and Lockhart aim to develop a reflective approach to teaching, one in which teachers collect data about their own teaching; examine their attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions; and use the information they obtain as a basis for critical reflection on teaching practices. Each chapter includes questions and activities appropriate for group discussion or self-study.

Engaging in Conversation about Ideas in Teacher Education


Author: Fiona Judith Benson

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9781433101519

Category: Education

Page: 157

View: 3217

This collection of essays lays bare cutting-edge ideas - and the ensuing dilemmas - in teacher education. Through the agency of -conversation- leading educational thinkers grapple with one another as they debate ideas within particular strands of teacher education knowledge, and pose provocative questions to the reader. This innovative design compels the reader to engage in and further the dialogue, and in doing so to contribute, situate, and examine his or her own position."

A Creepy Time


Author: Thomas Harrison Moore

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1300158050


Page: N.A

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Mirrors and Masks

The Search for Identity


Author: N.A

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412828802

Category: Social Science

Page: 188

View: 1602

Mirrors and Masks shows that thefusion of theoretical approaches benefits the analyses of many scholars. Identity as a conceptis as elusive as everyone's sense of his own personal identity. Each sees himselfmirrored in the judgments of others. The masks he presents to the world are fashioned upon hisanticipations of judgments. This book uses the notion of identity to organie materials andthoughts about certain aspects of problems traditionally intriguing to socialpsychologists.

Flawless Consulting, Enhanced Edition

A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used


Author: Peter Block

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118064690

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 4366

This Third Edition to Peter Block's Flawless Consulting addresses business changes and new challenges since the second edition was written ten years ago. It tackles the challenges next-generation consultants face, including more guidance on how to ask better questions, dealing with difficult clients, working in an increasingly virtual world, how to cope with complexities in international consulting, case studies, and guidelines on implementation. Also included are illustrative examples and exercises to help you cement the guides offered.

Embracing Reason

Egalitarian Ideals and the Teaching of High School Mathematics


Author: Daniel Chazan,Sandra Callis,Michael Lehman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136965610

Category: Education

Page: 400

View: 7687

This book tells a single story, in many voices, about a serious and sustained set of changes in mathematics teaching practice in a high school and how those efforts influenced and were influenced by a local university. It includes the writings and perspectives of high school students, high school teachers, preservice teacher candidates, doctoral students in mathematics education and other fields, mathematics teacher educators, and other education faculty. As a whole, this case study provides an opportunity to reflect on reform visions of mathematics for all students and the challenges inherent in the implementation of these visions in US schools. It challenges us to rethink boundaries between theory and practice and the relative roles of teachers and university faculty in educational endeavors.

Teaching for Understanding

What it is and how to Do it


Author: Douglas P. Newton

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415227902

Category: Education

Page: 198

View: 2397

Teaching for Understandingdescribes the nature of understanding, strategies that support it, and factors which bear upon it in a way which makes it accessible to teachers in raining, practicing teachers, and lecturer in education. Its coverage includes understanding and its nature, constructing relationships and mental structures, surrogate teachers, metacognition, and assessment.

New Perspectives in Philosophy of Education

Ethics, Politics and Religion


Author: David Lewin,Alexandre Guilherme,Morgan White

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472513363

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 535

New Perspectives in Philosophy of Education seeks to build a bridge between philosophical reflection and socio-political action by developing a range of critical discussions in the areas of ethics, politics and religion. This volume brings together established authorities and a new generation of scholars to ask whether philosophy of education can contribute to political and social discourse, or whether it is destined to remain the marginal gadfly of mainstream ideology. The philosophy of education stands in danger of becoming a neglected field at precisely the moment we need to be able to reflect upon the increasingly apparent costs of the technocratic attitude to education. While many of the educational policy discussions of recent years seem far-reaching and radical, critical debate surrounding these initiatives remain largely at a populist level. New Perspectives in Philosophy of Education provides contemporary responses to philosophical issues that bear upon educational studies, policies and practices, contributing to the debate on the role of philosophy of education in an increasingly fractured intellectual milieu.

Music Lessons

Guide Your Child to Play a Musical Instrument (and Enjoy It!)


Author: Stephanie Stein Crease

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781569764565


Page: 216

View: 311

Providing guidance for parents who want their children to enjoy learning to play a musical instrument, this resource teaches parents the best ways to encourage children's musical talents. Key guidance is provided for the trickiest hurdles of all: helping children learn how to practice and navigating their impulse to quit by encouraging them to take pride in their progress despite the frustrations of the learning process. Commonly taught methods--including Suzuki, Kodaly, Dalcroze training, and the Orff approach--and instrument selection are discussed in detail, as are tips for choosing the right teacher. Up-to-date resources and references for youth orchestras, national and regional organizations, outreach programs, and school advocacy organizations, and supplementary materials for various ages and stages of ability, are provided.

Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching


Author: Magdalene Lampert

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300099478

Category: Education

Page: 496

View: 3839

In this book an experienced classroom teacher and noted researcher on teaching takes us into her fifth grade math class through the course of a year. Magdalene Lampert shows how classroom dynamics--the complex relationship of teacher, student, and content--are critical in the process of bringing each student to a deeper understanding of mathematics, or any other subject. She offers valuable insights into students and teaching for all who are concerned about improving the learning that happens in the classroom. Lampert considers the teacher's and students' work from many different angles, in views large and small. She analyzes her own practice in a particular classroom, student by student and moment by moment. She also investigates the particular kind of teaching that aims at engaging elementary school students in learning fundamentally important ideas and skills by working on problems. Finally, she looks at the common problems of teaching that occur regardless of the individuals, subject matter, or kinds of practice involved. Lampert arrives at an original model of teaching practice that casts new light on the complexity in teachers' work and on the ways teachers can successfully deal with teaching problems.