492 Abundance Affirmations For A More Abundant Life


Author: Lorean Lira

Publisher: Lorean Lira

ISBN: 1477481028

Category: Self-Help

Page: 496

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492 Abundance Affirmations For A More Abundant Life will allow positive programming to change your inner most beliefs and to bring abundance to your life.

Die Kraft positiven Denkens


Author: Norman Vincent Peale

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423251105


Page: 332

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Wie man Alltagsprobleme mit gläubigem Gottvertrauen und mit Hilfe von autosuggestiver Stimulation meistert - ein Ratgeber mit vielen Beispielen.

The Book of Affirmations


Author: Sharon Elaine

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 0980623723


Page: N.A

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CHANGE YOUR MIND AND CHANGE YOUR REALITY! With The Book of Affirmations the reader can make a powerful, positive difference in their life with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day. We do have power over our thoughts! This books shows that the future is ours to create whatever life we want for ourselves. In this book Sharon Elaine has created carefully worded affirmations for almost every possible need. The Book of Affirmations contains over 5,000 categorized, positive self-talk statements. NO longer will you need to struggle to create your own affirmations. The Book of Affirmations has done all the work for you! Each affirmation is numbered and written in the present tense, and has been carefully worded to be positive and effective. It's fun to pick a number that pops into your head, then find the numbered affirmation and see if it speaks to you. Or open the book at any point and see which affirmations jump out at you. Or you can look up the affirmations you want, from the category list of over 60 different categories! You CAN make a powerful, positive difference in your life, with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day. You DO have power over your thoughts, and can change your old, limiting beliefs about yourself and your life. The future is yours and you can create whatever life you want for yourself. Don't wait! The time to begin is now! Change your mind and you change your reality! The Book of Affirmations is personally recommended by Dr Deepak Chopra: "Sharon's affirmations will undoubtedly help anyone on their spiritual journey." "Even the most secure of us let doubts creep into our everyday lives. Sharon Elaine has provided us with a handy source of reinforcing the positive attitudes we work so hard to acquire. Her concise statements allow the reader to get a quick "pick-me-up," and may even be used in meditation."

A handbook on the new law of the sea. 2 (1991)


Author: René Jean Dupuy,Daniel Vignes

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9780792310631

Category: Law

Page: 1

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The fact that the Montego Bay Convention has been only ratified by 37 States at present and that it will be some time before the 60 ratifications required by Article 308 are achieved has not prevented states from acting in accordance with the rules drawn up by the Conference. Close on one hundred states have established either exclusive economic zones broadly modelled on Part V or 200-nautical-mile fishery zones and drawn on the principles laid down for exploiting living resources. Although these laws have been formulated unilaterally by states, international custom, since the judgement by the International Court of Justice in the Fisheries Case of 18 December 1951, is derived from concordant national rules. This shift began even before the Conference ended, and has been consolidated since then. Moreover, the régime governing the sea-bed beyond the limits of national jurisdiction defined by Part XI, which was the stumbling block of the Conference, is subject to transitional arrangements on the basis of two resolutions adopted in the Conferences Final Act, one providing for the establishment of a Preparatory Commission and the other on the preliminary activities of pioneer investors. This two-volume work, an earlier edition of which appeared in French, has been written by a team of experts of international renown. It presents an analysis of the Convention with an additional Chapter on the legal régime governing underwater archaeological and historical objects.

Constrained by Jesus' Love

An Inquiry Into the Motives of the Missionary Awakening in Great Britain in the Period Between 1698 and 1815


Author: Johannes van den Berg

Publisher: N.A


Category: Great Britain

Page: 238

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Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in Iran

Tradition, Modernity, and the Production of 'Space-in-Between'


Author: M. Reza Shirazi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319721852

Category: Social Science

Page: 193

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This book presents an in-depth critical analysis of the internationally recognized, place-specific works of three Iranian architects (Nader Ardalan, Kamran Diba and Hossein Amanat) during the 60s and 70s, and their significant contribution to the emerging anti-modernist discourse.It argues that from the mid-19th century onwards architecture and urban design in Iran has been oscillated between two extremes of modernity and tradition. Drawing on the theory of ‘critical regionalism’ (Kenneth Frampton), the book critically analyses writings and works of the above-mentioned architects and contends that they created a ‘space-in-between’ which unified two extremes of tradition and modernity in a creative way (Khalq-i Jadid: New Creation). The book also contains three in-depth interviews with architects to discuss their singular narrative of the creation of ‘in-between’. A concluding chapter addresses the promises of critical regionalist architecture and urban design in post-Revolutionary Iran as well as the Middle East, where the dichotomy of tradition and modernity is yet a valid account.

From Master Student to Master Employee


Author: Dave Ellis

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0618951601

Category: Education

Page: 384

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Career readiness and workplace development are more important than ever to today's students. To be competitive and successful in today's job market, they need to learn how to continuously expand their knowledge and skills. Master Student to Master Employee helps your students discover what their skills are, what skills they already use in school are most applicable to the workplace, and how best to apply them. The Second Edition maintains the vision and proven content of the text while offering a cleaner, more sophisticated interior design to appeal to both traditional students and adult learners. The Second Edition focuses on transferable skills that promote success in the classroom and in a global, knowledge-based economy. Enhancements include a new Money chapter addressing money management during the college years as well as strategies for planning for the future; additional coverage of diversity in the Communication chapter; and updated Master Student Profiles focus on individuals who have made a successful transition from school to the workplace. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Spiritual Revelations of the Bible


Author: Brown Landone

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787310974


Page: 255

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This work covers the essential sections of the work of Moses, as revealed to him by Melchi-Zedek. Some of the contents: Evening-Morning of the 6 Days of Manifestation; Dividing-From; Firmament of the Soul; Life, Means of Like-Producing-Like; Consecr.

Integral federalism

model for Europe--a way towards a personal group society : historical development, philosophy, state, economy, society


Author: Lutz Roemheld

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc


Category: Political Science

Page: 560

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Catholics and Third Reich

Controversies and Debates


Author: Karl-Joseph Hummel,Michael Kißener

Publisher: Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh

ISBN: 3657787860

Category: Religion

Page: 315

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The attitude of the Catholic church, its bishops, priests and members from 1933 to 1945 is still one of the most controversial topics of contemporary history. Alignment or resistance, collaboration or distance – these are the poles of the controversy up to present day. The dispute over Pope Pius XII. and the holocaust is an especially fierce row. Well-known German historians lead through the no longer transparent batch of assured facts and persevering historical clichés, of historical insights and moral judgements and prejudices. This book provides a reliable guideline through the widely branched and complex landscape of research and opinion. Those who want to discuss the role of the Catholic church in the Third Reich seriously cannot do without this comprehensive survey.

Self-Esteem For Dummies


Author: S. Renee Smith,Vivian Harte

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118967100

Category: Self-Help

Page: 384

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Boost your self-esteem and truly believe that you are perfectlyawesome Looking to get your hands on some more self-esteem? You're notalone. Thankfully, Self-Esteem For Dummies presents clear,innovative, and compassionate methods that help you identify thecauses of low self-esteem—as well the lowdown on theconsequences. Packed with trusted, hands-on advice to help youimprove your overall self-worth, Self-Esteem For Dummiesarms you with the proven tools and techniques for learning how tothink and behave with more self-assurance at work, in socialsituations, and even in relationships. Self-esteem is shaped by your thoughts, relationships, andexperiences. When you were growing up, your successes, failures,and how you were treated by your family, teachers, coaches,religious authorities, and peers determined how you feel aboutyourself. But you can shift your thinking and reclaim yourself-worth with the help of Self-Esteem For Dummies. Helps you understand the ranges of self-esteem and the benefitsof promoting self-esteem Arms you with the tools to learn how to think and behave withmore self-assurance Covers the importance of mental wellbeing, assertiveness,resilience, and more Shows you how to improve your self-image, increase personalpower, and feel better about yourself If you're looking to boost your sense of self-worth,Self-Esteem For Dummies sets you on the path to a moreconfident, awesome you.

The New Interpreter's Bible

general articles & introduction, commentary, & reflections for each book of the Bible, including the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books in twelve volumes


Author: Abingdon Press

Publisher: Abingdon Pr

ISBN: 9780687278190

Category: Bibles

Page: 1000

View: 2953

Volume VI includes: 'в Introduction to Prophetic Literature, by David L. Petersen 'в Isaiah 1'39, Gene M. Tucker 'в Isaiah 40'66, by Christopher R. Seitz 'в Jeremiah, by Patrick D. Miller 'в Baruch and the Letter of Jeremiah, by Anthony J. Saldarini 'в Lamentations, by Kathleen M. O'Connor 'в Ezekiel, by Katheryn Pfisterer Darr KEY FEATURES: 'в Easy-to-use format'detailed, critical Commentary and Reflections (a detailed exposition growing directly out of the Commentary) 'в Coverage of the entire Bible in twelve volumes 'в Includes the Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical books 'в New material specifically prepared to meet the needs of today's preachers, teachers, and students of the Bible 'в The biblical text is divided into coherent and natural units 'в The ecumenical roster of contributors includes top scholars and emerging new voices 'в Contributors draw upon a variety of approaches 'в Numerous visual aids (illustrations, maps, charts, timelines) enhance understanding and ease of use 'в Introductions to each biblical book cover essential historical, literary, sociocultural, and theological issues 'в The full texts and critical notes of the New International Versionо and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible are presented in parallel columns for quick reference and comparison.Download The NIB Vol. 6 Errata Sheet

The Attitude Factor

Extend Your Life by Changing the Way You Think


Author: Thomas R. Blakeslee

Publisher: Thorsons Pub

ISBN: 9780722535462

Category: Self-Help

Page: 239

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Discusses how changing unhealthy attitudes can improve one's physical well-being and longevity.

Mind-Travelling and Voyage Drama in Early Modern England


Author: D. McInnis

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137035366

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

View: 7261

Drawing on a wide range of drama from across the seventeenth century, including works by Marlowe, Heywood, Jonson, Brome, Davenant, Dryden and Behn, this book situates voyage drama in its historical and intellectual context between the individual act of reading in early modern England and the communal act of modern sightseeing.

The Theologically Formed Heart

Essays in Honor of David J. Gouwens


Author: Warner M. Bailey,Lee C. Barrett

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630874949

Category: Religion

Page: 298

View: 3099

The Theologically Formed Heart invites the reader to consider the role of theology in the formation of virtues and passions, and, conversely, the role of virtues and passions in understanding Scripture, theology, and living a Christian life. The essays in this volume are offered in appreciation of the teaching, scholarship, and service to the church and world of Professor of Theology David J. Gouwens. They are organized in three sections: theological reflections, Reformed theology in service to the church, and studies in the thought of Soren Kierkegaard. Four important issues are explored from multiple perspectives: the Church's coming to terms with religious pluralism in mission, inter-religious dialogue, theological education, and ecclesial life; the gospel's invitation to welcome communities of difference; Reformed aesthetics in Calvin's rhetoric and in contemporary hymnody; and Kierkegaard's contribution to theology and ecclesial practice. The aims of the book go beyond academic confines. Through reading the different essays, a personality will emerge who illustrates a life of scholarship that yields itself gladly to the God made known in Jesus Christ. Thus, beyond imparting new information, the book may inspire its readers to their own practice of theologically forming their hearts.